How To Reset An Xfinity Remote Control

Are you having trouble with your Xfinity remote control? Don’t worry—resetting your Xfinity remote control is a simple process that can help get your remote working properly again. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to reset your Xfinity remote control so you can start controlling your TV, sound system, and other devices. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be back in control in no time!

Open Xfinity Remote Battery Compartment

Before opening the battery compartment, make sure to turn off the TV and unplug the Xfinity remote control. This will ensure you don’t accidentally press any buttons while replacing the batteries.

Remove Batteries

When resetting an Xfinity remote control, be sure to remove the batteries first. This ensures that the reset process is done correctly and without any issues.

Press & Hold Setup Button

Before you start, make sure the batteries in your remote are fresh and that it is properly connected to your device. Now, press and hold the Setup button on the remote for at least 5 seconds until the remote’s light flashes twice.

Enter 9-9-1

If you’re having trouble resetting your Xfinity remote control, don’t worry! All you have to do is enter 9-9-1 in the remote and you’ll be ready to go. It’s quick, easy, and will get you back on track in no time.

Enter Device Code

Once you have the code for your device, you can easily reset your Xfinity remote control. Simply hold down the Setup button until the LED changes from red to green. Then enter the device code you obtained, and your remote should be ready to use.

Test Buttons/Enjoy!

Once you have tested your buttons and the remote is working as expected, you can sit back and enjoy the convenience of your Xfinity remote control!

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