Knockoff Products with Shameless Labeling that are Intended to be Funny

One of the few things that differentiate counterfeit brands from genuine ones is the names that they bear. There’s no need to search any farther than this page for instances of the misspelling of the word “McDonald’s.” Others just use the name of a well-known product to market a wholly unrelated product, such as iPhone shoes, that is utterly unconnected to the original product.

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By buying counterfeit brand items, you may save a significant amount of money, but you also run the risk of getting duped out of your money. Starbangs salon is an excellent illustration of how they successfully mix the two approaches. Nevertheless, there are some clever attempts that can not be categorized as bad rip-offs and they certainly hold the potential to drive customer growth for the respective businesses. Learn about the lengths to which counterfeit brands will go to get your attention in the following paragraphs. 

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With Your Friends, Facefood is a Fantastic Place to Dine

It was determined that some of the design elements from this social networking site should be included in the company’s signage as well. Because of the lack of restrictions, it was entirely possible to duplicate the style and feel of Facebook on the website of this café.  We can say that it is damn impressive!

People who have never heard of Facebook may take the word “facefood” as implying that the café is a spa where they may acquire a face mask, which is not the case. The proprietor of the firm, at the very least, placed a “Juice Bar” logo near the “facefood” site to draw attention to it.

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