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How do you buy on AliExpress? The Ultimate Guide to AliExpress Shopping

AliExpress, one of the largest shopping sites in the world, and there are quite a few things you can buy through it, including imitations of well-known brands. While the cost of living makes life here difficult – we have prepared a guide that will help you find lots of cheap things

How to pay on AliExpress?

It is possible to pay on the site with a credit card, but it is better to pay with PayPal or a rechargeable visa. Another option is to enter a credit card on ALIPAY, the Chinese equivalent of PayPal. ALIPAY enables fast, easy, and convenient payment, which requires entering a password and a username every time you make a purchase. The application requires the entry of a password of only 6 digits, and in the application, a push of a button is sufficient (credit information is secured in the clearing system).

How do you use and get coupons on AliExpress?

Before each purchase at any online shopping site, we recommend that you go through a cashback site. Such a site allows you to get money back on every purchase when it directs the customer into the sales site. In fact, the sites give you back a certain percentage of their profit from the referral. Some refunds go directly to PayPal and some are sent by check to your home.

Before each purchase at each site compare some reliable cashback sites and check who is giving the highest return. The site that offers you the highest return is the site from which you should “go shopping”.

How to search for products on AliExpress?

AliExpress has millions of products from a wide range of categories. Here are some search methods that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Using the site search bar. Each page on the site will have a search field at the top. In this field, you can type in the name of the product you are looking for, or a keyword that will lead you to the results page. Try to use as many keywords as possible that will describe the product you are looking for. The more keywords there are, the more targeted the search will be. There is an option to look for brands ranging from super-brands like Prada Gimi Cho Michael Kors Versace to slightly more popular brands like Zara Mango and hm

Another method is another less focused option – write a search word and birth BRAND, for example, SHIRT BRAND, or Brand shoes. In addition, you can write the brand name and next to it BRAND, sometimes while playing with the letters and signs, such as za * a brand or Mango brand.

The last option is to use an abbreviated search. Each time you type something in the search field, you will receive suggestions for related searches below it. These are basic suggestions from the site that recommends additional searches based on the words you typed in the search field. If you click on one of them, you will get results according to the settings.

Use of the categories built into the site. On the left, there is a categories bar. You can select the main category, from which select a secondary category and from here continue with the toolbar that will open on the left until you reach the products you are looking for.

what to choose?

Once you have received the results, the following screen will appear.

You can now sort in the way that is most convenient for you. The most recommended sorting method is: Click on shop by and select ORDERS or Seller rating so that only products from high-rated sellers (these are considered reliable sellers) appear.

Click on 1PIECE ONLY if you are interested in buying only one item. You will be presented with results from sellers who will sell you one item and not a package of products, which is especially relevant when buying art materials and small items for home design. You can also sort by PRICE to sort by price (recommended from low to high).

In addition, on the left side, there is a filter bar.

This bar varies depending on the results and allows you to further filter the search (by color, age range, dimensions, etc.).

How to find a reliable seller on AliExpress?

Once you have found the product you are looking for, before you buy – it is important that you check the seller’s rating. You must have come across icons of medals and diamonds that appear next to every seller on the site in the top row on the left. The ranking consists of a row of icons that is divided into medals, diamonds, and crowns as well as a percentage of credibility given by the buyers. This rating gives an indication of how reliable the veteran seller is in the arena and what percentage of the good reviews are out of all the reviews given to him.

The higher the iconic ranking (from medals through diamonds to crowns), the higher the chance that the product you purchase will be high quality and arrive on time. In addition, you can look for products from sellers that are defined as “Top Seller”.

The icons are at the top of the page or in the Supplier Details.

Clicking on Feedback will open a list of responses received by the seller/buyer.

“Look at the product page and choose only products that have had at least 100 orders and the score the product received on the site is at least 4.8. This guarantees us a good deal with a fairly high probability, ” Prilok recommends. “Her products are likely to be high, and she will not get involved with a bad product that could lower her rankings .”

Did you find the product you were looking for, at a seller with a high rating? Do not buy yet. If you have a question or request regarding the purchase, it is recommended to contact the seller by clicking on Contact NOW by moving the cursor over the seller’s name.

A seller who will give you an answer quickly and answer your question in a matter-of-fact way, is probably one who is worth buying from and it is important to him that you are satisfied – another parameter that indicates credibility on the site. It is best to stay away from sellers who do not answer, answer late or answer but regardless of your question. In case of any problem, you can describe his motivation to help you.

How to choose shoe sizes and clothing sizes on AliExpress?

Just before ordering an item of clothing or footwear – pay attention to measurements. What you will need is a simple measuring tape to measure yourself according to the size chart found on the page of each item and adjust the body measurements to the size you need to purchase.

Note that each seller has a slightly different size chart and they always indicate a possible deviation of an inch or two between what you ordered and what will arrive so always aim for the upper limit in sizes.

When it comes to shoe sizes just step through it with your foot on the floor and put it under a sheet of paper. We put the top point of the toe and the bottom point of the ankle. Now measure the distance between the two points in the bar – this is the size you will need to order.

We bought, paid, and now what?

Now waiting. It should be taken into account that the delivery time can take a long time due to the corona limitations, but Facebook groups already report that the deliveries have returned to regular activity and there are items that arrived within a week or two.

What is important to do is keep track of the order time in the order menu and see that the time limit has not expired. This watch is a “protection” that Ali Express gives to buyers and as long as the time does not run out you can always complain that a product did not arrive or did not arrive as you wanted. Beyond that, you will be conducted directly with the seller without the intervention of the site. Here, too, it can be implied that you will give unflattering criticism if they do not treat you with a problem, but be fair – do not discourage the seller if the product has arrived and you are satisfied.

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