Unlock the Hidden Powers of Vicks VapoRub: From Fat Burning to Insect Repelling and More

Have you ever thought that a simple tub of Vicks VapoRub could be just as important as your precious jewelry or gadgets? It may sound unbelievable, but this tiny wonder product has a plethora of uses that you wouldn’t even imagine.

While most of us know that Vicks is great for suppressing coughs, did you know that it’s more than just that? The official website reveals that Vicks is made up of camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol, which have various unconventional uses that will surprise you. Get ready to be amazed!

Goodbye, Athlete’s Foot

Sports enthusiasts are not the only ones who can get Athlete’s Foot despite the name. However, it is common among active individuals because this fungal condition starts in the toes of people who always wear tight-fitting shoes, making them sweat.

Vicks has a petroleum jelly texture, which works great to provide hydration to the skin. It also has antimicrobial components that kill off bacteria. As such, it is a very affordable item to help treat fungal problems in toenails, too.

An Acne Solution

One of the things that Vicks can be used for is treating acne or eczema. Camphor and eucalyptus have antimicrobial properties, so Vicks is helpful in addressing inflammation. Some swear by this hack but take it with a grain of salt.

The American Academy of Dermatology explained that Vicks, which has the consistency of petroleum jelly, may actually cause a person to break out even more. Oh well, at least we know that pimples form when sebum or oil and dead skin cells get trapped in follicles.

Vicks Every Day Keeps The Insects Away

Most insect repellents have N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, commonly known as DEET, which the National Pesticide Information Center said can cause eye or skin irritation. Some customers who inhaled the products containing this have reported respiratory problems.

Still, many experts claim the occurrences of these side effects are rare. But people who want to be 100 percent safe should know that Vicks VapoRub also protects them from insect bites. However, the menthol jelly is thicker than most repellents, which can also come in a spray form.

Stretch Marks Be Gone!

Now this one is a bit of a stretch, but many fans of Vicks VapoRub claim that the wonder product can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, which is quite surprising. The American Academy of Dermatology explains that these features can never go away on their own, but treatments can make them look lighter and unnoticeable.

Because Vicks has anti-inflammatory properties, it is supposed to reduce scarring. There’s no harm in trying, so readers who wish to know the answer may want to try this hack.

Retouching Bruises

Whether a person is menstruating or they hit their body on something hard, there is a high chance that this would end up in a bruise. According to Mayo Clinic, this happens when a strong impact causes the blood to escape from the vessels.

Unfortunately, we either cover it with makeup or let it run its course and go back to the natural color. Because Vicks has menthol, which has a cooling effect, it can help fade the temporary discoloration.

Headache Buster

A lot of things can cause headaches, but what is generally true for everyone is that nobody wants to experience this. Sinus problems usually lead to a painful T-zone, particularly in between the eyebrows.

Luckily, Vicks can help loosen the congestion but do not go putting it inside the nostrils. Simply inhaling the scent, and the menthol, which is derived from eucalyptus, can help ease the pain. Some like to rub the jelly on their chest to hasten the alleviation.

Fix Muscle Soreness

An intense workout or starting a new program could lead to a painful body, but don’t let this be an excuse to stop you from getting back in shape. After all, this is quite normal because experts explain that this is just temporary and is very common for beginners.

Guess what? Vicks helps ease that muscle soreness thanks to its cooling sensation. Others advise adding a hot compress after to alleviate the pain. Plus, it is a great way to stay cool during summer.

Cracked Heels No More

Lack of care for our trusty feet can lead to many problems, including cracked heels, also known as fissures. While generally harmless, it could lead to painful wounds or, worse, could lead to infection once it gets deeper.

As such, an uncomplicated remedy is to create a simple pre-bedtime routine that involves massaging and moisturizing the feet, particularly the soles. Slather some on the heels before covering them with socks to lock in hydration—be surprised at how smooth the feet can get!

Itchy Skin What?

No matter how minor itchy skin is, it is still irritating and may be difficult to deal with for some. Vicks isn’t just used to relieve coughs and congestion, it is also useful in dealing with this pesky skin problem, thanks to its cooling effect and antibacterial properties.

As others have reported, it can also deal with poison ivy rashes. The allergenic plant always has three leaves, which causes itchiness upon contact. According to American Skin, 85 percent of the world’s population is allergic to it.

Tick Remover

Ticks are savage beasts that need blood to survive after hatching. The parasites go through life stages, where they often find different hosts, including animals and humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they find their target based on their scent, body heat, and breathing pattern.

Unfortunately, its feeding tube that attaches to the skin is quite firm, no thanks to the cement-like substance they produce. One Crazy House noted that Vicks could help remove ticks on the skin because it contains camphor.

Address Cuts

Now and then, we see weird cuts on our hands, and we don’t remember how we got them. We’ll only notice and feel them once water hits the skin. Many recommend using Vicks to act as an antiseptic to the wound.

But be careful because a jar of it can also host bacteria if we often use our fingers to scoop from the tub. According to HealthGrade, using the jelly may hasten the healing process because it acts as a barrier of the skin against harmful pathogens.

Summer Sunburn Remedy

Summer is all fun and games until we feel the burning sensation in our skin. Unfortunately, being under the sun for too long can cause irreversible damage, which is why it is crucial to always wear protection before sunbathing.

For the unlucky ones, aloe vera is the most affordable and recommended product to use to relieve the stinging sensation. However, One Crazy Hack advises using Vicks to alleviate the pain because the cooling sensation will help make the skin feel less hot.

No Scratching Here, Please

Many pet parents declaw their beloved cats to avoid scratches on the sofa, bed, and other important things. However, Hill’s explains that this behavior is essential in sharpening their claws, stretching their limbs, as well as leaving their scent, and advises providing a scratch post.

If not, Vicks can act as a repellent because cats hate the smell, thereby stopping them from scratching. Just be careful in using this product as a deterrent because the feline nose is quite sensitive.

Joint Pain Relief

Especially for people growing older, joint pain has become an unwelcome constant companion. Unfortunately, physiotherapy can cost a lot these days, but Vicks has their back. It is said that this miraculous product addresses this problem temporarily.

Camphor is the ingredient that is credited for easing joint pain because it works as an analgesic. Experts advise rubbing some on the areas of discomfort, making sure to cover the most surface. However, if symptoms persist, it is best to go directly to professionals.

Pet Potty Training

Training a cat to use the litter box can be exhausting for some pet parents. But it is important to have the right supplies, such as a litter box, litter sand, and mat, first. Then, Hill’s notes that the feline must be encouraged during the first few days, putting it inside the box after meals.

However, some cats refuse to follow protocols and choose to pee on the sofa. Some claim that putting Vicks in places where they usually answer the call of nature can help stop the animal from doing this.

Slimming Down Without Going Under The Knife

This hack is eyebrow-raising, but some women claim that they lost belly fat using only this jelly-like product. All we have to do is to turn Vicks into a paste by adding alcohol, baking soda, and a little more camphor.

Rub some of this mixture into the tummy and cover the stomach with cling wrap, leaving this on for 30 minutes. This reportedly would start the fat-burning process, but a word of caution: high doses of the essential oil camphor can lead to irritation and seizures.

Verrucas And Warts Aren’t Welcome

According to the National Health Service, warts and verrucas are tiny lumps in the skin that many people have and may not cause inconvenience to some. Warts are rough and firm and can appear anywhere in the body while verrucas are small hard skin with dots.

Vicks fans claim dabbing the product on these skin bumps and bandaging them after can make them magically disappear! Of course, if any irritation occurs, they should discontinue the hack and simply resort to something else.

Chapped Lips? Never.

Because Vicks has the consistency of petroleum jelly, it also has the capacity to stay in the area it is applied on for a long period. According to Goodto, it is also quite helpful in restoring moisture in chapped, dry lips.

However, due to the menthol and camphor content, it wouldn’t be wise to apply a generous amount. Just a thin layer on the pout is enough to address soreness but perhaps, it is better to only try this hack when there’s no Chapstick around.

Cure Cough Through The Feet

Everybody knows that Vicks VapoRub is essentially used to relieve cough and while some may apply it on their chest or inhale it, some claim that it could be applied to the soles of the feet and still accomplish the same purpose!

Yes, feet may be far from the chest but an expert explained that Vicks could stimulate the nerves that could send the signal to the brain and disrupt the cough cycle. This still lacks evidence but there’s no harm in trying.

Acting 101

Actors are required to possess the power to cry in multiple takes but for aspiring thespians who have a hard time bringing out the waterworks, here’s a magic trick: apply Vicks underneath the eyes and this will cause the tears to drop.

Specifically, the menthol component will irritate the peepers, resulting in believable red, teary eyes. But while a lot of stars follow this trick, they must make sure not to rub the product directly into their eyes or else they could face serious consequences.

How To Stop Ear Pain

There are many reasons people suffer from earache. The National Health Services lists wax buildup, infection, damage, and dental abscess as some of the causes of this pain. Those struggling with this could try this popular hack on TikTok and other social media channels.

Simply put a small amount of Vicks on a cotton ball and put this in the ear for a few hours. However, there remains a need for studies corroborating the claims, and if it is indeed effective, experts say this is due to the soothing properties of the product.

Stinging Eye-Makeup Removal?

Petroleum jelly has been established to be an effective makeup remover and is, in fact, one of the gentlest products one could ever use to clean the eye area from beauty products. Dermatologists explain that this product is lubricated and light, making it easy for the chemicals to slide off.

This may also be true for Vicks, given that it has the same consistency as petroleum jelly. However, it is worth noting that it has a cooling effect, which may sting if applied directly to the eyes.

Eyes On The Prize, My Horse

Vicks has many uses, even in the animal world. Equestrians gearing to keep their horses laser-focused on training often use Vicks to mask the scent of fillies. This is reportedly one of the biggest secrets in the field, but only some people are OK with doing this.

That’s because some racers also smear Vicks on the horses’ noses to make them feel that a buzz is coming, prompting the animal to run faster. This sounds pretty brutal, and luckily, there are a lot of laws regarding this issue.

Toodles, Stubborn Red Lips

Anyone who has ever worn matte red lipstick knows how difficult it is to remove. It could take a lot of wipes, a substantial amount of micellar water or toner, and a strong facial wash to get rid of this eye-catching color.

Apply a thin layer of Vicks on a stained lip and let it sit for five minutes. Then be surprised at how easy it is to wipe the color away with a tissue, which could save tons of time.

Bidding Adieu To Tennis Elbow

Multiple Grand Slam winner Serena Williams probably knows a lot about what is called the tennis elbow. This is a condition where the elbow tendons become overloaded due to repetitive movement of the wrist and arm.

But we hate to break it to everyone but this isn’t limited to athletes. Butchers, carpenters, and painters also suffer from this. Massage Vicks onto the area and the soothing effect will help relieve the pain. We wonder if Williams also did the same thing.

For Quality Shuteye

We have already established Vicks’ ability to unclog stuffy noses and airways. But what if we add this to a humidifier? First, make sure that the gadget has a compartment for aromatherapy oil.

Not only will the room be left smelling cool, it will also foster an environment of tranquility and calm, which can help one attain better sleep quality. Getting sufficient and quality shuteye is crucial: studies have shown that this could lead to better brain function, improved performance, and laser-sharp focus.

The Solution To A Squeaky Door

Even around the house, we find small inconveniences irritating, and this includes squeaky doors. At midnight, it seems impossible to find a neighbor willing to help fix this problem, but if there’s Vicks around, this may be a great quick fix.

Just slather some of the product on the hinges, making sure that every part is covered. However, this is just a temporary fix and a carpenter may be needed soon to apply a more suitable oil and permanently address the problem.

Safeguarding The Nose Against Unpleasant Smell

Whether taking out the trash or fixing the bins in the house, it is impossible not to get a whiff of an unpleasant smell—the kind that makes one want to gag. Still, we have to do what we have to do so it is important to find a way to work around this.

Rub some Vicks under the nose so that it sort of masks the scent as one does their chore. According to Architectural Digest, it only takes between two and three days before the garbage will start smelling in the kitchen.

Shower Bombs For Days

Over Instagram, there are a lot of colorful bath essentials that bubble when dropped in water, commonly used in the bathtub. Called bath bombs, Mo Constantine, Lush Cosmetics founder, was the first to have patented this product, which was then called Aqua Sizzlers.

Today, there are “shower disks,” which may be done at home. These are specifically made to help people struggling with clogged-up sinuses. Just add Vicks to baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and water, and mold it into a shape.

Ringworm Treatment

Despite its name, ringworm doesn’t involve seeing worms on the skin, but it was called such because of its round shape. It is caused by a fungal infection and tends to be highly itchy—the worst part is that no one is spared from this problem if exposed.

While antifungal creams and lotions are widely available, Vicks also reportedly helps address the rashes. Other mentholated rubs have also been found to have the same effect, but if the itchiness persists, call an expert immediately.

Stopping Dandruff

Dandruff, scientifically known as Seborrheic Dermatitis, may not be contagious, but seeing white snowflakes in clothes is embarrassing. People struggling with this have reported itchiness, dry patches, and rashes on the scalp.

Many swear by Vicks in helping address this pesky situation. Simply rub some on the scalp before taking a shower. The cool, soothing effect will temporarily ease the itchiness, but it is worth going to a dermatologist for a permanent fix because there may be an underlying issue.

Dealing With Hair Loss

At some point, many of us have experienced hair loss, which can affect the self-esteem of both men and women. Research found that people suffering from alopecia have increased levels of depression.

Vicks can help with this problem, or so fans claim. Simply massage the jelly on the scalp to stimulate the blood flow, and they said that the “tingling” sensation was normal. Just head on over to YouTube to see many people who swear by this hack and see how long their tresses grew.

Salve For Burns

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay makes cooking look uncomplicated but behind the scenes. This involves accidents and burns, too. As per Mayo Clinic, kitchen burns include microwaved food, hot soup, and scorching pans.

In case minor burns happen, it is important to cool the affected area under running water for ten minutes. Once it is cooled and dry, apply lotion or aloe vera for relief. Others use Vicks to keep the burn soothed. In case a major accident occurs, a visit to the expert is ideal.

Tightening Skin Without Burning A Hole In The Pocket

People really have discovered a lot of ways for Vicks’ true potential to come out. There have been rumors that Vicks VapoRub can even help tighten skin. According to Shape, the salve has wound-healing properties, which is why a lot of fans use it on sagging skin.

While some dermatologists debunked this hack, it has been gaining popularity on social media. Instead, a few of them advised using retinol to stimulate collagen production, which would do wonders for the complexion.

Reduce Inflammation Of Veins

Some people have very distinct veins, ones that are easily seen by the n*ked eye. Others sport bulging and unmissable ones, called varicose veins. This happens when there’s constant pressure in the lower body’s veins, just like walking and standing all the time.

Spider veins, meanwhile, are small blue, red, and purple vessels on the skin and were named such because of their resemblance to a web. Some claim that Vicks helps reduce the discomfort brought about by these two.

Eyebags Are A Goner

A lot of people are carrying heavy bags that are hard to miss: we’re talking about eyebags, the puffy, dark, sagging skin underneath the peepers. They result from weakened muscles and tissue structures that support the eyelids.

While a refrigerated spoon can do wonders to make our eyes look brighter, Vicks reportedly does this job, too! But take it with a grain of salt because experts have not backed up this claim. Plus, getting a good night’s sleep may be a better option.

Helping Horses Breathe Better

We have discussed how horses are often tricked with Vicks to avoid mating but breeders also use the mentholated salve to aid the creatures with congestion. Sporting Road notes that applying some under the nostrils can help the animals breathe better.

However, owners must not use this close to a race or show because camphor is considered a big no-no during these events. This is why it is better to apply the formula for babies, which is advised to use on children three months and up.

Band-Aids Not Needed

When we get a cut, the instinct is to clean it and then cover it with a Band-Aid. There’s a common misconception that leaving the wound exposed will dry it out and heal faster, but this is just a myth.

Cleveland Clinic shares that cuts need enough moisture to hasten the healing process. But what if there is no Band-Aid or a Neosporin ointment around? Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Vicks has been used to aid healing. However, the company itself doesn’t endorse this.

The Key To Moisturized Skin

Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, is characterized by extremely dry and itchy skin, which is common among kids but can happen to anyone. This condition is usually long-lasting and only flares up at times.

Emollients or moisturizers will help soothe the symptoms. However, Women’s Health Magazine explains that the menthol content of Vicks will have a cooling effect on inflamed skin, thereby relieving the person of itchiness, albeit temporarily only. Plus, this component is antimicrobial. But be careful not to apply the product near the eyes.

Pain-free Splinter Removal

Incurring a splinter is literally a pain. However, what some of us don’t realize is that the longer we wait to take the foreign object out, the more chance it may be infected. It may hurt now but there’s an easier way of doing this: applying Vicks VapoRub to the area affected before pulling the piece of wood out.

This will cool the spot and therefore eases the pain, making it tolerable to take the tiny object out of the skin.

VapoShower Vs. Stuffy Nose

Taking a steamy shower when suffering from a stuffy nose or sinus headache will help relieve the pain, but here is a better idea: use Vicks for maximum decongestion or allergies. Tiktok account @howdoesshe created what is called the VapoShower.

Dissolve four tablespoons of Vicks in two cups of water and pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Let this freeze and pop out a few cubes when taking a shower. Simply put them on the floor and let the warm water melt them.

Stop Cold Sores

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are patches of blisters with fluid on the lips and around the mouth caused by a virus. According to Mayo Clinic, this condition has a few stages, like tingling, blistering, and oozing.

While the outbreak may last a few days to weeks, cold sores generally go away on their own, but others may need to go to the expert for help if needed. Because of camphor and eucalyptus, Vicks has been touted as an effective product to hasten the healing process.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Employees who are stuck in front of their computers from nine to five as well as home-based freelancers, probably know this predicament too well. Lower back pain is usually caused by a strain on the muscle in this area.

Cleveland Clinic notes that this is more common in people ages 30 and over and those who are overweight. Interestingly, rubbing Vicks on the affected area can provide relief so it is best to do this before sleeping to ensure quality shuteye.

Even The Bottle Has A Purpose

Who says Vicks VapoRub only has medicinal purposes? Even the bottles can be repurposed into a more adorable and functional container. After emptying and washing the tub, let it out to dry. Remove the sticker label or leave it be, depending on your preference.

Bring out the inner arts and crafts master and use sparkly beads and gems to decorate the lid with a glue stick. Add a label on the body of the tub for easy organization in the pantry or cabinet.

Nausea Prevention

Traveling can be fun for many adventurous souls but not for people who suffer from motion sickness. One trick to prevent nausea is by inhaling Vicks VapoRub because most of us get dizzy due to smell rather than sight.

According to Orlando Sentinel, one forensic scientist claimed that using Vicks while working helped him block weird scents. To be fair, one in three people feel nauseated at one point in their lives, most of whom are kids between two and 12, and women.

Aging Gracefully With Vicks

According to Medium, women have been obsessed with anti-aging products for a long time. Author Charles Dickens, for instance, poorly described women in their 40s in his masterpieces, but today, people have become more ruthless in comments on social media against the ladies.

As a result, many women resort to going under the knife to remove fine lines and appear younger. However, here is a trick: Vicks reportedly helps smoothen wrinkles because of its camphor content. True or not, let us embrace the natural process gracefully!

Addressing Toenail Or Fingernail Fungus

This one is probably one of the most popular hacks on this list. Nail fungus starts when the nails get infected, and we begin to notice yellow or white spots under the tip of the hardcover. This can become worse, signs of which include discoloration and thickening at the edge.

In most cases, this will resolve in time but is expected to happen again. But Vicks can also address this. Thanks to its camphor and thymol components, which are antimicrobial and antiseptic, the infection shouldn’t get worse.

Easing Sore Throat

Anyone who has experienced a sore throat would know how painful it is to eat, talk, and even drink. Gargling water with salt can provide temporary relief but Vicks can also accomplish this task.

According to the website, Vicks VapoRub can help lubricate the throat because it stimulates saliva production. Dryness will result in a painful and itchy throat, so it is best to make sure that it stays hydrated. This can also happen when the nasal passage is congested because a person would need to breathe from the mouth.

Toothache Relief

Nothing beats an expert in dealing with a toothache because they would know what causes the pain. However, if there is no appointment yet, there are home remedies that won’t burn a hole in the pocket.

This includes applying Vicks on the upper and lower jaws and the side of the face where the pain is radiating from. Fresh garlic clove on the part of the gums affected as well as biting on a cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar may also work.

Affordable Ornaments

Kids can be difficult to entertain because of how fast they get bored with their activities. So here is a fun way to get them busy—introduce them to ornament-making using recycled material around the house.

Just like in this hack, Vicks bottles can be covered with colorful crepe papers and can be attached to a string and onto a bigger container to resemble a wind chime. Encouraging kids to cultivate their artistic selves will hone their imaginative and creative thinking.

No More Red Nose

Rosacea causes flushing in the face and sometimes bumps, too. Although that sounds extreme, it is common because Cleveland Clinic pegs there are 14 million Americans who suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, the exact reason for this remains unknown and is currently being studied.

Many Vicks users claimed they noticed reduced redness in areas where they applied the product. This is probably due to VapoRub’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, during flare-ups, dermatologists advise using gentle and cooling moisturizers to calm the skin.

Keeping Pests Off Plants

Because Vicks is known as an insect repellent, it is also believed that it does a wonderful job of keeping pests away from plants. According to BalconyGardenWeb, the mix of eucalyptus and camphor is a turn-off to critters.

Some of the most common creatures that damage plants include leaf miners, which leave a discolored pattern on the leaves. The cabbage looper caterpillar is also famous for being destructive because it mostly consumes vegetables. Meanwhile, slugs also cause holes in tomatoes, which is why the juice seeps.

Stop Garden Tools From Rusting

We have seen more rusty garden tools than clean ones, and this is due to the exposure to moisture and water when exposed in the open. As such, it is important to store them in a cool, dry place, away from a water source, for longer life is important.

Some claim that Vicks can help address this problem. Apply a thin layer of the product on the tools and the menthol and eucalyptus components will act as the barrier against the air.

Keep Swings Smoothly Swinging

Just like our previous hack on doorknob hinges, Vicks can also be used as a lubricant for garden swing hinges. It goes without saying that we need to apply generously, especially because the ointment is not viscous enough to flow on its own.

While they may seem unimportant, garden swings may encourage social interaction among kids. According to FromTheOakTree.com, this experience can help children resolve conflicts as they wait for the other person’s turn. On top of this, they can forge connections.

A Vicks A Day Keeps The Squirrel Away

According to BalconyGardenWeb.com, the scent of menthol and camphor is enough to keep squirrels away from the garden. Simply apply a layer of the VapoRub on the birdfeeder as well as places where they usually intrude to prevent them from barging in.

On the other hand, squirrels are very interesting creatures. They have four front teeth that never stop growing, adding six inches every year. We rarely see them for so long because they constantly use their mouths to gnaw on wood and nuts.


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