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iPhone 14, a new Apple Watch, and Airpods: what else can we expect at Apple’s event tomorrow?

Just before Tim Cook takes the stage and reveals the new Apple devices for 2023 – here are the expected announcements. Probably

Tomorrow (Wed) it happens: the rumors, leaks and reports will give way to announcements when Apple will hold its main announcement event under the title “Far Out”. For the first time in two years, Apple will present its new products on stage in the Steve Jobs Hall in Apple Park, Cupertino – in front of an audience. We at Gigtime will be following all the announcements closely and will report to you live on all the announcements as soon as they happen. A moment before here is everything we know about the new devices that will be presented at the event.

iPhone 14: saying goodbye to the gap

Naturally, the devices that will grab most of the attention will be the new iPhone 14 devices. And this year, the iPhone series will probably be a little more complex than what we are used to. Apple is expected to reveal 4 different devices, with the iPhone Mini not being one of them. Most of the biggest changes will be expectedly reserved for Apple’s more advanced and expensive models, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the new friend in the neighborhood, the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

But not only the iPhone Mini will probably be eliminated in this launch, but also Apple’s notch that has accompanied us since the days of the iPhone X and has already moved to the new models as well. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will come with a dedicated hole for the selfie camera (the so-called Hole Punch) as we have seen in quite a few Android devices, but also a dedicated hole for the face ID array in the form of a pill.

If you’re worried about the shape being skin-like, then you’ll be happy to know that according to the latest rumors from MacRumors and Mark Gorman, Apple is going to “turn off” the display between the two holes, so you’ll see one cylindrical strip that’s much thinner than the existing notch. The same rumors also claim that Apple will use this dead space to indicate to us when the device’s camera and microphone are in use, instead of on the side of the screen today. Apple will likely use the newly created real estate and update its apps to make better use of it. In 9to5Mac, who revealed this news, they claim that the camera application will be the first to move some of the buttons to the top of the screen, but we would not be surprised if other applications could do so.

The Pro models are expected to come with the feature that Android users have already gotten used to in the last decade, Always-On Display. That is, instead of having to turn on your iPhone screen every time you want to check the time or if you have notifications, the screen will always show you this information even when you are not using it. This is one of the first rumors that surfaced about the new devices back in May, and the progress here is thanks to the fact that the new screen of these iPhones will be able to run at a refresh rate of 120 Hz and up to a single Hz (similar to the Apple Watch), which will also save battery life.

According to a recent update from MacRumors, the feature will work pretty cool with the new concept of the semi-3D lock screen in iOS 16: the entire back of the images you choose for your lock screen will be completely black, while the front will be darkened, so you get between A display that looks just like your screen has just been darkened exactly as it is and according to your settings. In addition, the widgets you put on the lock screen will appear alternately in the background to prevent burn-in on the OLED screen.

Is it going to look like this? Photo: MacRumors

The photography setup of the Pro devices is expected to receive an upgrade with a 48-megapixel sensor that is 28% larger, so it seems that Apple is about to present a fairly significant improvement in the successful photography setup of the new iPhones. In terms of colors, we are also expected to get an option for a pretty powerful purple and blue iPhone. And in the area of ​​slightly less verified rumors, Apple may increase the maximum charging speed to 30W (without a charger, because Apple) and the minimum storage capacity is expected to double to a fairly respectable 256 gigabytes.

On the more dodgy rumor side, Apple may use these advancements to raise iPhone Pro prices by about $100, which means the iPhone 14 Pro will start at $1,099 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will start at $1,199.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus (or Max. Rumors differ on the naming scheme this year) will receive a minor update than ever before and most of the new features from the more advanced models will not arrive here. Instead of the cute and compact iPhone Mini, the Plus model will come with a 6.7-inch screen – the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but the two basic devices will come without a Pro-Motion display with a high refresh rate and without support for Always-On Display. In addition, these two iPhones will come with the Notch as we have known it so far. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the lack of innovations may result in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus even coming with the same A15 processor that arrived in the iPhone 13.

Of course, the elephant in the room cannot be ignored, which is the title of the event, “Far Out”. According to the rumors, the new iPhone models will support satellite communication for the first time, but this will be limited to emergency numbers only. This rumor started a year ago and was associated with the iPhone 13, which of course did not happen in the end. The logo that accompanies the event re-floods this speculation, but it is possible that it is a slight hint of a star photography feature or an improvement to the telephoto camera of the iPhones. Everything is possible.

The likelihood that Apple will announce a new iPhone: is high to the point of inevitability

Apple Watch: Time for 3 new watches

This year, most rumors hold that Apple will launch 3 different Apple Watch models. The first and most expected, Apple Watch Series 8, will probably not show substantial improvements in terms of processor speed or screen quality and design, but the strongest and most interesting rumor concerns a new body temperature sensor that will be added to the range of sensors. However, if you were expecting the watch to inform you in the morning that you better not go to work because you are probably sick, it seems that Apple will postpone this option for the future because it is not ready and accurate enough for launch. In the meantime, the feature is expected to be used more for tracking fertility and the menstrual cycle. In addition, other rumors claim that Apple will launch a new feature to detect car accidents, and if God forbid you to encounter one, the accelerometer will detect it and call the rescue forces. And we all know what that means – another new wave of “Apple’s watch saved someone’s life”.

In addition to the Series 8, most rumors claim that we will also see a new version of the Apple Watch SE, Apple’s more basic and accessible watch. Currently, there are almost no additional details about it, but it is likely that features such as Always-On Display and an up-to-date processor will simply make their way from the flagship watches to the discounted watch.

But we said 3 new models, and so it seems that the model that will be more interesting than the rest will be the Apple Watch Pro (temporary name of course). This is a model that, according to Mark Gorman, is going to arrive with a slightly different design and a little larger than the 45 mm of the Series 7. The goal is to display more data related to health and sports, with the Apple Watch Pro going to appeal more to extreme athletes, so the screen will be more resistant to breaks and scratches, and the body of the device will also be more durable. The new size is rumored to also allow the watch to store a larger battery to support longer workout times before you need to charge it. However, its price is also expected to climb and be closer to the $1,000 limit. Not for everyone, definitely.

The probability that the chapel will declare on Shaunim months: is very high

AirPods Pro 2: what does it sound like?

Apple’s hit headphones have been waiting for some time for a much-needed upgrade since their launch in 2019, and now there are quite a few rumors, some of which are even contradictory: some of the rumors claim that the headphones will receive a completely new design without the familiar iconic exterior, and instead, we will get small silicone “wings” or plastic that will keep the headphones in the ear. In addition, the headphones may receive a new processor, which will support higher quality sound, and perhaps even Apple’s advanced ALAC standard, which will allow you to listen to music in Lossless quality. We are crossing our fingers that this time the headphones will be able to connect to two audio sources at the same time like flagship headphones from other manufacturers, and not just know how to switch between them. Other rumors claim that with the help of new motion sensors, you can also track physical activities when using headphones.

What will probably get an interesting update will be the AirPods Pro 2 case. It may come with a small built-in speaker that will allow you to use the Find My application to play a loud sound every time of the day when you can’t find the headphones and the case at home. This might be the end of the “Who saw my AirPods?” shouts, but we’ll wait for the event to find out. The initial estimate was that the announcement of AirPods Pro 2 would be at Apple’s next event in October, but Gorman claimed this week that the headphones will indeed be launched on Wednesday.

The likelihood that Apple will announce new AirPods Pro 2: Moderate

And now for improbable things

So much for that, there’s a good chance we’ll see it at the event on Wednesday, but if for some reason Apple decides to turn Far Out into a busy and tiring mega-event, it could do so by launching a couple of products we’re more likely to hear about during October: the iPad The Pro is expected to get an upgrade to the new M2 processor, and according to various rumors, it may support MagSafe, meaning wireless charging. Who knows, maybe Apple will allow you to use the iPad Pro’s huge battery to charge your iPhone when needed via reverse wireless charging. A processor upgrade is required after the current iPad Pro is based on the aging M1 processor. In addition, Apple is expected to announce the 10th generation of the basic iPad, which will come with an updated design with flat edges and rounded corners in the style of other iPads, along with a much-needed upgrade to USB-C, a faster A14 processor, 5G support and the same price tag Relatively accessible.

The likelihood that Apple will announce new iPads: low

Let’s go a little further down the rabbit hole of announcements, which most likely won’t happen at this event: Mac Mini and MacBook Pro are still waiting for their update to the M2 processor, and of course, we’re not forgetting the absolute last computer that hasn’t yet received Apple’s home-made processor treatment, Mac Pro, about which not a single detail has yet been leaked.

The likelihood that Apple will announce new founders: is very low

The likelihood that Apple will announce a new Mac Pro: is even lower

And for dessert, how can you forget the most mysterious product that Apple is currently developing (as if, except for its car): Apple’s AR/VR glasses? According to the rumors and estimates, Apple will not present any details about the new glasses in 2022, but Ming-Chi Ko claims that they will indeed be launched immediately at the beginning of 2023. Who knows, maybe we’ll get the first glimpse of them?

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