This is How the ‘Human Barbie Looks Without Makeup

Mattel’s Barbie dolls are some of the most recognized toys in the world. However, Barbie’s rise to fame has been full of controversy. For example, many parents have worried that Barbie creates unrealistic body image standards for young girls.

If a Barbie doll is scaled to human size, then Barbie stands at 5’9” and weighs 110 pounds. Additionally, she has a 36-inch chest, 18-inch waist, and 33 inch hips. If a woman were to have these measurements, she wouldn’t even be able to menstruate! While we do not advise any of you to strive for a “Barbie” image, there are a few people who have made their life goal to become a real-life Barbie. Prepare to learn more about Valeria Lukyanova, the world-famous “living” Barbie!

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How It All Started

Valeria was born on June 21, 1991, in Ukraine to a family that lived from paycheck to paycheck. Valeria’s father even had to work part-time as a disc jockey to make ends meet, and Valeria knew from a young age that she wanted to be rich when she grew up.

 Regardless of her family’s financial situation, Valeria’s parents tried to make her childhood as normal as possible and provided her with Barbies and other toys.

Fascination With Dolls

Initially, Valeria played with Barbie dolls the same way most other kids do. She’d change her dolls’ clothes regularly with the most fashionable outfits.

As she continued to grow her Barbie collection, Valeria started creating her own fantasy world with her dolls. She was infatuated with Barbie’s flawless plastic figure, symmetry, and overall appearance. Little did she know at that time that she would eventually become a living Barbie when she grows older.

Weird Hobbies

During Valeria’s teenage years, she had very eerie habits and hobbies. She also loved experimenting with her looks. Valeria believed she was a witch and she would dress in all black and create ceremonial forest fires.

Things got even weirder after Valeria’s witch phase passed. She started believing she was an alien! Valeria claimed to have out-of-body experiences and she felt like she was from another planet. While these hobbies are not Barbie-esque, it is important to consider all of Valeria’s strange tendencies to understand what actually pushed her to make such a drastic transformation.

Beauty Contests

Valeria’s odd quirks certainly make her unique, but even before Valeria became a living Barbie doll, she had extremely beautiful features. In 2008 she entered the “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” beauty contest, and she ended up winning first place. The judges were especially fond of her full lips, big eyes, and L’oreal model-like hair and Valeria stood out the most among 300 other contestants.

Valeria’s success in the beauty contest caused her to attract the attention of several media outlets and modeling companies too. Despite Valerie’s beauty contest victory, she still wasn’t satisfied with her own appearance and she decided it was time to take her look to the next level.

Hard To Miss

Today, Valeria is practically impossible to miss. Anyone who sees her in public is stuck wondering how she’s even real. She has porcelain skin and giant eyes that seem to pop out from her face. Her hourglass figure seems out of this world too!

Most people assume Valeria has gotten numerous surgeries to achieve her look, but shockingly that couldn’t be further from the truth. Valeria is full of many surprises and this is one of the hardest to believe.

How Many Surgeries?

Valeria claims to only have had one surgery in her life…and that was to enlarge her breasts.

This may be hard to believe at first, especially because her body proportions seem so unnatural. However, Valeria’s photos without makeup seem to suggest that she didn’t get any surgeries performed on her face.

Lengthy Makeup Routine

This photo shows Valeria without any makeup, and she looks like a totally different person. But how does she get her eyes to look so big?

It turns out Valeria has a 1-hour and 30-minute makeup routine, in which she paints an optical illusion around her eyes with eyeshadow to make them seem larger.

She even had a YouTube Channel 

Valeria even has a YouTube channel that is filled with tutorials on how she achieves her Barbie look every morning.

But critics still exist and they accuse her of using Photoshop and lying about how many surgeries she has gotten.

Dealing With Haters

Until this day, many people flat out accuse Valeria of being fake. In their defense, the first glance at Valeria usually leaves you with a lot of skepticism and questions.

Many media outlets ran news articles accusing her of using Photoshop to make her look more Barbie-like. Valeria has responded to all of the haters by appearing on talk shows and interviews in order to show them that she’s not using any photo editing to complete her look. However, with good reason, people still question whether she’s only had one surgery.

And then

Critics have suggested that Valeria got a pair of ribs removed to achieve Barbie’s hourglass figure.

While some of these claims could be true, Valeria adamantly denies that she’s had any extra work done to her body apart from breast augmentation. However, Valeria is not letting the skeptics get to her. In fact, she’s turned all the negative press into marketing and movie deals.

Commercial Success

Valeria starred in the 2018 horror movie, “The Doll”, as the main antagonist. The movie is streaming on Netflix right now too. As a result of Valeria’s commercial success, her social media following has naturally grown to large numbers as well.

Valeria has amassed over 30 million YouTube views, 1.1 million Facebook fans, 701K Instagram followers. However, Valeria’s climb to success has been far from easy even apart from the haters and skeptics. Along the way, she has faced severe family problems.

Family Trouble?

While everyone’s family is dysfunctional, Valeria had to deal with something that was quite unusual. Valeria’s brother, Ivan, has been obsessed with her since he was a young boy. When he was 6 and she was 10 they both dressed up in their parent’s wedding outfits and pretended to get married.

Ivan believes that his sister is the ideal definition of beauty and has a sexual obsession with her. He would often spend countless hours fantasizing about Valeria as he looked at her pictures. Ivan also had a host of other problems including drug addictions, fighting with his mother, and extorting his sister for money. Despite all these issues, Valeria decided to give him a second chance.

It gets even worse

Valeria tried to help Ivan find a girlfriend among her followers and friends. Although she wasn’t able to find him a girlfriend among her followers, he eventually met Irina Biryukova.

Irina and Ivan were in a relationship until Ivan got Irina pregnant. Shortly after this Ivan denied that the child was his and denied having a relationship with Irina. Around this time, Ivan also was up to his old tricks. He tried to sell naked pictures of Valeria to the media in order to make money. While it is unclear what Valeria’s relationship with Ivan is today, she still is a part of her nephew Felix’s life and loves him very much.

Seeking Help

With a brother like Ivan, it’s no wonder that Valeria would seek out professional help to talk out her issues. However, to many people’s surprise, her appointments with a psychiatrist actually had nothing to do with her brother.

Valeria’s motivation behind going to therapy had to do with her bouts of vertigo and visions that haunted her throughout the night. The psychiatrist that Valeria saw decided that she didn’t need medication or therapy. He decided that she was special and even considered her to be psychic. After seeing her therapist, Valeria felt comforted and was no longer afraid of her visions. She decided that her life had a purpose.

Barbie… Gets A Job

Valeria’s newfound confidence led her to become an instructor at the International School of Out-of-Body Travel.

According to Valeria, “instructors show students how to leave their physical body and travel their spiritual body.” Valeria has even decided to give herself the spiritual name Amature. Although she believes that the spiritual transcends the physical, she still emphasizes her physical beauty. Many people have questioned how someone who claims to be so in touch with the spiritual world can desire to make herself look like a real-life Barbie.

Barbie Meets Ken

Just as Valeria Lukyanova is a real-life Barbie there also happens to be a real-life Ken doll named Justin Jedlica who lives in the United States. Unlike Valeria, who only admits to having 1 surgery, Justin has admitted that he has undergone approximately 190 surgeries in order to achieve his chiseled look.

Although Barbie and Ken are a couple in the fictional world, this couldn’t be further from reality when it comes to Valeria and Justin. When Justin and Valeria first met in person in the United States, Justin attempted to give Valeria a hug.

However, nothing came of it

However, instead of reciprocating his action she rejected his request for a hug and stared at him coldly.

After this, Justin proceeded to call out Valeria by calling her beauty fake. He explained that without her makeup and fake hair she wouldn’t be beautiful. He also claimed that Valeria has gotten numerous procedures done even though she claims she has only gotten 1 surgery. While Ken and Barbie may be picture perfect in the fictional world, it’s clear that Justin and Valeria will never get along like their doll counterparts.

Barbie Finds Her… Dmitry

While Ken and Barbie may not have worked out, Valeria was still able to find love. In fact, she’s married to a childhood friend and Russian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov. Dmitry completely supports Valeria in her effort to be a human Barbie and helps her deal with the haters.

According to Valeria, “Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me. He likes me with makeup and without.” Even though Valeria and Dmitry are happily married, Valeria doesn’t believe in intimacy or sex and believes that it is better to be celibate. She also has no desire to have children because in the dimension she claims she is from there are no children and everyone is asexual.

Valeria’s Controversial Views

Valeria’s belief that she is not of this dimension is not her only crazy belief, she also believes that interracial children are ugly as a result of race-mixing. She believes that women in the 1950s and 1960s tended to be more beautiful since race-mixing wasn’t as prevalent.

As a result of race-mixing, Valeria believes that many children in the coming generations will need surgery in order to look beautiful. Valeria has also attacked other celebrities who don’t fit her idea of beauty. She believes that people who are not physically attractive are ugly on the inside. In a 2017 video she called Sarah Jessica Parker a “lazy horse face”. She said the actor’s appearance is a reflection of her “inner ugliness”. Despite receiving a constant stream of hate from many around the globe, Valeria seems to have no problem criticizing her fellow celebrities.

An Air Diet

Since Valeria believes she’s not from Earth, what could she possibly eat? Valeria is on a strict vegetarian diet and she plans on eventually changing it to not include food.

She strives to become a breatharian and live off of solely air and sunlight. FYI, several people have died trying to maintain such a diet and science advises against it. While Valeria still hasn’t fully transformed into a breatharian yet, we wish her good health. But sometimes, good health is not always in our control.

A Brutal Attack

On Halloween night, Valeria was attacked outside her home. Two masked attackers punched and strangled her until a neighbor came to stop them from doing more harm.

Valeria was bloodied and unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital in order to be treated for her wounds. After regaining consciousness, she realized there was no way to prevent the attack as she was completely blindsided by the assailants.

Valeria’s Future Goals

Although she has spent many years perfecting her look like a human Barbie. Valeria has recently decided on some new body goals. She wants to grow her biceps and accentuate her abs by hitting the gym and lifting weights.

While we don’t know if Valeria will accomplish her goals, it’s safe to bet that she will give it her all as her dedication to becoming a Barbie shows how much she is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve her goals.


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