New details about the current generation version of GTA V are revealed

Ready to go back to Los Santos sometime who knows how much?

Rockstar’s GTA V has been hailed as one of the most awaited games of this generation, and the game is expected to feature an open world filled with life and intrigue. But now if we put the laughs aside for a moment we can recall that GTA V was originally launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and is celebrating its 9th birthday at the end of the year (!). But all this does not bother the game developer, as next week we are expected to get the current generation version of GTA V. Ahead of the third launch of the upcoming game, Rockstar and other media channels share with us some details about the new version of its beloved game.

GTA V PS3 vs PS4 vs PS5

The first detail we get is the size of the game. The Twitter account PlayStation Game Size dug into Sony’s databases to determine that the PS5 version of GTA V will weigh about 87 GB, which is about 11 GB more than the PS4 version. The extra 11GB is probably comprised of slightly more complex textures that will look better alongside current generation technologies such as 4K gaming, 3D audio technology, and increased rendering space. According to Rockstar, players of the current generation version will be able to choose between 3 different modes: performance mode, performance mode with Ray Tracing and graphics mode (Fidelity Mode).

As for the price of the current generation version, Rockstar has announced that PS5 gamers will enjoy a 75% discount while Xbox Series X gamers will enjoy a 50% discount if they make the purchase by June 14th. Recall those previous generation players who want to upgrade to the current generation version will not be able to do so for free but also those PS5 players will get GTA Online for free after 3 months of launch. After June 14, GTA V will cost about $ 40 and GTA Online will cost about $ 20 more.

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