There are many people on the Internet looking for working IPTV lists. We have already talked about the principle of operation of IPTV and the reasons for its success in the previous article.

In short, an IPTV list is a linked list of streams that allows you to watch streaming channels. They are famous because several pirates and fencers have started selling online for 10 euros a month, including paid channels for Sky and Mediaset Premium.

As we explained in our special study, both selling and using them constitute serious crimes. These are called private directories because they are available to a limited number of paying users, so here’s an in-depth discussion of the public directories found online for free.

Free IPTV Lists With Free Italian Channels

1. Freeiptvm3ulist

A new site containing the m3u list for each country/region, is usually updated frequently, this is the official site.

2. Free TV

List all countries/regions available IPTV gratite, link.


The new site always contains the most recent m3u list, which contains some blocks.

5. OzoneIPTV

The best, one of the always updated m3u lists.

7. 2IPTV

We will discover that the IPTV list of many players is constantly updated, which contains many channels and of course Italian.

8. IPTVSource

Always one of the best on many lists.

9. Fantvbox

You will always find many updated lists for different countries.

10. Free Daily IPTV

On the web you will find several iptv lists always updated from all existing countries.

11. Extinf

The new sites containing lists from all over the world are always updated and the channels displayed are in “m3u8” format.

12. IPTV live

Well known website, free to visit, but to get the best list you need to register. Some areas are not visible, so use a VPN.

14. Iptvlinksfree

A fairly comprehensive list of m3u for each country, check it out.

15. Ptv4best

This is a special website. Each country has an iptv list. To download the list, be careful. You must first click on the black inscription at the bottom of the page, then click on “Download”. So be careful where.

16. Fluxustv

There are more than 4000 channels in one list and you can choose from sports, entertainment and movies in each country.

17. Iptv4sat attributes

French, a list of different IPTVs from around the world, specially for dating in Italy. Go to this link to visit the site.

18. Iptvm3ulist

Another IPtv website, with all countries, different conferences and categories. Visit this site at ” “.

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What is an IPTV List?

The acronym for IPTV is Internet Protocol Television, a broadcast standard that uses the network to send video streams.

There are two types of IPTV: Live and On Demand.

The first channel broadcasts all the channels of the various television networks (Rai, Sky, etc.), while on the second channel programs (Netflix, Prime, Sky on Demand, etc.) or films or other programs are already broadcast. We can review at any time.

From this it can be inferred that the IPTV list is a new protocol for television broadcasting and keeps pace with other cable and satellite television signals.

List Italian IPTV Channels For Free And Automatic Updates

  • auto update infogw:
  • Panda Satellite:
  • Paste box:

How to Use Self-Updating IPTV Lists?

This is a question many people ask themselves, like a long explanation, I wrote a detailed guide for all devices, please click here to read the guide, you will know the best application for you!

The guide above includes programs for Kodi, Android, iOS, and even Windows and Mac PC, which will make it easy for you to use these lists on your favorite devices.

The Best App In IPTV M3u Lists On Android

Android is a free and constantly evolving world that allows the development of applications that do not exist on the PlayStore, and includes a list of IPTVs already prepared and automatically updated by the developers.

When we talk about streaming apps on Android, we will certainly talk about TVTAP, an app that currently has hundreds of stable Italian channels.

Another well-known application is definitely Watchapp, an Italian application with lots of iptv lists that don’t crash and is always available on Android.

The Kodi Addon Provides A Free Working IPTV Lists

Similar to the Android application on Kodi we mentioned, Kodi is a popular unofficial plugin media center run by volunteers. These plugins provide up-to-date and easy-to-use IPTV lists.

The best add-ons for Kodi that provide IPTV are:

KLTV is a great add-on program that contains free HD channels from Italy and many other countries (including Switzerland, for those who want to check out the RSI channels). It does not provide payment channels in any country.

Like the Android version, Evil King also provides a list of many good latest streaming media channels.

Stefano Addon, Stefano is one of the historical programmers of Evil King, he himself has created an excellent plugin with many updated lists.

These plugins are unofficial and can easily be found by searching the Internet. These plugins are free of charge and we encourage you to be careful of anyone trying to sell them to you. Kodi is cross-platform, as are its add-ons, so they can be used on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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Why Are Many Channels In IPTV Lists Offline Or Not Working Properly?

There are many reasons. The main reason is technology. IPTV is not designed for many users. Free IPTV list is often used by too many people and it got stuck so it went offline.

This situation is different only for self-updating lists that contain free channels, which use streaming from the broadcast site and therefore rarely freeze or crash. Sometimes some channels are temporarily unavailable, but usually the next update can fix this situation.

This is why pirates often prefer risky private IPTV lists that guarantee payment for accessibility services. But using them is a serious crime and you could face fines and imprisonment and you need to understand the circumstances under which pirates recommend using VPN services.

If you encounter obstacles on all IPTV lists, you should check the connection speed, if the speed is lower than 7Mb / s, it may be difficult to view the HD streaming.

If it is higher, the problem may be that some operators are filtering streaming media. In this case, using a good VPN can solve the problem, especially if you choose a VPN dedicated to streaming – a VPN for IPTV streaming.

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