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How To Safely Tow Your Electric Vehicle If Needed

If you’re an electric vehicle owner, there’s a chance you’ll need to tow it at some point. Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or just need to get your vehicle to the shop, knowing how to safely tow your electric vehicle is a must. I’m 18 and I’m here to tell you that towing your electric vehicle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In this article, I’m going to share with you the steps you should take to make sure you tow your vehicle safely and efficiently. Let’s get started!

Park in safe area

If you have to tow your electric vehicle, make sure you park it in a safe area. Avoid parking it in dark alleys or places where there is not much visibility. Make sure that the parking lot is clean and well-lit. Also, it is advisable to park it in a place where there is surveillance to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Attach tow straps securely

Attaching tow straps to your electric vehicle can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Make sure you attach the straps securely with no slack, and that all hooks are securely fastened. When you’re towing your electric vehicle, always check to make sure the straps haven’t loosened. Finally, keep your speed slow, and be extra cautious of other drivers on the road. With these steps, you can safely tow your electric vehicle in no time.

Check vehicle battery

Before towing your electric vehicle, make sure to check the battery. If it’s below the minimum voltage, you should charge it to the recommended level. This is important because towing an electric car with a low battery can cause damage to the battery and potentially the car itself. Be sure to check the manual for recommended voltage levels and always stay safe when towing.

Disconnect power cable

If you ever need to tow your electric vehicle, it’s important to make sure you disconnect the power cable beforehand. To do this, you should locate the power connection in the vehicle’s front compartment and detach the cable from the car’s battery. Make sure to store it in a safe spot and never leave the cable connected when towing your electric vehicle.

Start towing slowly

If you need to tow your electric vehicle, it’s important that you start slowly. You want to make sure that you’re being careful and using the correct equipment. You don’t want to tow too fast or too hard, as this could damage the vehicle’s battery or electric motor. Take your time and be sure to do it the right way for your safety and your vehicle’s!

Monitor speed/distance

If you have to tow an electric vehicle, make sure to monitor the speed and distance you are traveling. Keeping an eye on the tow speed can help you avoid any potential damage to the vehicle, battery, and motor. You should also check the distance you are towing the car to ensure that you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended maximum distance. Being aware of these two factors will ensure that you safely tow your electric vehicle.

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