The Earth Is Spinning Faster: Why And What Happens Next?

New models of atomic clocks have detected that the earth’s rotation is accelerating rapidly.

On Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, Earth had the shortest day it has ever experienced. This day is 1.59 milliseconds shorter than a typical 24-hour day.

What records did they break?

Longitude and latitude information, retrieved from, indicate that on June 29, 2022 the Earth completed one orbit around the sun at the fastest speed ever recorded.

It was thought that the Earth’s rotation was slowing down until a few years ago. These thoughts stemmed from several experiments done by atomic clocks which date back to 1973.

The International Earth and Reference Systems (IERS) adds leap seconds to compensate for the earth’s slower rotation.

Eventually, the Moon will cause the Earth to stop rotating completely and this will happen more rapidly when tidal waves grow stronger.

New research shows that the Earth is slowing down, but at the same time the rotation is accelerating.

Last year, the shortest day in 2020 was shorter than the shortest day of 2021, albeit only by a few milliseconds.

On June 29, 2022, Earth completed its fastest rotation ever. Prior to this, on July 26, 2022, Earth had a day shorter than 1.50 milliseconds.

On July 19, 2020, Earth’s rotation was 1.4602 milliseconds shorter than the previous record.

Scientists discovered our planet Earth has set a new record for the fastest time to complete a revolution on June 29.

A few years ago, we believed that the Earth’s rotation was slowing down as a result of records of atomic clocks since 1973.

The International Earth Rotation and Reference System (IERS) service have been compensating for the slower rotation by adding leap seconds to its time system. The last leap second was added on December 2016.

Although the Earth’s rotation is still slowing down, it will take a long time for this to change.

It was recently found that the Earth is rotating more rapidly, in fact it may be accelerating and will have shorter days for 50 years.

What is the cause of Earth accelerating?

Scientists are still unsure of what causes Earth to spin at different speeds, but many theories have been proposed.

The lightening of the poles is a result of them melting as a result of global warming.

The Earth’s quick rotation is a mystery for scientists.

Seismic activity may be the cause, but a possible alternate explanation is that it’s due to the wobbly motion of Earth’s poles.

The cause might be a combination of these factors, something else entirely, or any other one of these theories (etc.)

The faster Earth rotates on its axis, the more atomic clocks are biased which can cause malfunctions in GPS satellites.

This makes the Earth seem like it’s rotating faster because of how various points on the ground are completed at different times, but not at differing speeds.

GPS satellites are becoming less accurate because we now understand that space and time curve.

One potentially confusing consequence of time being able to be changed is that it would mean different technologies would be out of sync. If you change what NTP is, then all the other electronics with synchronized NTP will become out-of-sync as well.

For individuals to effectively implement timekeeping, scientists need to subtract a second from time-keeping systems.

Is there enough time to change anything?

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