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Nvidia launched RTX 3090 Ti as talk of the RTX 4000 series gets amplified

Moments after Hopper’s exciting show, NVIDIA officially launches the RTX 3090 Ti card

If there are hot periods in the life of a hardware company, then this is one of those periods for NVIDIA. Green has been firing in all directions recently, and what started with quiet rumors has grown and borne the company’s fresh fruits, the announcement of Hopper, the launch of the RTX 3090 Ti card will be discussed immediately, as well as final preparations for the next generation cards for the home market.

The RTX 3090 card, which today loses its “flag card” title, is already a completely ambitious product, but it turns out that there are those who aspire more. Meanwhile, NVIDIA is now launching the finished and complete product based on the core of the Ampere GA102: the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, at a suggested retail price of no less than $ 2,000, which is NIS 6,434 indirect conversion, before taxes and other additions of course.

The new card (or GA102 core, if you will) is based on 24GB of faster GDDR6X data; 936GB / s bandwidth, and 19.5Gbps speed on the RTX 3090 card, 1,008GB / s bandwidth based on a base speed of 21.0Gbps at a 384-bit interface.

Also, the number of CUDA cores rises from 10,496 straight to 10,752. Even compared to the RTX 3090 card, the new one uses a boost frequency of 1.86GHz. All this power, which amounts to about 10% in terms of performance improvement compared to the RTX 3090, comes for a very high power consumption of 450 watts and even 500 watts.

Nvidia RTX 3090
Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti
GPU Cores8284
CUDA Cores1049610752
RT Cores8284
Tensor Cores328336
Base Clock1395 MHz1560 MHz
Boost Clock1696 MHz1860 MHz
Memory (GDDR6X)24 GB24 GB
Memory Speed19.5 Gbps21 Gbps
Memory Bus384-bits384-bits
Bandwidth936 GB/s1,008 GB/s

If the amount of power consumption of the RTX 3090 Ti card is amazing to you, then rumors speak of a trend that continues and even increases itself, since rumors from a reliable source speak of the RTX 4090 card, based on the core of the AD102 (code name Lovelace) Going to consume an even higher amount of power, about 600 watts at maximum condition. Not exactly a false rumor – since the GH100 core, which will be a certain equivalent of the above, has already been revealed as one that consumes power of up to 700 watts.

The launch of the next-generation cards for the home market, according to many rumors, is expected to take place around the end of the third quarter of 2022, i.e. at the latest and according to rumors, September 2022.

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