Strange, Weird, And Interesting Things About India

India is one of the oldest countries around, and that being the case, you should not be surprised to learn that it has a huge array of things to do unique to the culture. If you’re looking for a list of crazy things you can only do or see in India, then congratulations — you’ve found it! You won’t need any other excuse to plan a trip to this interesting destination.

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile for your blog post, and in this case, that meant traveling to India for this article! What can you expect if you visit the country? You will find out all about it through over 40 weird things travelers will only see in India.

Toe Wedding Rings

In some parts of India, wedding rings are placed on the toe instead of the finger. Two silver rings are traditionally used for a healthy pregnancy when trying to demonstrate your love for the one you want to marry. Gold rings can also be worn on this toe area and so cannot guarantee a healthy pregnancy.

Gold is the symbol of a goddess that brings prosperity. In Hinduism and Buddhism, gold is not placed on the feet.

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