Wish you had the iPhone 14 Pro’s new Dynamic Island? Android has an app for that

Apple’s Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone has been available for a while, and now there is an app to make it work on Android devices.

The new Dynamic Island feature in the iPhone replaces the notch with a display that houses interactive notifications, but Android users don’t need to feel like they’re missing out.

A Dynamic Island-like zoomable feature appears on the edges of your Android phone that you can use for notifications and music control.

Installing the app is simple, and you can customize how large this application can be, making it fit your device’s hole or notch perfectly.

There are some notifications that show up as duplicates. You can stop those by turning off dynamicSpot in the settings.

It is fascinating that Samsung, OnePlus and other manufacturers are already planning to incorporate this advances app in their new operating system.

With Dynamic Island, users will get access to iPhone apps that have been adapted for these new features.

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