‘Tory chaos’ means Labour can’t to do everything we want to, warns Rachel Reeves

Shadow Chancellor Reveals Impact on Economy as Housebuilding Plan Takes Center Stage Amidst Struggles to Overcome Tory Legacy

Rachel Reeves, the formidable Shadow Chancellor, has come forward with a sobering revelation: A Labour government will face constraints on its plans due to the lingering chaos left behind by the Tories. Reeves highlighted the significant blow to the economy caused by the government’s failure in the realm of housebuilding, estimating a staggering £44 billion loss, which will translate into a whopping £16 billion decline in tax receipts in the years to come.

Undeterred, Labour’s ambitious housebuilding initiative, designed to ensure that 70% of families can proudly call themselves homeowners, is poised to inject the building industry with turbocharged momentum, according to Reeves. Ahead of an emergency summit with mortgage brokers, she emphasized the transformative potential of the plan.

However, amidst the party’s aspirations, disagreements have arisen over the timing of popular policies such as universal free school meals and the two-child limit on benefits, causing some divisions within the party’s ranks. Reeves acknowledged the challenges posed by the Tory mess, lamenting, “Some of the things I came into politics to do are going to be harder than if the Tories hadn’t made such a mess.”

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Reeves candidly acknowledged that while Labour has numerous goals, the circumstances they will inherit may prevent the immediate realization of all their aspirations. She emphasized the importance of comprehensive costings and funding for all manifesto promises, stating that policies lacking clarity on funding cannot be considered as part of their agenda.

When asked about the frustration of rejecting promising ideas from fellow Shadow Cabinet members, Reeves admitted, “It is frustrating that the Tories have caused such damage, limiting what we can put forward. However, there is certainly substantial reform on offer.”

Beyond the housebuilding program, Reeves highlighted other pivotal components of Labour’s agenda, including investment in the NHS funded by scrapping non-dom tax breaks, free breakfast clubs for primary school children, and the “new deal for working people.” She asserted that these initiatives would deliver tangible and impactful changes to people’s lives.

Reeves made no apologies for her unwavering commitment to fully funding and costing every aspect of Labour’s plans. She emphasized the necessity of economic stability to create an economy that works for the working class, providing the much-needed respite people yearn for after enduring the chaos and mismanagement under the Tories.

Labour’s comprehensive plan entails reintroducing local targets for housebuilding and implementing a state-backed mortgage insurance scheme. It also includes granting priority to local residents when it comes to new build homes in their areas. Reeves expressed empathy for families struggling to save for their first homes, feeling perpetually out of reach, emphasizing the undeniable correlation between the broken housing market, an insecure economy, soaring prices, and broken public services—all consequences of the Tory government’s failures over the past 13 years.

Reeves recounted a poignant encounter with a family of three in Worthing—a couple with a toddler—who juggle five jobs collectively. She shared the heartbreaking reality they face: only half a day each week to spend together as a family due to childcare commitments. Unable to save for a house deposit, the mother expressed her self-doubt, wondering if they were doing something wrong. Reeves recognized the flaws in the economy, stating, “She’s doing everything right, but there’s something very wrong with the economy.”

With aspirations of becoming the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Reeves defined her measure of success in the first term of a Labour government. It hinged upon more families, like the one in Worthing, having the ability to save for the future, enjoy quality time together, and experience the security of family finances. That, for Reeves, defines the true essence of success.

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