Sony reveals the PlayStation 5 new user interface

Sony published an 11 minutes video revealing the user interface of the new PlayStation 5.
The PS5’s interface has a completely new design that draws elements from the user interface of the PlayStation 4 console. Sony is proud that the new design has been adapted for modern screens with an ultra-high-definition of 4K, with useful information and graphics from the game displayed on the screen.

The PlayStation 5 operating system now supports performing multiple operations simultaneously by activating Picture-in-Picture mode or displaying various elements in a sidebar. The video shows how you can chat with friends in the new upgraded ‘Party’ system on a sidebar or view help videos alongside the game – an ability that will be limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Look: the new PS5 interface

In addition, the main menu, which displays the various games and applications in a horizontal line, was changed. And this time Sony chose to display graphics from within the game on most of the interface. When choosing a game, it presents various related activities such as tracking progress, trophies obtained, additional content to download, and more. In addition, the PlayStation Store is not a separate application but a unified one within the operating system, with Sony saying the change should bring a significant improvement in the speed and performance of the digital store.


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