Everyday Things And Their Real Purpose

You might think that you know everything there is to know about the items in your home. That’s what we thought too until we started doing more at home. Now is the time to understand the purpose of these objects. Here are some everyday items we probably all have, and their hidden purpose behind them.

The famous BIC lid

Who hasn’t chewed on a pen lid? Most of us have when we’re bored or nervous. Did you ever notice the hole in the lid and wonder what it was for? It is there to prevent the ink from drying out, to keep it balanced so that it does not leak or to regulate air pressure. Its main purpose may surprise you, as it could literally save your life.

Every year, 100 people in the U.S. die from choking on these pen lids (we didn’t know that either). For this reason, BIC’s lids have a hole on the top that, in case of an accident, swallowing, prevents the windpipe from getting entirely blocked and allows the passage of air, allowing the person to breathe. I bet you never knew this seemingly innocent hole can save your life. Ingenious? Other companies are introducing similar ideas.

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