Cruise Vacations: Expectation Vs. Reality

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, on a cruise, everyone is on vacation. Aspiring mariners have a wide range of options to choose from, from luxury cruises of a bygone era to cruises that involve volunteer opportunities.

Here are some photographs that demonstrate how unrealistic expectations might be for a cruise ship.

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Expectations Are High Now That Everyone is Aboard.

When you eventually board that cruise ship of your dreams, picture yourself walking down the aisle. Your anticipation for this moment has likely lasted longer than usual, and you may have even begun thinking about it while at work. There will soon be an end to the gloomy and tedious routine of your daily life. You’ve been waiting a long time to put your fancy sunglasses to good use.

It’s possible that you even picked out the perfect clothing just for the occasion of boarding the ship. The seagulls are circling the ship above you, and in your imagination, you’ve painted the perfect picture of yourself looking back at the city.

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