Maps That Show Us A New Perspective Of The World

Things on maps sometimes appear bigger to us than they truly are, similar to how they appear in a side-view mirror. Consider this: a globe map depicts Greenland as a massive landmass the size of South America, despite the fact that it is actually rather little in comparison.

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Then there’s the Mongolian Empire, which encompasses more than nine million square miles. But how does that region seem on a map in relation to the rest of the world? Don’t worry; these maps will help you see things in a new manner and may even give you a more global perspective.

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The Red has a larger total population than the Gray

As this map shows, Americans prefer coastal states since the red areas have a larger population than the gray ones. People seem to seek to the west coast for the lifestyle: the promise of year-round summer, with the vast bulk of “red” being in southern California.

Then there are those who prefer the east coast, where they may experience the lifestyles of New Englanders and the tri-state area. What we can conclude from the map is that many of the 328.2 million Americans do not want to relocate to the colder and more rural states.
When Texas is pulled out of the country and placed next to Africa, things aren’t necessarily bigger. Continue reading to see how that appears.

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