Il corsaro nero is a very famous search engine site for Italian torrents. Many people think it’s closed or locked down because it’s better known as ilcorsaronero, but it comes online regularly instead. In this article, I will show you how to access the Il Corsaro Nero website easily and securely at any time.

Here’s how to connect to the Il Corsaro Nero site with maximum security and how to use an Italian search engine site to see the content and use of your .torrent files.

Il Corsaro Nero: The Italian Torrent Website

Contrary to the idea of ​​many users, it is not possible to access the pages of the Il Corsaro Nero site. Indeed, the famous websites of search engines for .torrent files are perfectly functional.

Sites with modified domains are no longer directly accessible, but some precautions are necessary. Below, this article provides the steps to go back to connect to the .torrent site.

If you want to know alternatives to torrent sites as well, read this article, which includes a guide to the best sites for .torrent files.

Here’s how to go back and reconnect to the Il Corsaro Nero site to protect your identity, your data and, above all, your privacy.

Our guide, in the first place, is the theft of personal data in order to avoid known problems arising from the use of sites called borderline like ilcorsaronero which can actually lead to these risks. ..

Below the article, I will discuss two possibilities for protecting security, by changing DNS parameters (which is definitely the quickest and easiest way, but not the recommended one).

The next option is to use a VPN. It’s a quick and easy process, but it’s definitely safer. There are many free VPN services on the web that you can freely and freely use for your protection.

The Black Corsair doesn’t work?

In particular, I have recently received many e-mails from users asking me why my Il Corsaro Nero site was no longer working or why I could not access the site’s home page.

From what I studied, Il CorsaroNero seemed to work fine, but I actually had an active VPN and was able to access all the sites that were blocked and disappeared in Italy.

But without the VPN, the site in question seemed not to work. When I loaded the home page, I got the following error message:

“Unable to reach the site”

If you are also getting this error message while trying to load the torrent site in question, don’t worry. There is a quick and easy way to get it to work, which is described below.

The Black Corsair: New 2022 Website

First, check the new URL of the Italian torrent site, the updated functional link on the Il Corsaro Nero site ( ).

How to access Il Corsaro Nero?

Therefore, when you try to connect to the Il Corsaro Nero site, it appears before the traditional display error message, but by following our advice, you can easily and instantly connect to the site.

1. Access Il Corsaro Nero Changing DNS

To connect to the Il Corsaro Nero website, you can change the DNS parameters, for example using the parameters recommended by Google.

To make it clearer, we can say that DNS is just a translation of a site name into a number. I understand that it is much more practical to use the site name literally without having to remember a series of numbers. This is done automatically by your internet service provider, but you are free to choose from the various types that Google uses to access all of your sites. Finding them online and solving them remains really easy.

This is great for reaching our torrent sites, but it doesn’t protect you from nasty user attempts to find your IP address. So the first step to get into your system and figure out what they can do.

2. Access Il Corsaro Nero With VPN

It is certainly safer to use a VPN service to connect to the Il Corsaro Nero site, but it is less practical and easier.

Using a VPN hides the real IP address, doesn’t allow tracking, and ensures security. This is exactly what a VPN does. That is, hiding an IP by displaying another IP is not true. There is a further possibility to choose from the geographic area in which the IP begins. This will allow you to connect to the Il CorsaroNero website in a completely secure way.

3. Prova DuckDuckGo

Try searching using DuckDuckGo instead of Google. This is Google’s alternative search engine and displays search results without filters and without hiding anything (unlike Google, there is no censorship). For years I have used this search engine instead of Google

You should also check:

  • Piratestreaming: The New Piratestreaming Website Working
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  • TvTap PRO Apk: Download the latest version of TvTap PRO 2.2 

Ilcorsaronero alternative

If you are unable to log in to the previous domains, try visiting the site using the following alternate link, which is the official proxy to log in if Black Corsair doesn’t seem to work or appears to be blocked. Please give me.


This way you should be able to access the site without any major problems or difficulties.

The Black Corsair Clones

Black Corsair has many copies on the web. Far from the fake, the corsalone rosite

The site will no longer be accessible via normal roads, especially in Italy. This is one of the reasons copy sites have emerged to survive the noble name. To avoid this, make sure the URL is one of the following:


Has the Black Corsair Closed?

Recently, the Il CorsaroNero website has become inaccessible and the staff is focusing on Polpo TV. Therefore, neither VPN nor DNS is accessible.

Alternatively, here’s the excellent The Pirate Bay, which is a great search engine site for .torrent files.

Old Ilcorsaronero Websites:

These are the old addresses of the “ilcorsaronero” site, but they are blacked out and will not work. …



I hope that with this article you have learned everything about the ilcorsaronero website and have been able to access it without problems. You can also try the above mentioned alternatives for the black corsair if you fail to access it by the methods mentioned.

Let me know in the comments if you’re still having trouble accessing the website and I’ll help you out.

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