Jimmy Fallon’s #MyFamilyIsWeird: The Best Tweets

We all have moments in which we feel a little out of place in our family. That’s why we love Jimmy Fallon’s #MyFamilyIsWeird hashtag challenges, where he asks us to share what it is that makes our families so weird. We’ve seen people share ridiculous photos of their families and inspirational quotes from their parents, and nothing has been more touching than these #FamilyIsWeird Moments from Jimmy!

Sometimes it’s just grandpa

I think the thing about having a cool aunt who is often making jokes is that she must have her moments of being awesome. We can’t forget that there are crazy uncles too.

One of those odd comments that have to get a raised eyebrow over dinner, the premise isn’t impossible and she would have a good cover if the aunt were pregnant at the same time. All I’m saying is sometimes when you think something crazy is impossible, it really could be true…or maybe she has dementia and just said something suspiciously means. Who knows.

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