Knockoff Products with Shameless Labeling that are Intended to be Funny

One of the few things that differentiate counterfeit brands from genuine ones is the names that they bear. There’s no need to search any farther than this page for instances of the misspelling of the word “McDonald’s.” Others just use the name of a well-known product to market a wholly unrelated product, such as iPhone shoes, that is utterly unconnected to the original product.

By buying counterfeit brand items, you may save a significant amount of money, but you also run the risk of getting duped out of your money. Starbangs salon is an excellent illustration of how they successfully mix the two approaches. Nevertheless, there are some clever attempts that can not be categorized as bad rip-offs and they certainly hold the potential to drive customer growth for the respective businesses. Learn about the lengths to which counterfeit brands will go to get your attention in the following paragraphs. 

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With Your Friends, Facefood is a Fantastic Place to Dine

It was determined that some of the design elements from this social networking site should be included in the company’s signage as well. Because of the lack of restrictions, it was entirely possible to duplicate the style and feel of Facebook on the website of this café.  We can say that it is damn impressive!

People who have never heard of Facebook may take the word “facefood” as implying that the café is a spa where they may acquire a face mask, which is not the case. The proprietor of the firm, at the very least, placed a “Juice Bar” logo near the “facefood” site to draw attention to it.

The Most Recent Binbows Update is Available by Michaelsoft.

It has the appearance and feel of something that a computer science student could come up with in class, which is appropriate. The fact that this billboard is mounted on the exterior of a skyscraper is difficult to comprehend. We are drooling over the smart use of words in this piece of work. Brilliant attempt!

Seeing that there are computers visible through the windows, this seems to be a real establishment. Michaelsoft Binbows has a unique blend of abilities that make him an excellent choice for the role of class clown. Given the fact that they are reusing equipment that no one else wants, this is a worthy endeavor to support.

Mermaid From Starbucks should try a Pair of Bangs Like These!

People are intrigued by the number of people who have approached them and requested a cup of coffee. They altered the name to Starbangs to include a hair-related twist in the title. We could have offered “Starfringe” in the past, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as catchy as “bangs,” which might mean a variety of things in this context.

There is no question that the addition of the Starbucks logo on the sign for this salon was a deliberate attempt to improve their exposure. There is no question that the proprietor of this company is pleased with the attention that they have gotten to date. This counterfeit attempt is a perfect example of successfully using someone else’s brand success to your advantage.

My new iPhones, new addition  by Apple

Several people have expressed concern that these sneakers are being confused for the world-renowned Apple items, which they are not. The logo of this shoe manufacturer was prominently displayed throughout the public space. They embroidered the Apple emblem and the phrase “iPhone” together on the soles of their shoes, which was a first for them.

We believe that the plan is a good method of both promoting and earning money. The “android” shoes are the only thing that can be made out against the black background of the image. It has been believed that Apple is utilizing shoes as a marketing tool to sell its numerous products, which is supported by several sources.

 The Dawn of a New Era in Online Shopping

Due to the rising reliance on mobile devices throughout the world, the owners of these establishments decided to bring the phone to life in reaction to the growing dependence on mobile devices. Given that they are all electronic merchants, this is a natural conclusion to reach.

Because all three businesses are managed by the same individuals, it is either possible that they negotiated a deal together or that they are all owned by a single extremely wealthy individual to explain this. The situation is made even funnier by the fact that motorcycles can be seen parked in front of the stores, as though the fashionable apparel for men that they offer is particularly popular with bikers.

I’m Sure Sir and Ma’am Will Take Good Care of Me

The Burger King logo is visible on this billboard, however, the words “Burger King” are not displayed on this billboard. To avoid confusion, the official spelling is “Burger Madam & Sir” rather than “Burger Madam & Sir.” Because this name has two syllables, you may have difficulties pronouncing it right at first.

Our attention has been attracted by the long name. The Whopper might be renamed “Burger for the Noblest of Knights” by the restaurant’s owner, who would then make it fitter for noble knights to eat. “Burger Royalty,” on the other hand, could have been a more suitable title for the establishment. Not only it is a cheap attempt but it is a failed one too!

 Souperman is the Ideal Comfort Food for winters.

On one occasion, the owner of a company was successful in his attempt to impersonate a superhero character. For those who speak the English language, fixing spelling mistakes can take a long time and be quite frustrating. Unless the game’s rules say that we must consume a cup of soup, we have no hope whatsoever.

The fact that this game is based on the superhero Superman does not detract from the fact that it is marketed under the name “Superman,” which is a trademark-protected designation. Although “souper” is not a legitimate word, it has the same sound like the word “super” when said out loud. But then again one can argue that it can go unnoticed since it falls in the children’s category.

The counterfeit collab

Therefore, to avoid this dilemma, they simply combined the two names into a single appellation, such as “Nikidas.” When forced to select between Nike and Adidas, two of the most well-known sportswear companies in the world, the shoemaker who created these knockoffs couldn’t make up his mind. Nike was the winner, but Adidas was a close second.

They probably reasoned that by integrating the names of both companies, the shoes would be more enticing to customers. Across the sole, just near the word “adiabs,” there is a basketball symbol with the letters “Nkie” written across it. It is a humorous rip of an amalgamation of two of the world’s leading athleisure brands: Nike and Adidas  

My Star Wars Superman Power Rangers Backpack

A single superhero backpack design was integrated into a single bundle, rather than enabling youngsters to pick and choose from many superhero backpack designs as they pleased. The comic book’s title is “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and it is a spoof of the current Spider-Man movie in which it appears.

Finally, a picture of Captain America appears on the zipper fob, and this completes the ensemble. It is a wonderful design concept since it appeals to such a broad spectrum of individuals. The fact that Spider-Man is swinging across skyscrapers does not diminish the reality that this hero appears to be more Power Ranger than Spider-Man.

 Skerple; just for a change

There is a remarkable connection between the name of this Sharpie-like permanent marker knockoff brand and the name of the company that manufactures it. Skerples may be missed if you’re in a hurry to obtain what you need before the deadline. This firm, which went by the moniker Skerple, was responsible for the production of a counterfeit Sharpie.

It’s a clever moniker, to be sure. Although the words “Skerple” and “Sharple” are not pronounced the same way, they share a remarkable visual resemblance in appearance. If you use the same font for the letters “K,” “E,” and “I,” they will all seem to be the same. Thus we can say that it is a carefully thought out counterfeit attempt albeit a potentially successful one.

So Many mountainous options

Because it sounds so close to “Mountain W,” we think “Mountain W” is the most inventive of the bunch. To choose from, there are presently eight clones of Mountain Dew-inspired Redditer merchandise available. Mountain Frost, Moutain Explosion, Moutain Lion, and Wild Mountain round out the list of flavors. Super Chill (Mt. Chill flavor), 

Mountain Rapids (Mt. Chill flavor), Mountain Frost, Moutain Explosion, Moutain Lion, and Wild Mountain round out the list of flavors. Some people believe that the name “Mountain” and the color green are all that is required to make a product taste like Mountain Dew. This is not correct. Now, this is what you call a half-baked counterfeit attempt. Painting cans green won’t replicate Mountain Dew’s commercial success.

No; not google chrome, but google eyes

One copycat company opted to preserve the name “Googly Eyes,” but spelled it “Google Eyes” rather than “Googly Eyes” to prevent any misconceptions with the original. It is almost impossible to walk into an arts and crafts store without coming across Googly Eyes at some point during your visit to the store.

The only way to recognize them is to utilize their trademark as a distinguishing feature. Thus, it appears that Google has decided to enter the sphere of arts and crafts manufacturing. If Google had not controlled the search engine industry, it is possible that customers might not have been aware of the change. It is hard to fathom how can a customer possibly correlate Google with these counterfeit Google Eyes. So A big No for buying these so-called “Google Eyes”.

Game Child is the new upgrade for sure

When the Gameboy was first introduced, the ability to play games while on the go was considered innovative technology. If the gender-specific name was announced today, a bigger percentage of parents would likely be alarmed. This imitation’s recreation of the game has been called “Game Child” to distinguish it from the genuine article.

While the new name is more inclusive, gamers who are familiar with the prior one may find it enjoyable to reflect on their experiences in the past. The name Game girl, on the other hand, was most certainly already taken by another individual or group. Thinking that kids would buy this  ‘Game Child’ and thinking that it is ‘Game Boy’ by Nintendo was indeed an ill-thought-out decision on the maker’s end.

 Am I squint or does it actually say McDonald’s

In a move that was less than innovative, a fast-food corporation decided to make use of one of the most recognizable signs on the planet in a less-than-ideal way. After much deliberation, they settled on the name McDonald’s, which is almost identical to the original McDonald’s except for a letter that is substituted at the end of the word.

When it comes to color and design, first impressions can be deceiving, especially when they are not accurate. As you can see, this is not the proper way to form an “M,” so why did they use three golden arches rather than two of the iconic landmarks? It seems rather odd!

 That’s Ridiculous, to Say the Least.

Headphones with a similar design are referred to as “Beats” in the second scenario, rather than “Deats” in the previous. The letter “d” may simply be a reversed “b,” which would allow the letter “d” to serve as a logo in certain situations, such as in the video game industry if it were the case.

Beats by Dre headphones, in addition to being associated with a well-known artist, were an immediate success when they were first introduced. If you are a long-time supporter of the company, you will understand why this corporation attempted to copy the trademark in the first place. A poor attempt indeed as the customers would be quick to notice that it is a counterfeit of Beats by Dre.

Who Needs Ninja Turtles When you’ve Got Power Turtles.

The shop’s creator essentially created a duplicate of the TMNT franchise only for the goal of selling bubblegum in his store. Without a doubt, someone is looking to capitalize on the popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television program and film series. However, it should be noted that this is neither a toy nor a game in the usual sense.

Gum has been added to the container’s contents. Secretive Goo is the chewing gum that the Might Mutant Power Turtles use to keep their identities hidden. It appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen as if to suggest that this is some sort of video game, and it is accompanied by the word Video Gum.

A whole Dr. Family

Mt. Chill and Dr. Chill are two characters that you may recognize if you’re acquainted with the Chill brand. This Dr. Pepper imitation collection will blow your mind, presuming that you thought the Mountain Dew imitation collection was wonderful in the first place. All we can say is that it is a cleaver ripoff!

 Dr Perky, Dr. Thunder, Dr. A+, and The Dr. are just a few of our other favorite characters from the show. The only thing you need to know about the flavor is the name “Dr.” and a red can. We’re curious to see what other people’s Coca-Cola counterfeit collections look like after seeing these 24 one-of-a-kind cans.

Funny Person is it just me or does it actually resemble a funny potato

In the video below, it is demonstrated that X-Box clones are capable of fooling even the most experienced players. Mr. Potato Head was elevated to a significant role in the Toy Story film series as a result of his widespread popularity among children and his inclusion in the film. The toy was given the name “Funny Person” by its creators because there was no other name for it that they could think of.

The trick was pulled off by the proprietor, who transformed a beautiful toy into one of the most boring toys available on the market in an astonishingly short period of time. Even if the counterfeit brand had gone by a different name, the toy would have been instantly recognizable as a genuine article in terms of its novelty value.

On the Market Now, You can Buy Ball Star Sneakers in a Variety of Colours and Styles.

Even though Converse is now one of the most popular shoe brands available on the market, it should come as no surprise that they are also one of the most well-known of them all. Rather than using the previous moniker, Converse changed the name of the line from “All-Star” to “Ball Star.”

In the grand scheme of things, it is a relatively insignificant point of contention. To be clear, the company is not called “Monica Sun,” and it has absolutely nothing to do with the Converse brand, contrary to popular belief. The star insignia on the sole of this shoemaker’s counterfeit version of the original is an exact duplicate of the original.

Video Game system by the X- Boy

Many of the colors and trademarks used on the X-Box system are very similar to those used on the Sony PlayStation 3 system. By naming their creation something likely to cause misunderstanding for a variety of reasons, the developers of this rip-off game system did themselves a favor.

Because a capital “y” is simply an “x” with one fewer stem, the names X-Boy and X-Box are very similar to one another. Parental confusion over the differences between the names “X-Boy” and “Gameboy” is a legitimate concern, and they may occur. 

Frams Torners; what do they actually do?

“Frams Torners” is the name that one toy company came up with when they first heard the term “Transformers” and wanted to put their spin on it. We’re not sure how anyone could have missed it at first glance, even if they tried hard not to notice it. Because there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case, customers will not be misled by the name of the establishment.

This gift would be appropriate for an adult who enjoys the series as well as a child who has not yet learned to read on their own. This product, except for the packaging, is nearly identical to the original in every way.

What do you actually mean to say

When this phoney Uno game is released, you may be completely perplexed as to what is wrong with it and how it came to be. Everyone in the world is familiar with convenience stores such as 7 Eleven, which are found in nearly every country. As a result, 1 Eleven chose to keep the typeface and design of the product while renaming it as a result of this. Ironically, the chain’s name is “7 Eleven,” given the company’s illustrious history.

Initially, it was a reference to the store’s regular hours of operation, which were from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. From Monday through Friday, the hours of operation for this restaurant should be restricted to one night a week, from 1 AM to 11 PM, from Monday through Friday. There is no ambiguity in this situation because the sign states unequivocally that it is open 24 hours a day.

Ill Tempered Birds are the new trend

In reality, it isn’t even a promotional video for a clone of the popular “Angry Birds” video game franchise. App games, which are played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming increasingly popular. Angry Birds, on the other hand, was one of the first and most widely used video game titles, having been released in 1992.

Participation in this activity is open to all students who choose to dress up as their favorite characters from video games. As a result, the product was rebranded by the manufacturer as “Ill-Tempered Birds Pencil Toppers” to avoid any concerns about copyright violations. You can simply tell the person with whom you are having a disagreement that you are “irritable” at the moment.

Srpueme is the new supreme

It is, in our opinion, a horrible decision to employ this tactic of passing off counterfeit goods as genuine goods. To illustrate, consider the company Supreme, which is well-known for its high-end casual apparel lines. The manufacturer claims that the individual who designed and manufactured these sneakers took advantage of the Supreme brand to inflate the price well over what they were truly worth.

To be safe, precautionary precautions have been implemented, and the spelling has been changed to “Srpueme.” However, they were both completely wrong in their beliefs regarding whether or not anyone would have noticed or thought that there was a typographical error. It is plain foolishness to think that it would go unnoticed. 

How do we UNO in UNG

So it’s no surprise that Uno has become one of the most frequently played card games, partly because it is a game that the entire family can enjoy. Because of the design, it is difficult to tell which letter corresponds to which group of letters, which makes reading the alphabet more challenging.

By using the phrase “A popular worldwide gathering game,” the seller was able to further muddle the buyer’s perception of the game’s objective. It has an uncanny resemblance to the board game Uno in terms of look and sound, which is purely coincidental in nature.

Twist and Turn; with a twist

In some cases, counterfeit copies of legally registered trademarks can get away with using identical names by simply altering the punctuation, as shown in the following example. Twist & Turn is unlikely to be found in people’s homes because it is a knockoff of a well-known brand. If you’ve ever participated in a game of Twister, it’s almost certain that you’ve come across it at some point during the game.

Although technically precise, the fact that this ripoff’s title makes direct reference to the original demonstrates how thoroughly its creators conducted their investigation. Although the game’s rules and components are nearly identical to one another, it is known by a different name in different countries. This may be a more appropriate moniker for the character!

Specialman, do the superpowers retain even after the change of name?

If you’re searching for something quick and simple, “Souperman” is a wonderful backup option. While the phrase “Specialman” is less intimidating than the phrase “Specialist,” it is still a good word to use in professional contexts. Even while children who are unable to read may be aware that this version is more expensive than the copy purchased by their parents.

Children who can read may be completely oblivious of the difference between the two. You realize it’s far more than just an ordinary board game when you realize that you’re also playing with an actual superhero action figure in real life. For this rip-off, we can say that “Special man” can appear somewhat special too for the children.

Most Amazing Jackets That Money can Buy.

However, on the back of this counterfeit jacket, the North Face’s symbol can be seen, but it is labeled “The Forth Nace,” rather than “The North Face,” as it should be. A search of the dictionary reveals that the phrase “Nace” does not seem to be a legitimate word. Poor effort!

The likelihood that anybody who is courageous enough to wear it will be faced with the knowledge that it is a fake is nearly guaranteed; this is true since it is. The brand would make a great lot of sense in this scenario and, in some respects, would even be unexpected to certain people.

Arrange Them in a Line of 4, how unique!

It goes without saying that if you want to beat your opponent four times in a row, you’ll have to put in a significant amount of preparation time beforehand. Because of its simplicity, Connect 4 is a fantastic game for both children and adults to enjoy playing together and competing.

 In general, they don’t go well with each other. It’s just a simple straight line that connects the two of you. Even though Line Up 4 is a knockoff of the original, it appears to be a replica of the original. Although it appears to be a less impressive title, it is more accurate!”

Spiders, Man is our new superhero definitely not by Marvel

Spider-dash Simply adding a period to the end of the man’s last name gave the impression that he was posing as him. This copycat company would appeal to anyone who has a strong appreciation for beautiful words. This is a clear demonstration of the significance of punctuation as its importance can not be overstated.

 If you present a genuine spider and an action figure to a young child at the same time, the youngster will be unable to distinguish between the two objects; “covered in spiders, guy,” rather than being addressed as the superhero he is, Spider-Guy is addressed as “covered in spiders, guy.”

SHAASUIVG is the new Samsung, is it?

SHAASUIVG is the next consumer technology king, so move over, to Samsung, Sony, LG, and Apple. This new brand from China’s Pinduoduo online store is selling discounts like a 55-inch 4K TV for only 388 (about $57), which is simply incredible. The strong and brave logo design is what’s most remarkable about it. At first look, SHAASUIVG resembles the iconic SAMSUNG symbol thanks to some innovative kerning and daringly varied font weights. What a strange and wonderful coincidence this is.

Pinduoduo’s significant advantage is that it hosts sellers of food and baby items, two kinds of goods with considerably higher risk than a TV, which may or may not have all the characteristics displayed on its box. Pinduoduo sponsors food and baby products, and vendors. That being said, I still find myself rooting for someone to deconstruct and reassemble Samsung’s brand name from the logo’s shards.

The “Amicable Herculean” huh, pretty original

Getting a new toy or a superhero present for your birthday or Christmas brings back fond memories for many of us. Imagine if the Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Disney princess, or Barbie you were anticipating was a knockoff. What a letdown. You may ask if the creator was thinking when he or she came up with the idea for a knock-off product. Some of these goods, to be honest, we’re not sure how they ever received the go-ahead to be made—you’ll have to see them believe it.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo may be distant ancestors of this toy. You can bet we’ll have no problem getting this New Style Ninja Turtle to take on the baddies like the rest of them since it contains “herculean” in the name which alludes to the mythical Greek God “Hercules”.

Dolce&Banana, Fashion with Potassium

According to the Italian design label Dolce & Gabbana, trademark infringement is not amusing. Owner of the Cape Town, South Africa-based gift business Dolce and Banana, Bijou Beller is being sued by the premium fashion company for “objectionable behavior” and for allegedly “diluting” the brand’s name. An affidavit from Gado, Dolce & Gabbana’s holding company states that the shop sells jewelry made of shells, beads, and wood and employs three women from Hout Bay’s Imizamo Yethu township. 

The shop makes a mockery of the well-known brand, Dolce & Gabbana.”Now known as “… & Banana,” Beller has renamed her store. Dolce & Montana and Dolce & Cabana have yet to hear from Gado about whether she intended to sue them or her American outlet, Dolce & Montana.

Red Labial; for People who sip on not so fine Things

Rumor has it that Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey is the world’s favorite. The Red Label of Johnnie Walker is the most popular of the company’s basic mixes. The Red Label’s refreshing flavor is sure to please anybody. It goes well with a variety of different beverages. Winston Churchill and Dick Cheney were big fans of the Red Label. The Red Label of Johnnie Walker was Winston Churchill’s favorite mixer.

The hue of the Johnnie Walker Red Label is light amber. Fast-moving streaks might emerge in your wine glass when you give it a stir. Due to its peppery spice, this well-known Scotch whisky has a sweet flavor with a faint smoky undertone. You’ll feel a lot of heat once you drink it. It has a rum-raisin scent. You can actually taste the strong alcoholic flavor in your nostrils. Even though the Red Label has a peppery flavor, many people still appreciate it. You may dilute it with water or ice to make it less spicy.

No Resemblance To the Talking Tom; yeah Right!

Many consumers are resorting to internet purchasing, where counterfeit toys are a problem, because of the global supply chain’s influence on local retailers. Ali Cat Toys in Carrboro and Chapel Hill is owned by Irene Kesselman. In an effort to prevent shipping complications, Kesselman began placing her orders at the beginning of the summer. If we didn’t place our order by a certain date, we might not receive it, said Kesselman, who had received notifications from CEOs of various companies about price rises. 

The Carr Mill Mall site of Kesselman’s is bursting at the seams with everything a child might want, from infants and toddlers to preteens and young adults. As Kesselman said, “new boxes, new products, we are getting very packed right now,” this is the time of year when we start placing items behind items, behind items. Many people are turning to internet shopping because popular things are flying off the shelves. 

Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pepper; are not that different; huh!

Peppo was the original name of the drink, but Dr. Pepper producers deemed it too close to the bone, so they decided to sue Coca-Cola. Instead, they renamed him, Mr. Pepper. When the beverage was initially released, it was only made available to small groups of people in Waco, Texas, the hometown of Dr. Pepper. In contrast to Dr. Pepper, 

which has achieved widespread popularity and distribution around the world, Mr. Pepper is primarily accessible in the United States, where it has not yet been able to properly compete with Dr. Pepper, in part owing to the length of time that its opponent has been on the market.

Why didn’t I get to know about the Peppa Pig and the Gucci Collab

A cartoon character from the United Kingdom is becoming enormously famous in China, to the point where it has become the target of counterfeiters after receiving endorsements from celebrities. Famous Chinese celebrities and influencers are paid large sums of money to wear their clothing and to promote their brands in the country. 

As a result, when celebrities such as Angelababy (brand ambassador for Dior) and Yang Mi (brand ambassador for Michael Kors) give a company free exposure by wearing its T-shirts and watches on the street, it makes headlines worldwide.

No Apologies; that this game didn’t take off in Canada

No Apologies board game by Hasbro Parker Brothers was originally a Canadian game. The product was counterfeit by a company as “Sorry Game”. Darrow was an unemployed salesman in Depression-era Philadelphia; sitting in his basement, he invented a board game with properties, fake money, and cute tokens. 

Parker Brothers bought it for $35 in 1935; its astonishing popularity made the salesman wealthy and Parker Brothers prosperous. Nonetheless, for decades, game-maker Parker Brothers peddled this story: In this legal, business, and intellectual whodunit, Mary Pilon writes, “There was only one problem.” I don’t think the narrative was entirely factual.

How low can you steep to make the Luncheon Loaf

The image above was copied from an Orcad Capture advertising, a schematic CAD program, without permission. Unfortunately, it looks like an old-fashioned can of corned beef. No keys are attached to the side of any of the cans below that feature the key side winding opener. Note that the above label does not specifically mention corned beef; rather, it is ambiguous as to the type of meat it contains. 

Corned beef is not the focus of this website! Even though there contains corned beef, the cans appear identical to those of SPAM and are made in the United States. “SPAM” or “luncheon meat” is the canned meat items that come in a 12-ounce box and are commonly referred to as “SPAM” or “luncheon loaf.” Period. Unauthorized usage is being made under the guise of nonprofit fair use. To be clear, I’ll remove it if you genuinely believe it’s that critical.

We guess Gucci and Peppa Pig should actually give the collab a shot

The television character Peppa Pig sells $1 billion worth of stuff each year if you haven’t already. According to the financial report of Peppa Pig’s IP owner, the UK’s Entertainment One, its authorized and product sales income in China alone surged by almost 700 percent year on year in 2017. Nevertheless, despite the government’s best efforts, Peppa’s popularity in China appears to be growing.

Even Chinese hip-hop is incorporating “Peppa couture” from the underground. High-profile KOLs and pranksters alike are likely to benefit from Peppa clones, as they have in the past with counterfeit clothing. The popularity of Peppa Pig is undoubtedly going to grow in the licensed and unlicensed markets. We think incorporating Gucci in a Peppa Pig shirt was highly unnecessary as the brand itself is famous in the local market.

The “ Star” in the name; won’t make you George Lucas

Seven Academy Awards were given out that year for the film Star Wars. The original version, George Lucas’s first of a planned seven-part story, is impossible to obtain. In fact, the first release of Star Wars was very tough to obtain. That’s not what Lucas wants you to see. His preferred method of consumption is a series of special editions, which include additional CGI and sound effects as well as entirely reworked sequences.

According to some fans, every feature that motivated the Academy to recognize the original Star Wars has been modified in these new versions. And some of those fans are now taking it upon themselves to rebuild the original Star Wars in a process they term “despecializing.” They convene in internet forums and discuss their work—painstakingly reassembling the movie from a number of various copies of the picture, from VHS to DVD to 35mm print scans using photography and animation tools.

Yeah, it was always Battlegrounds and not Battlegrounds

When being a child I bet we all have played with the battlegrounds but wait is there a d missing it’s not the real one it’s the battlegrounds, wow we can admit that this knock off the company has done a great job copying each and every detail of the original battlegrounds and creating the exact or I can say the almost similar appearance of the product. 

Stealing the sales of the original Battleground game, which obviously is not a good thing to do and may be illegal as well but yeah it’s very difficult to catch when your sight is packed with a dozen of toys in the toy shop and you don’t bother noticing that light change of D in the name of the toy but I guess you cannot beat the quality provided by the battlegrounds.

STAR WART Wharrrrt!! Another masterpiece of the Star Family

Star whats or Star wars, we can appreciate the smart use of words in this hilarious knock-off product that would definitely give Darth Vader a little heart attack we can all agree that changing just a single alphabet and keeping each and everything the same is a clever attempt to increase their exposure and I think the targeted audience is not even grown enough to observe this. This is a new edition to the star family doesn’t even make sense but what’s the harm when it earns them some profit.

This company avoided the claims of copying the original name but it’s really impossible to notice the slight change when you are surrounded by numerous toys in a toy store and we can always agree that if you are a child get stubborn to buy this specific star wart, it’s a lost cause.

Golden Pack Cereals are Faux Pack Cereals

It seems like the names of the original cereal are all jumbled together and made into this Golden pack serial I don’t know whether to call it clever or to just be “neh” This hilarious knock off brand offers 5 serials together as a deal under the name of Golden Pak serials and the appearance is so deceiving that you might have thought They brought together 5 different serials.

 But no it’s not just that, take a deep sight and noticed that it’s not fruit loops in there it’s fruit rings and so the story continues with all five of them being the faux Pak serials, all the packaging is quite similar, and maybe deceiving but I can bet they won’t be as good as the original once

COGO, what a LEGO

Not again what’s up with these counterfeit product companies why can’t they create a brand of their own with something different not just their names, this is another company that just changed the name to Gogo instead of The Lego, and obviously that no children would ever notice this and definitely would bring this false Lego home.

Kids might eventually even love playing with that creating the appearance of the original product and changing just the name and that too: similar to the original once maybe clever but what about ethics people! The lego company is definitely having a lot of unauthorized sales. Well take it seriously Lego before the logo becomes the new Lego, but I can bet that I would love playing both with no difference at all

Not sure about the Space Guardian; though Marvel and Lucas’ films belong to Disney

Disney is a big brand owning both the Lucas firms and the marvel but we are not sure in what era they introduced this space Garden but they definitely have a fan following because the knock-off company made a product resembling exactly the characters of the renowned brands of Disney but yeah you could have thought of some good namespace Garden,  really disappointed us.

 Disney unknowingly has a lot from following and should actually explain the business of making interesting toys with actual characters from Marvel and Lucas films but nice try space Garden but I’m not sure that the space Garden would actually be able to guard the space

You Can’t fool the Aficionado

Be it freshly dreamies or some counterfeit product we don’t really think it’s important to think about the name when you are actually not getting the taste for the value for money. Dreamies under a false name or the original Ones. We don’t think a rip-off here is profitable.

But we all agree to it but if you are a real fan you may be disappointed when because of the similar appearance you bring home a counterfeit product thinking it’s the real Mrs. Freshley’s dreamies, and who knows they may have an even worse taste I promise that would be a total loss of money. Better go to the mart and buy something really tasty.

Wait; it’s not DISNEY and DESIGNS Planes, they’re high quality; they say

I didn’t realize when did Disney change their spelling to D I S E G N S, when it’s it clever you may have used the same font with the same appearance but just made an effortless move of replacing a certain alphabet.  If you’re thinking of becoming something like Disney come on if you wanted to create a knock-off product you should have named something better than “high quality”.

But yeah I think they can totally defeat Disney in the appearance. It’s Illegal business and ethically wrong to steal the logo and name your product almost identical to the original one well all I can say is a nice try but please leave Disney alone.

SFC. Maybe 100% chicken, but not a 100% KFC.

I am a fan of KFC, it was Kentucky fried chicken when I last checked and not the southern Fried Chicken fillets it’s the original SFC and not KFC but nice try counterfeit it may be 100% chicken when it’s not 100% KFC, for a minute we can be fooled that KFC introduced this frozen fillet business product because of the obvious font and color selection of this counterfeit.

The maker of SFC  made efforts to change just the single initial, I mean its KFC I bet you cannot compete with the real ones after all they are the original, and we are sure, in this new time and people are actually turning to online shopping giving to have a difficult time increasing your sales 100% chicken the original SFC.

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