$260K “Skinny House,” Less Than A Meter Wide, Goes Viral On Tiktok

A slim and unique house in Deerfield, IL, made quite the splash on TikTok before being sold for a cool $260,000. But don’t be fooled into thinking the owner can barely move around in this quirky abode. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer!

1. More Space Than Meets The Eye

The $260K 'Skinny House' Phenomenon

Surprisingly, this slender house boasts around 500 square meters of living space, including 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. While one side of the house is a mere 3 feet wide, it expands to approximately 20 feet at its widest point. Let’s venture inside, shall we?

2. Cozy Living Room

The $260K 'Skinny House' Living Room

Upon entering the home, you’re greeted by the living room. While it might not be as spacious as your typical living area, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The hardwood floors and soft lighting create a cozy ambiance.

3. Sunlit Kitchen

The $260K 'Skinny House' Kitchen

The kitchen spans about 15 feet in width and comes equipped with sleek stainless steel appliances. Windows on both sides of the kitchen allow for plenty of natural light, making it a bright and cheerful space for cooking up a storm.

4. Artistic Touches

Art Pieces in the 'Skinny House'

While the furniture may appear ordinary, a captivating blue-toned painting and an unusual clock inject an artistic flair into the living room.

5. Compact Bathroom

'Skinny House' Ground Floor Bathroom

Located at the rear of the ground floor, the bathroom might be smaller than in an average home, but it’s well-appointed nonetheless.

6. Spacious Master Bedroom

'Skinny House' Master Bedroom

Upstairs, the master bedroom features a modern American design and spans an impressive 19 feet in width, offering ample space for rest and relaxation.

7. Roomier Second Bathroom

'Skinny House' Second Bathroom

This bathroom is considerably more spacious than the one on the first floor, with plenty of room and natural light for an enjoyable shower experience.

8. Welcoming Guest Room

'Skinny House' Guest Room

Though slightly smaller than the master bedroom, the guest room is well-equipped and inviting. A lifelike dog statue by the door adds a playful touch to the space.

9. Delightful Yard

'Skinny House' Yard

Outside, a charming little yard offers the perfect spot for parking bikes or enjoying morning exercises.

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