Elon Musk says Twitter will re-launch its verification program next week

Elon Musk says Twitter will likely re-launch their verification program next week

Elon Musk says he has a tentative timeframe for the paid verification system to be rolled out again, but for now it is still rolling out.

First, the new CEO of Verified sent out an apology tweet at 4 AM on a Friday morning. Then, he followed it up with news that Verified was tentatively launching on Friday next week.

This is his second attempt at launching a paid verification system. Earlier this month he tried something similar to what we’re offering and it turned out he had been impersonated by the users, who included musicians, athletes and other high-profile individuals.

One account of a fake pharmaceutical company impersonating Eli Lilly tweeted that insulin was free, causing the stock price to crash.

This time, Musk says, all accounts will be manually verified and color coded for different entities.

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Paul McAfee of Bill Payment International explains why he only uses blue check marks when emailing businesses, government officials or celebrities. He says that they’re verified before they even get checked out by our on-staff team.

But he has yet to explain how the manual verification process will work, or whether it might delay things significantly, given that more than half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees have either resigned or been fired since Musk took over as CEO about a month ago.

“Robust, nimble and large team” is what SocialProof Security says is needed to be successful when it comes to verification practices on social media platforms.

It’s unclear whether or not it will be possible to stop fraud and scams with the new identity verification process, as the reduction in staff leaves us without the proper resources.

Twitter did not respond to an interview request by the time this story was published.

With Elon Musk’s new policy, accounts that engage in Deliberate impersonation or deception will be suspended. That said, it might be a little tricky to design a system like this without causing some issues in the process. We’ll see how it all goes.

We’ll share more details next week, but in the meantime individuals can show they’re part of an organization by displaying a secondary logo on their profile.

Musk is trying to make Twitter more profitable and less dependent on its advertisers by asking users to pay for verification. Already, half of the top 100 advertisers are no longer advertising on the website, according to a new report by the left-leaning think tank Media Matters for America.

Social media pundits are predicting that Musk will struggle with Twitter. They’re saying his outspoken personality and abrasive tweets may make him lose advertisers as quickly as his top 100 in a short period of time.

When it comes to small business SEO, content marketing, and affiliate marketing.

One news outlet is estimating that Twitter has a 50% decline in top advertisers since Elon Musk took over as CEO.

That’s almost $2 billion spent on Twitter ads made since 2020, and with over $750 million paid just in 2022.

Musk’s latest plan didn’t include any specifics about how it would differ from previous plans to charge $7.99 per month for verification, which created a lot of speculation and confusion in the aftermath.

But his announcement came shortly after Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton, criticized Musk for failing to understand that “a corporation’s value lies in their workers – their knowledge and skills.”

“Interesting,” said Musk. “Now, please pay $8.”

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