The Richest People In The World: Musk at the top and how many billions has Bezos lost?

The richest man in the world remains in place with $ 282 billion, but the second place in the table moved away with a loss of about $ 7 billion, Arno remains in third place | Forbes’ world rich table

Elon Musk Bernard Arno Gef Bezos (Facebook photo, illustration)
Elon Musk Bernard Arno Gef Bezos (Facebook photo, illustration)

Ranking the world’s richest according to the international economic magazine “Forbes ” (as of Thursday night): The richest man in the world and probably also in history, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla continues to skyrocket and is approaching a significant step towards 300 billion. In recent weeks it has jumped quite a bit, but this week it has weakened and now its fortune stands at $ 282 billion.

In second place continues to be Amazon founder and CEO of Blue Origin,  Jeff Bezos who recorded a significant decline over the past week, and is now worth a total of $ 183.6 billion. In total, he lost about $ 7 billion this week.

Bernard Arno retains third place in the table with a fortune of $ 165.1 billion in total, he is ahead of Bill Gates in fourth place with $ 134.2 billion and also Warren Buffett in fifth place with $ 125.1 billion in total.

The richest woman in the world has kept her place, 14th on the table, François Battencourt who holds a monstrous fortune of $ 80.3 billion in total. The richest Israeli sabra is Eyal Ofer, whose fortune is $ 15.8 billion, which is 115th.

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