Pictures Of Animals That Will Make Your Day

Many people may require a pick-me-up in their day, and for those people, the answer could be cute pictures of animals. It isn’t scientifically proven (or tested) but looking at these pictures can put anyone in a good mood.

Pet photos have the ability to make one’s day better. One of the communities dedicated to these photos is r/aww, where people share their pet’s cuteness with others. We’ve gathered some of the best photos for everyone who can’t seem to keep a straight face. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or even have fish at home – you won’t be able to help but smile when looking at these photos.

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Who’s a Good Frog?

To be honest, we’ve never really thought of frogs as cute animals, but this image right here proves us wrong. This little cutie can put a smile on anyone’s face. And look – even he’s smiling! We wonder what it was that made him so happy. It almost looks like he got a compliment that made him blush. Can frogs blush?

Anywho, that’s what we’d look like if we were given a compliment. It’s perfect before and after shots! You know those photographers who take portraits of people before and after they tell them they’re beautiful? In the second photo, this frog looks like someone just told him he was beautiful, and he couldn’t help but smile!

Happy Birthday Face

Cats don’t often express emotion, and if they do, it’s usually anger. It’s quite rare that they show happiness or affection towards their human. However, if you surprise them with a birthday tuna treat, they might break away from the character and reveal how happy they are, just like this guy right here.

You can’t deny the excitement on his face. He’s truly happy his human remembers his birthday, and he bought a tuna cake just for him. We can only assume it’s his first birthday, and this cat couldn’t be happier. While having a cat is generally not very rewarding, it’s all worth it for moments like these.

Who Wore It Better?

We’ve seen countless red carpet moments when two stars happen to wear the same outfit, in which case the gossip pages go wild comparing the two looks. In this case, while they are wearing similar “outfits,” we can’t really compare. They’re all sweet in their own furry way.

I wonder if the dog feels connected to these cows in a way, and vice versa. Do they even realize how similar they all look? Judging by the curious looks of the cows, we can only assume they notice something special about this dog. Or maybe they’re just curious about dogs in general.

Couple Goals

Finding that special someone to share your life with isn’t something to be taken for granted. Not everyone finds that person, and if you do, you better hold on to them like these two cats are holding on to each other. What can be better than having someone with whom you can gaze out the window on a cold, rainy day? Someone who makes you feel loved and protected?

Editorial content

We want what these two cats have! Seeing two animals with such a connection is always heart-warming, even more so when it’s two cats – who are known for being loners and elitists. So, seeing two adult cats huddled like this is truly a sign to behold.

Netflix and Chill

We all have those days when all we want to do s cuddle in front of the TV and watch out favorite show. Tom and Jerry is a classic cartoon. The animated short films and TV series date back to the 1940s, and we’ve all watched it growing up. It’s no surprise these kittens enjoy the show as well, and we can guess who they’re rooting for.

They’re probably sitting there glued to the screen, waiting anxiously for Tom’s big break. Perhaps they’re learning a few tricks that would come in handy in the future. They seem to be hooked to the screen, and we can’t say we’re surprised. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching their favorite show with their close friends or family?

The Perfect Afternoon

While bearded dragons aren’t as common in households as dogs and cats, many people keep them as pets. You’d be surprised to know they make pretty good pets, and pretty good pals. Just look at this guy, hanging out with his pet dragon. Good weather, good food, and good company – what more could a bearded dragon ask for?

Contrary to popular belief, they actually make great pets for kids; despite their tough exterior, they are gentle creatures, they are docile, and they are quick learners. This little guy looks friendly enough to us. Besides, unlike dogs, you don’t have to take them out for walks three times a day – but they do require attention and affection!

If It Fits…

Cats are notorious for sitting in places where they don’t exactly fit. Yes, we said cats. They opt to find small, cozy, and warm spaces for naps because these tight spaces remained them of their mother’s womb and make them feel comfortable and protected. Isn’t that what we all want in life – to feel comfortable and protected?

Apparently, judging by this picture, some dogs have a similar instinct. We know cats like to sit in small places where they don’t necessarily fit, and apparently, dogs like that too. This little ball of fur looks comfortable enough. We find it surprising his body fits inside this ceramic pot, but I guess it’s bigger than it looks.

Timon and Pumbaa IRL

We don’t know about you, but Timon and Pumbaa are our favorite animal duo. We just can’t get enough of these two! First introduced to the public as the sidekicks in Disney’s The Lion King, they were such a huge success among fans, that they got their own movie franchise!

Perhaps it was the unlikely friendship between a meerkat and a warthog that made them so funny and lovable. Whatever it was, they’ll always have a special place in our hearts. This photo might not be of someone’s pet, but it was worth sharing anyway – real-life Timon and Pumbaa – apparently, the two species can be good friends in the wild!

Family Portrait

Taking a good picture of your four cats together is the jackpot for pet owners. Our pets often don’t coo[eratw when we want to take their picture, perhaps because they don’t understand the concept and they have no idea what we’re doing. Besides, it’s hard for them to stay still long enough for you to get the perfect shot (unless they’re sleeping) – it’s just not in their nature.

Somehow, this person managed to take a perfect family portrait of their four cats. They’re all looking straight at the camera, and it almost looks like they’re striking a pose. I wonder how long this person had to wait in order to take this photo. Either way, it was probably worth it. This photo should appear in museums!

Tangled: The Movie

We love our pets unconditionally, but sometimes, they can cause quite a mess. Whether they do it on purpose or not, pets tend to break, eat, and generally ruin stuff around the house. They chew our slippers, our pillows, and even the different cables and wires around the house. They can’t help it!

This cat didn’t chew anything (that we know of), but he got himself tangled with the iPhone charger. Everyone knows it’s dangerous to leave such wires lying around the house when you have pets, but it’s a lesson you have to learn the hard way.

Need a Hand?

This photo was taken in Indonesia, and it shows an orangutan reaching out a hand to help a geologist who fell in the river. Quite selflessly, this orangutan offered a hand to the human. What he doesn’t know is that the human was there to help him – he was hunting venomous snakes in the river, which often bite the monkeys!

The orangutan doesn’t know this person is there to help him – he doesn’t know whether he’s a friend or a foe, and yet he offers him his help. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how selfless animals are. Oftentimes, we don’t deserve their care and their love, and yet, they give it to us.

Knock Knock

Can you imagine looking through the peeping hole on your door and seeing this adorable pupper standing on the other end? Is he on his daily mail route? Is the trick or treating, even though it’s not Halloween yet, hoping to get a treat from one of the neighbors? Whatever it is, we’ll open the door for him!

As children, our parents teach us not to open the door to strangers, and that’s a good rule, but it doesn’t apply when it comes to dogs! A dog would never knock on your door in order to harm you. Chances are, he’s just looking for someone to feed him or play with him.

Heart-Shaped Spot

We’ve heard of cats as pets, dogs as pets, bearded dragons, and other reptiles as pets, and we’ve even heard of pet raccoons – but pet cows? That’s a first to us. Even people who keep cows on their farms don’t usually consider them pets. However, it’s not uncommon for people to adopt a pet cow!

It’s probably a lot more common than you might think. This young calf is extremely special, and it’s no wonder this family just had to adopt him: he has a unique white spot in the shape of a heart on his head. How adorable is that? This little guy looks like he’s just waiting for the right person to shower him with affection.

My Dragon Friend

This photo has become viral on social media in the past couple of months, and we can see why. It’s not often that you see a reptile wearing a facemask! This iguana knows what’s up, and it’s keeping up with health restrictions and regulations. Unfortunately, that’s something we can’t say for a lot of people.

This kid was spotted casually hanging out at a pet store with his pet iguana, both sporting facemasks. We know this iguana can’t be a health risk, and it’s probably for a comedic effect that it’s wearing a mask – or maybe to prove a point. If an iguana can wear a facemask, so can you, Karen. Don’t give us that look.

What Are You Looking At?

No matter how you use them, tiny hands are hilarious. Those small plastic hands have become quite popular among social influencers and comedians, and for good reason. Most people use these fake hands with their cats, to make it look as if their cat is sporting a set of human hands. The possibilities are endless!

It’s really pretty funny. The cat doesn’t seem amused, though. He’s probably had enough of his human silliness. Stop goofing around and get me something to eat, human! For more photos of cats with tiny hands, look it up online – there are plenty of them, each one better than the other.

Head in the Clouds

That’s one mighty photo of one mighty cat. White cats always look majestic, but this cat beats them all. He’s standing on the clouds, so it’s hard to compete with him. We’ll be honest, it took us a minute to realize what was going on here – at first glance, we actually thought we were looking at cat-shaped clouds.

We realize it’s the cat’s reflection in the window, and it’s an optical illusion of sorts, but it doesn’t take away any of the magic – this is still an extremely beautiful picture! Cats are pretty photogenic, aren’t they? I mean, it’s hard to take a bad picture of a cat. They’re like Barney Stinson – it’s impossible to take a bad picture of them.

Bear with Me

Alright, this was spooky at first glance! People keep some weird animals as pets, even wild animals like raccoons, but you can’t keep a bear as a pet – that much we know for sure. Bears are pretty dangerous animals, and there’s something very unsettling about seeing a bear taking a nap on a human bed.

However, on closer inspection, we can see this is a dark-brown dog with thick fur lying on a picture of a bear. Combined with the bear legs underneath and the color of his fur, this doggo looks like a cute little bear cub! Now that that’s settled, we can’t help but wonder – what’s up with this bear-themed bed cover?

Mister Duck

This looks like one very fancy duck. We wonder where he’s headed. Probably some fancy dinner party, a theme party, or maybe even court. His hair reminds us of those periodic wigs judges used to wear in court. It wasn’t only judges in England; in the 17th century, wearing wigs was an essential dress code for members of the high society.

Judging by the look on his face, it looks like he knows his hair is magnificent. His hair is his source of power and confidence. Take away his hair, you take away his power. He’s right to be so proud of it – despite the outdated hairdo, he looks pretty magnificent. We can’t think of a better word to describe this duck.

What’s Stalling You?

Don’t you hate it when you go to a public restroom and all the stalls are occupied? It’s even worse when the stalls are taken by dogs – they don’t even need them! They can go outside! We can’t go outside. I mean, we can, but we shouldn’t. It would probably make us social outcasts.

So, it looks like someone went inside the stall with their dog. The dog clearly felt as if this was too personal, and she wanted to give her human some much-needed privacy, so she just looked away. What a smart puppy! Perhaps this wasn’t even about giving her human privacy, but she felt as if this closeness was too much for her, and they aren’t there yet.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

If that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve seen in a while, we don’t know what is. Additionally, if this photo doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will. You’re a lost cause. Sorry, pal, we tried. We gave it our best shot. This photo is our best shot. It doesn’t get any cuter than that. If this photo doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, you’re just not an animal person.

Just look at this cute dog and his adorable cat friend! This photo is cute enough to create world peace. If these two can be best buddies, we can all find it in our hearts to be friends. They look so adorable, curled up together on the couch. Strangely enough, it looks like they’re pretty comfortable, too.

Friend in Need

We feel guilty for laughing at this photo because this poor duck seems so worried about his friend! He also looks pretty confused. He probably saw this thing that looks just like him – but – oh no! – what happened to him? He seems to be in distress! Quick – someone get help! It might not be too late!

Do you think he realized eventually this isn’t a real duck? He probably did – ducks are considered highly intelligent creatures – but we can sympathize with his initial shock. It is a pretty shocking sight. Ducks aren’t only intelligent, they’re also very emotional, which might explain his reaction and concerned expression.

Duck Face

Do you remember the days when everyone posed for selfies with the infamous duck face? It was around the time selfies became highly popular, back when they were still new and exciting. People used to make all sorts of funny faces and expressions, and one of the most popular faces was the kissing face, also known as the duck face.

Well, it almost looks like this is what this little guy is trying to pull off – doesn’t it look like he’s pouting his lips? This baby goat is ought to put a smile on anyone’s face, duck face or no duck face. How do we get our hands on one of these cuties? If you ask us, baby pigs are out and baby goats are in!

Carrying the Evidence on His Back

Usually, when you do something you shouldn’t have, you try to cover the evidence and hide it from your parents (or your life partner, sibling, or roommate). As kids, we’ve all broken some rules and we’ve all done things we shouldn’t have, and we do whatever we can to try and cover up our actions and avoid getting caught. Sometimes we succeed, and other times we’re forced to deal with the consequences.

However, getting caught might be a good teachable moment for us – and for our pets – because learning that our actions have consequences is always a valuable lesson. It looks like this dog did something he shouldn’t have – we don’t know how, but he broke the kitty door, and unfortunately for him, the evidence got stuck on his body.

Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Do you know the Spanish expression “mi casa es tu casa”? It’s an expression one would use when welcoming a guest to their house, meaning “my house is your house.” Well, it looks like this cat feels right at home in the bunny’s cage – he feels as if this cage is his casa – but we’re not sure he’s welcomed there.

Judging by the sad expression and awkward body language of this bunny, he doesn’t seem very happy about the cat taking over his home. Sharing is caring, and we need to learn how to share with our friends and siblings, but how do you know when enough is enough? Are we supposed to share everything with our housemates?

You Don’t Belong There

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No, it’s a dog sitting in a tree. That’s something you don’t see every day, so we understand the confusion. We honestly don’t know what this dog is doing sitting in that tree; we don’t know how he got there, and we don’t know why. Was it an accident, or did he intend to get there?

Maybe this dog feels like his true identity is a bird. Maybe it’s a bird stuck inside a dog’s body. He looks pretty calm up there, as if this is all very natural and not at all strange. Whatever might be the story behind this photo, we hope the person who took it called the fire department or animal control and got help.

Bad Hair Day

Do you know how you sometimes get your hair done at a salon, or you wake up with a really good hair day, only to have the wind ruin it? As a general rule, it’s not advised to leave the house when you have a good hair day, because chances are it won’t look the same once the wind hits your face. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste a good hair day sitting at home!

Extreme weather conditions are not a friend of these dogs. Their fur is all over the place! We adore dogs with long, lush fur, but perhaps it might be time to get a haircut. I mean, they can barely even see through it. On the other hand, their fur looks so soft, plush, and shiny, it makes us want to pet them!

The Friendly Neighborhood Raccoon

Well, maybe he’s not that friendly. But he’s definitely the neighborhood raccoon. It looks like he’s the boss of the neighborhood. You can tell by his face and his power pose that he’s in charge of things. He’s the one you come to if you’re having issues with your neighbors. He knows how to get around.

He doesn’t play any games. That’s one serious-looking raccoon. I wouldn’t mess with him. He’s the coolest raccoon on the block. You get the point. We just can’t get over how cool this raccoon is. We want to be his friends and hang out with him, but we’re worried we aren’t cool enough for him.

What is This?

It looks like this cat has a very complicated relationship with this banana. In the first picture, he seems intrigued by it. He looks curious. In the second picture, he’s either furious or sobbing! What happened before the second photo that made him cry out loud? I guess we’ll never know, but we can take a guess.

This cat thought he found a banana – a snack (do cats even like bananas?) – but then, alas! He realized this was just a banana peel, with no delicious fruit inside. Did someone leave a banana peel on the counter intentionally to confuse him? Was that a cat trap? We don’t think that’s a very good idea.

A Dog or a Hippo?

Alright, so we pretty much gave it away with that title. Sorry about that. If you thought this was a hippo at first glance, don’t feel weird – it took us a couple of minutes to realize this was a hippo! Covered in mud, this chubby dog looks a lot like a baby hippopotamus! (Have you ever seen one? They’re adorable).

His nose is pretty much the only thing that gave him away. Even the shape of his body is similar to a hippo’s. Dog, hippo, whatever you want to call him, this little mischievous fella sure is adorable. He probably jumped inside that pool of mud without a care in the world, and we don’t envy his owner who’s going to have to clean him.

Leaving the Cat to Guard the Cream

Cats can’t be trusted around milk or cream, which is the source of the old expression “don’t let the cat guard the milk.” Some people are familiar with different versions of this expression, some versions say “don’t let the fox guard the hens” or something along those lines – but you get the jist.

The cat can’t be trusted to guard the milk, because chances are – he’ll end up drinking it! Can you blame him? You can’t expect someone to “guard” their favorite food and not take a bite. It looks like this is what happened here – the cat couldn’t help himself, and he shoved his furry head into this glass of milk. Oh well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

I’ll Have One Pet, Please

The drive-thru is an amazing invention; you can order food to go without having to leave your car – your comfort zone – and the food is quickly delivered to your car. We all love drive-thrus, and dogs are no exception. at the drive-thru, your dog can get a free petting session as you wait for your food. It’s a win-win situation!

However, if petting the dog was causing a delay and creating a line, would you approve of it? I wonder if this good dog is the one who placed the order at the drive-thru. It looks like he’s sitting in the driver’s seat. He also looks pretty close and chummy with this employee, as if this isn’t his first time there.

Let’s Shake on It

These birds look like they’re planning something, and the people living in this house better watch their backs. This “hand” shake looks like they’ve agreed on the course of action for executing their master bird plan. We wonder what that might be. They look like businessmen shaking hands after signing a deal.

We already know animals can form bonds between them; it’s pretty amazing, because, unlike us humans, those bonds and connections aren’t formed with words, but rather with gestures. However, while we can’t understand what they’re communicating to one another, it’s undeniable these two birds have some sort of connection.

Love Me, Love Me Not

How often do you see a cat with a heart-shaped spot on its belly? Not very often, we bet. This is one unique cat! Almost as cute as the calf with the heart-shaped spot on its head we saw earlier. We wonder what other animals have heart-shaped stains on their fur. Is there a dog with a heart-shaped spot out there somewhere?

They should all start a club! Although, this cat doesn’t look very happy. That perfectly shaped heart stain on his fur must get him a lot of attention and unwanted pets and belly rubs, and he might’ve had enough of it. We can imagine every guest who sees this cat feels the urge to pet him, and we all know cats, unlike dogs, aren’t always in the mood for that.

This Frog is Here to Remind You

… To always wash your hands, stinky! Washing our hands and maintaining personal hygiene has always been important, but in the past year, we’ve all learned just how important it is. Washing our hands properly on a regular basis could actually save lives! (Alright, we’re being dramatic, but you get the point – wash your hands!).

This frog appeared out of nowhere one day to remind this family to wash their hands. It’s his life calling! Although, I think it may have had the opposite effect – if I stepped into the restroom to wash my hands and noticed a tiny frog in the sink, I’m not sure I’d want to linger around.

If it Fits, I Sits

This is the ultimate cat motto – “if it fits, I sit.” Just try and tell them otherwise. We’ve already talked about cats opting to find small, cozy places to take a nap, and as any cat would tell you – the smaller, the better. They want to feel all curled up and cozy, and small, tight spaces provide that feeling.

This cat looks pretty sleepy, so we rest our case. You’d think he wouldn’t be comfortable, squeezed inside this small laundry hamper, but somehow, it works for him. They’re always looking for bags, pots, and boxes where they can take a nap, and it looks like this cat has found the ideal spot.

Outgrown His Bed

Earlier on the list, we’ve seen a large dog sitting inside a ceramic pot, and he looked so peaceful inside that small pot. We thought that dog was an anomaly, but here’s yet another dog sitting in a place where he doesn’t fit. We thought it was only cats that felt comfortable in small places, but I guess dogs are like that as well.

It looks like this dog finds it hard to separate from his bed. It’s probably his bed from the days when he was a puppy, the bed that has been there for him all throughout his childhood, his best years, and now that he’s outgrown it, he finds it hard to say goodbye and move on.

Otterly Adorable

We’ve seen the coolest raccoon on the block, and now we’ve found the coolest otter on the block! Look at him sporting his cool hat, “women want me – ish fear me.” You can say that again! Not everyone can pull off a hat like that, but this otter has swag.

However, as adorable as this little guy is, otters shouldn’t be kept as pets. They are wild animals and belong in the water. In their natural habitat, they have everything they need to survive, including the company of fellow otters. They actually bond with them and create long-lasting bonds!

Baby Giraffe

Baby giraffes are adorable, there’s no argument there. But if we dive into it, what it is do you think makes them so sweet? Perhaps it’s that they look like miniature versions of adult giraffes! I mean, their faces and bodies look the same, only smaller. It seems like everything is smaller but their eyes, which is what gives them this cute expression.

It also looks like they’re constantly smiling! Not many people know that, but giraffes aren’t only cute, they also have a great personality; they’re friendly, gentle, and intelligent. Yep, they’re pretty underrated, if you ask us. Why does no one ever talk about how great giraffes are?

Going, Downton

“Downtown, things will be great when you’re downtown… everything’s waiting for you.” Sorry, we got carried away there. It looks like this little guy is heading to town for an adventure! Maybe he’s commuting to work. Or maybe he’s on his way to a date with a lady friend. Which one do you think that is?

Joking aside, we’d be worried for this little guy if we saw him riding the subway all by himself! The city (and the subway) is no place for a little dog. There are dangerous people out there. We hope his owner is around somewhere, looking out for him.

You Can’t See Me

Black cats are often misjudged; for some reason, they have a bad reputation for bringing bad luck, and so many people fear them and are reluctant to adopt them. It’s rather unfair because it’s obviously nonsense. They are just as adorable as any other cat, and just because their fur is black doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be loved.

However, one thing you should consider about black cats is their ability to disguise themselves. If you have dark furniture around the house – a black chair, blanket, couch, or carpet, you should always watch your step, because your cat might be napping there. The last thing you want is to accidentally step or sit on your cat!

That’s Not a Good Place for a Nap

Cats have this special talent of finding the strangest places to that a nap – we’ve seen that more than once. We’ve heard of cats sleeping inside the washing machine, the sink, and even a salad bowl. However, this might be the worst place for a cat to take a nap. Although, this cat hardly looks like he’s sleeping…

He looks like he’s lying there patiently, waiting for someone to step on him and tumble down the stairs. Why are we surprised? Cats are malicious, and they like to play pranks on their humans. You can tell by the way he’s looking straight at the camera that he knows exactly what he’s doing.


Well, this doesn’t exactly look like a catnap. It looks like this cat is sound asleep. Nothing would wake him up, not even a mouse crawling around the house. We remember the last time we were this tired. It was last night, and basically every night. That’s what we look like falling asleep on the couch every night!

This cat is in dreamland now. he’s so tired, he slid right off the beanbag chair and even that didn’t wake him up! We wonder what got him so exhausted. All cats ever do is sleep! They sleep an average of 15 hours a day, for crying out loud! Maybe that day he only got 12 hours of sleep, which is what got him so tired.

My Plant is Coming in Nicely

Earlier we’ve seen a photo of a dog and a cat curled up together on the couch and we said that was the sweetest photo you’ll ever see. We’d like to take that back. This is the sweetest photo we’ve ever seen, and we doubt we’ll ever find a cuter photo. There’s no point in even looking.

These adorable kittens look so peaceful sleeping inside that pot. And one of them has his tiny paw resting on this friend! This is simply too much for us to handle. Cuteness overload! They don’t look like siblings, although it’s hard to tell with cats – whether they’re friends or family doesn’t change anything. This is the cutest photo we’ve ever seen.

Nap Time

Yep, this is another napping cat, because we just couldn’t resist. Somehow, cats are at their cutest when they’re sleeping. Huh. This tells you something about their nature. Anywho, this little ball of fur was so tired, he simply nodded off in this awkward position, sitting on the lap of his human.

Now, this person is stuck. He can’t get up until his cat wakes up. The last thing you want to do is wake up a sleeping cat – especially when he’s sleeping on your lap! It’s like with babies – you never wake up a sleeping baby (right? we’ve heard that somewhere). Now, can we take a moment to gaze at his cute legs?!


Get it? This cat looks like he’s on vacation, rocking on that chair without a care in the world. This cat has it good. He has a good life. We’re almost jealous of him. We wouldn’t mind trading places with this cat, even for a day. Her human actually got him a custom-made rocking chair to fit her small body.

Now, that’s love. That’s dedication. That is one lucky cat. I hope she appreciates everything her owner does for her. Pets are essentially a part of the family, and they should be treated as such. This guy knows that, and so he treats his cat with love and respect, and probably a bit of admiration as well.

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