This Man Lived On The Streets For 30 Years Until A Cop Discovered His Identity

In his early years, Mick Myers had a difficult childhood and eventually ended up living on the streets most of his adult life. Despite being called family by his friends, he was completely disregarded by society as a whole.

Then a county deputy sheriff gave Myers a second chance. Assisted by him and a devoted volunteer, Myers was able to get off the streets. Furthermore, he reconnected with someone he thought was gone from his life for good.

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As A Child, Mick Had No Idea What His Real Name Was

In 1950, Mick Myers only knew he had been adopted at the age of two by a family from San Leandro, California. Even though he didn’t know his real name, he went by “Mick Meyers”.


Myers earned decent grades in school and participated in his high school marching band. But things went south as he grew up. When he was a teenager, he had trouble getting along with his siblings, who he felt treated him unfairly.

Then, the adopted man lost everything once again

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