Apple Finally Lets You Buy Parts So That You Can Fix Your Own iPhone

Apple’s online store is ready for you to get your iPhone fixed.

The “right to repair” movement has put pressure on U.S. regulators to give consumers more control over their products, even after the sale.

The program creates more than 200 parts that can be used to repair iPhone 12, 13, and third-generation SE.

With the recent emergence of the “Right to Repair movement”, Apple has decided to open their new online repair shop on Wednesday. They have a goal to resolve consumer complaints with high-quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

It has been said that Apple’s new iPhone repair program information will be released in November, with parts and tools that are the same as those offered to authorized providers. The parts cost the same as, and are identical to, those allowed by the providers themselves.

Apple announced that the new Mac store will be able to sell parts, tools, and manuals through a third-party partner in early 2018.

The AI will first launch in the United States but will expand to other countries later this year, beginning in Europe.

Businesses can sign up and rent tools for a week at $49 or less, with free shipping, and recycled parts.

Despite opening up the program, Apple stated in its blog post that visiting a certified technician with genuine Apple parts is still the safest and most reliable way to get a repair for the “vast majority of customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices.”

With the push for the right to repair and manufacturers like Apple, consumers should have access to more parts and manuals so as to not be forced into a select set of authorized repair shops. In the past, Apple had warned customers of issues arising from third-party parts or unauthorized repairs.

The role of third-party repair is currently under the spotlight again, with this direction from a new administration that doesn’t want consumers to be unable to self-repair their items. In response, Federal Trade Commission has voted unanimously to increase enforcement of restrictions on who can provide third-party inferior repairs.

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