Tiger Wood’s Ex-wife Just Turned 42, Hold Your Heart Before You See Her

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s romance appears like a match made in heaven at first glance. Tiger’s extramarital affairs ultimately overshadowed their lovely marriage. Throughout the years, we’ve heard and seen Tiger’s side of the story, but we’ve never heard Elin’s.

The Swedish-born model and ex-wife have spoken out for the first time about the nasty conflicts, unwelcome divorce, and every circumstance she has faced. She is not just successful in her own right, but she also has a job in entirely another field. Let’s see what Elin looks like right now!

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A Frenzied Romance

Elin arrived in a country recently and started her life in a new nation when they met. She didn’t know anyone in the United States of America because she was from Sweden, so making friends was difficult. Even so, a chance meeting would turn her life forever.

Elin Nordegren met Tiger Woods through a mutual friend, and it was love at first sight for them. Tiger was head over heels in love with the Swedish beauty and knew he had to do everything in his power to date her. He succeeded in the end, but he did something very awful in the meantime…

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