How To Secure Your Google Account

Guide: This is how to make sure your Google Account is secure

A Google Account is perhaps the most popular account among users, and with the possible exception of China, almost everyone in the world has at least one Gmail account. A Google account is one of your most significant accounts on the web as it holds all your personal information, from the most basic level to the credit cards and passwords you have kept in the account, so it is important to secure it as much as possible. We have gathered here the main things that will help you implement it.

Perform a security check

Google offers a free security check ( Security Checkup ) that will take you through all the steps to a more secure account. The test includes an alert for passwords that are suspected to have been exposed in leaked repositories, weak passwords that require repair, a recommendation to disconnect devices that do not use the account for a long time, and more.

Using a strong password

Therefore, as in any security guide, the first recommendation is to change the password. The new password should be one you have not used before, consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters and its length should be at least 8 characters. Needless to say here too you should avoid using your name or username in the password itself.

Add / update account recovery options

If they managed to hack your account, it is important that you have the tools to recover it and return it to your control, but it is important to do so before the hack. Among the recovery tools, you can enter an alternate email address or make sure your phone number is up to date so that Google can authenticate you, notify you of unusual alerts, and prevent others from accessing your account.

Two-step verification

Use 2-step verification. 2-step verification helps prevent hackers from gaining access to your account, even if they steal your password.

To avoid common phishing techniques based on code in text messages, you can choose an additional and more powerful authentication step:

  • Security keys (the most secure authentication phase) are fixed numbers designed for account authentication and they usually do not change frequently.
  • A message from Google (more secure receives codes in text messages) actually pops up a pop-up on devices previously defined as secure and announces an attempt to log in to the account.
  • Login code from a third-party verification app (such as Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator) – whenever you want to log in to an account you will need to dial a frequently changing number – less than 60 seconds. 

Disconnect from third-party services that are not needed

Many tools ask for access to your Google account to improve your daily life or offer unique services based on the information you have in it (such as checking prices in hotel rooms based on future bookings you have made).

It is important to go through the list of services connected to the account and disconnect those that you do not use or are no longer relevant (the service has stopped working/changed what it does and more).

Maintain network safety

In general, be more suspicious of online posts and messages you receive on the device. It is advisable to use our online safety guide to know what a safe site is and how to spot suspicious signs.

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