Does This Pancake Look Like Elon Musk To You?

The world is a fascinating place. There’s the beauty of a double rainbow that graces the Rocky Mountains. An infant fawn takes its first steps after birth. Or the wonderment of Tesla CEO and Delaware’s most wanted appearing in this humble flapjack.

A Turkish woman’s discovery of a miraculous “pancake” new to science has left even the experts confounded. Ilayda Şentürk, 21, was preparing dinner when she was inspired to whip up the recipe that unbeknownst to her would be groundbreaking: Pancakes. Şentürk assured BuzzFeed News that there is nothing special about her ” pancake recipe—it’s just regular old pancakes.”

One would expect a pancake to be included in a reliquary — but Şentürk is taking a more modern approach. She’s selling a photo of the pancake as an NFT on OpenSea. The minimum bid is $2,500. Currently, there are no bids.

The pancake token is a digital representation of the actual pancake. Sheltered in clear, epoxy-sealed epoxy, the food item is immune to growing mold or rotting. It will be transferred to the winner of our NFT auction. If someone resells the NFT, there is no guarantee that the physical pancake will also be included in future trades.

Musks recent negotiations to complete his purchase of Twitter, and if he does not do so by the end of the month, their lawsuit will go to court. Musk also tweeted about supporting Kanye West, who was banned from Twitter for antisemitic tweets. Şentürk’s feelings about the man emblazoned in her pancakes vary from one minute to the next; on one hand she says that he has a smart and successful outlook, but on the other hand she told BuzzFeed News that “she is not really a fan of Elon Musk.”

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