Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says working in an office is better: “I don’t know how you build great management remotely”

After more than two years of remote work, most employees at Google are going to be coming into the office. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO and current chairman of the company expressed excitement about this new change.

The opinion of the common expert is that employees should work at an office.

Under the hybrid arrangement, Google employees are most often expected to be in the office three days per week. The CEO who served from 2001 to 2011 credits much of Google’s growth to in-office work.

“We used to talk about a society where people would be close together, the discussion at the coffee table and going to coffee,” Schmidt says. “Remember all of that? Was it all wrong?”

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Schmidt believes that it is not just nostalgia that makes working in person more beneficial than collaborating virtually.

Schmidt argues that employees should use their professional skills when they come to work. Schmidt then pleads with his co-workers to stop the bad behaviors of college students

Younger employees can also develop their management styles by learning a variety of skills while they work in the office. These include meeting etiquette, presentation skills, workplace politics, and competing with both internal and external competitors.

Adult bearded man in casual clothes doing remote job on laptop while little boy hugging father from back in cozy room at home

In order to become great managers, people need to be interacting often with their children. Particularly, juggling a desk job and parenthood can hurt people’s ability to form quality connections with their kids.

There are exceptions to this trend, as some people might find their job doesn’t require a meeting with others, while others may not enjoy socializing in the workplace. These people will probably have a hard time returning to the long hours that commuting may involve.

However, a large-scale shift to remote work could mean a loss of 30 to 40 years of experience.

“Every person has their own formal and informal networks, and these networks are absent in the current virtual tools,” says Gray.

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