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Why Tim Cook believes college grads should prioritize making a difference: ‘Leading a company and a good life are not the same thing’

Apple CEO Tim Cook says one of the best career tips he has for recent college graduates is not to outwork competitors.

It’s important to be motivated by values, ethics, or causes that will motivate you to make a difference in someone’s life. At the Gallaudet University commencement ceremony on Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he believes young people can have meaningful careers if they are led by their passions.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the speech he gave at the Beijing Forum before 150 business leaders, “I know in my heart that staying true to who you are and what you believe is one of the most important choices you can make.”

Successful CEOs know that they need to prioritize their core beliefs in order to succeed. Jony I’ve learned this from his time at Apple, where he developed strategies to live life the way he wanted outside the office while leading the company.

A “sense of meaning” drew Steve Jobs to Apple. He joined in 1998 and became CEO in 2011.

Apple works hard to create technology that everyone can afford, while also protecting the privacy and making sure the world has a sustainable Earth.

Cook’s comments on the priority of accessibility were likely well-received by the crowd and even had resonance with the university. The Gallaudet University is “the only university in the world where deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing students live and learn bilingually in American Sign Language and English,” according to their website. It was also not the first time that Apple collaborated with them – a 2020 initiative gifted all of its students and faculty with MacBook Pros or iPad Pros. Last year, an all-deaf team worked with the company to create Apple Map Guides to spotlight businesses that accept language from members of the Deaf community.

The company launched an app called SignHere in May 2021 that would allow customers to communicate with AppleMatic by using sign language.

By the time Cook showed interest in building the company, he was already an influential entrepreneur. In a tweet, he stated, “everyone should have the tools they need to change the world.”

Cook spoke about three possible paths in life which may come to the graduates: luck, fulfillment, and meaning. He seemed to wish the graduates luck by saying that they will go on to live fulfilling lives.

Cook says people should actively connect with who they will be in the future. They should be inspiring and progressive people that care about protecting our planet.

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