How To Connect Soundpeats Trueair To Iphone?

Are you looking for simple ways to connect your Soundpeats TrueAir to your iPhone? You’ve arrived at the right place. This comprehensive guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to pair these high-quality wireless earbuds with your Apple device. Enhance your audio experience and make the most of your Soundpeats TrueAir earbuds by connecting them to your iPhone seamlessly. Dive in and let’s make your music listening journey even more enjoyable.

Open iPhone’s “Settings”, select “Bluetooth”.

Firstly, navigate to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’ – it’s the grey gear icon that’s usually located on your home screen. Upon opening the settings, tap on ‘Bluetooth’, which is typically the third option on the menu. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on so your Soundpeats TrueAir can connect seamlessly.

Switch on Soundpeats TrueAir earbuds.

Before jamming to your favorite tunes, you gotta power up your Soundpeats TrueAir earbuds. Press and hold the button on each earbud until the LED light flashes blue and white. If done right, you’ll hear a voice prompt saying ‘power on’. Boom! Your earbuds are now ready to connect to your iPhone.

Earbuds enter pairing mode automatically.

No sweat, connecting Soundpeats TrueAir to your iPhone is super chill. Once you pop these rad earbuds out of their charging case, they’ll automatically kick into pairing mode. It’s like they’re eager to jam out with you. So, no need to stress about manually getting them ready. Your tunes await!

On iPhone, find “Soundpeats TrueAir”.

In your iPhone settings, navigate to the Bluetooth section and search for “Soundpeats TrueAir”. They should pop up in the available devices list. Make sure your earbuds are in pairing mode, so they’re visible to your iPhone. It’s super simple; even your grandma could pair them!

Select to connect the device.

Once you’ve powered on your Soundpeats TrueAir earbuds, head straight to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. Here, you’ll spot a list of available devices. Find and select ‘Soundpeats TrueAir’ to initiate the pairing. In a snap, your sleek earbuds will be connected, ready to pump out your favorite tunes.

Ensure connection is successful, enjoy music!

Once you’ve successfully connected your Soundpeats TrueAir to your iPhone, it’s time to jam out! Make sure the connection is solid by playing your favorite beats. Enjoy the crisp, high-quality sound that Soundpeats TrueAir delivers. If there are any hiccups, don’t sweat it! Just reconnect and get back to the music!

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