Elon Musk Thumbs Up Europe Union’s New Speech Platform Rules

Elon Musk and the European Union have come to an agreement. They both agree on the rebooted approach toward content policy being a good idea, they just disagree on what that policy is.

EU internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, met with Elon Musk to discuss problems of online speech, as well as potential supply chain conversations.

Breton introduced the DSA to Musk and hopes that it will come into effect for larger platforms, such as Twitter, in early 2023. The DSA has been created with the aim of harmonizing content governance rules. Legislation violations of the DSA can incur fines worth up to 6% of global annual turnover.

When asked about a recent regulation, Musk responded that it aligns with his beliefs.

Elon Musk agreed with everything Breton commented about the automation of jobs. He wanted to help Europe and do anything possible if it is within his company’s abilities.

Jack Breton published a video about a meeting he and Elon Musk had on Twitter. In the meeting, they discuss the ways in which social media and government legislation affect freedom of speech and responsibility.

Elon Musk: “Great meeting!” He also tweeted afterward. “We are very much on the same page

With an AI and annoying body language, it remains to be seen whether the former might have the last laugh by inadvertently pointing out a hole in the plan.

For the past few weeks, since the news of Elon Musk’s $44BN Twitter offer has been going on, he has said that his vow for moderation on the social media platform will take heed of local laws requiring the removal of illegal speech — but pretty much everything else will be done left up.

And that he might embrace “legal but harmful” speech, such as abuse and conspiracy theories.

Europe’s plan to update its platform rules avoids the more controversial area of legal but harmful speech in favor of fixed rules for quick takedowns of strictly illegal things.

Elon Musk and the EU commissioner share the same approach to illegal speech so long as their key point is the same which is that they focus on illegal speech.

Elon’s side note about the merits of artificial intelligence

That said, EU lawmakers have set in place a few ways to tackle the problems of disinformation by pressuring platform providers not to spread other kinds of harmful content. Maybe Elon Musk doesn’t know that the European Union has taken these actions.

If he succeeds in buying Twitter, one thing is clear: Elon Musk will be fielding many more requests for meetings from lawmakers at home and abroad. If that becomes true, he will find himself harassed with hard requests in the near future.

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