Megachurch Shaken Robert Morris Steps Down Amidst Allegations Of Misconduct

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Megachurch Leader Resigns Amid Scandal

In an emotional statement, Gateway Church’s Board of Elders admitted to being blindsided by the true severity of Pastor Morris’s past misconduct. Initially, they believed his extramarital affair involved a consenting “young lady,” not the abuse of a 12-year-old. The church leaders expressed deep regret for not having full details sooner and extended heartfelt sympathy to the victim and her family. Amidst the controversy, Morris has resigned, but victim Clemishire’s response, released through her attorney, hints at a mix of relief and frustration over the church’s handling of the situation. She insists that Morris should have faced firmer consequences than being allowed to resign. The scandal, dating back to Morris’s tenure at Shady Grove Church in 1987, has cast a somber shadow over Gateway, rekindling debates on church accountability and victim protection.

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