After Adopting Triplets, This Couple Got Life-Changing News from Their Doctor

Sarah and Andy Justice, like many other expectant parents, tried for years but were unable to conceive. They eventually decided to go with their “Plan C” and pursue adoption. The procedure was arduous, but after they were chosen as parents, their lives were transformed in unthinkable ways. Continue reading to learn more about their incredible journey.

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Sarah and Andy Justice married and had a happy life together

Sarah and Andy Justice of Tulsa, Oklahoma, had a picture-perfect marriage. After three years of marriage, they decided it was time to expand their family and share their love with another human being.

The Justices, like many other couples who have been married for a few years, decided to start a family. They were ready to give the planet a fresh life. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas for the Justices.

They felt something was missing after three years

After three years of blissful marriage, the Justices recognized something was lacking. The inevitable next step for them was to start a family, but Sarah knew it wouldn’t be simple.

Sarah Justice was one of many women who struggled to conceive. The Justices attempted to conceive for three years but were unsuccessful. Sarah and Andy’s patience was wearing thin after so many years of trying and failing. Their marriage got strained as a result of Sarah’s inability to conceive, so they looked into alternative options.

They made the decision to seek out a reproductive specialist.

They made the decision to visit a fertility specialist

Sarah and Andy decided to consult a reproductive specialist to help them conceive. It wasn’t their fault that they couldn’t get pregnant, but seeking treatment was the best option, especially if they wanted to keep their marriage sane.

The only issue they had now was that there were no credible fertility experts in Tulsa, so they had to search elsewhere. The nearest fertility doctor they could find was in St. Louis, Missouri, which was quite a distance away. The distance was a major hindrance, but it was a little price to pay for the chance to receive one of God’s greatest gifts.

They made the decision to travel.

They traveled for six hours to hear bad news

The Justices went from their modest home in Tulsa to the huge city of St. Louis in 2014. The six-hour interstate drive was arduous, but the Justices were willing to go to any length to obtain Sarah the reproductive treatments she required.

Sarah received fertility medication suggested by the doctor they met in St. Louis once they arrived. Regrettably, they received more bad news. The Justices were heartbroken when the first therapy failed. They knew they couldn’t give up since they were determined to have a child. Nonetheless, they considered other possibilities.

Sarah and Andy Discussed the Possibility of In-Vitro Fertilization

Sarah and Andy inquired about in-vitro fertilization as a method of conception with their fertility doctor. Even though they were both excellent candidates for in-vitro fertilization, they were warned that there was only a 10% chance that they would conceive.

Sarah would have to go through a painful operation on top of the slim probability of becoming pregnant. In-vitro fertilization is a procedure that is extremely intrusive. Sarah would have had to go through months of hormone therapy before her eggs were extracted from her ovaries. The danger that the embryo would not implant weighed large over their heads after the entire procedure.

Would in-vitro fertilization be the miracle they hoped for?

In-vitro Testing Proved To Be Too Dangerous

Another disadvantage of in-vitro fertilization was its exorbitant expense. This cutting-edge conception method is not cheap. The cost of a standard IVF cycle might range from $12,000 to $15,000. It’s undoubtedly a big risk for some people, especially if there’s a good chance it won’t succeed.

Furthermore, the IVF procedure is rarely reimbursed by health insurance. If the Justices wanted to conceive through IVF, they were looking at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. The exorbitant price tag, along with the poor odds, caused the Justices to reconsider their decision. There was, however, a third possibility.

Adoption was the topic of discussion among the Justices

Following that, Sarah and Andy began to contemplate adoption. The Justices were yearning to become parents after years of inability to conceive and being warned that medical procedures would have a poor success rate.

As a result, Sarah and Andy began the adoption procedure. It should come as no surprise to those who have been in this situation that the adoption process is difficult in and of itself. Prospective parents must go through a lengthy application process that includes examining their personal life and living arrangements before being authorized to bring a child home.

It Would Be Difficult For Them To Adopt

Anyone who has gone through the adoption process knows how long it may take, especially if you want to adopt a newborn. Andy and Sarah Justice, on the other hand, were determined about becoming parents and would go to any length to do so.

Andy and Sarah were greeted with a new set of challenges after beginning the adoption process in order to bring a baby home. All they wanted was to add a new member to their happy family, but it appeared that they would have to go through a lot to do it.

Adoption Is A Prolonged Process

The Justices’ household had to be assessed once their adoption application was submitted and accepted. The adoption agency must verify that you have a suitable household in which to raise a child. The interview, though, is likely the most important element of the process.

For some, this may be a source of great concern, but the Justices needed to keep their cool in order to remain calm throughout the ordeal. The adoption agency set up interviews with prospective birth mothers who had opted to place their kid in a loving home for the Justices.

This would be a difficult task as well.

They Had Been Selected, But Things Had Taken A Turn For The Worse

The Justices apparently went through a lengthy interview procedure, but they were eventually given some fantastic news. One of the women they’d met had decided to raise her child with the Justices.

Sarah and Andy were clearly overjoyed. Finally, their prayers seemed to have been heard, and they were one step closer to starting a family. As they prepared for their new arrival, the Justices supported the birth mother through every stage of her pregnancy. But, just as it was about to arrive, things started to go wrong.

They were in for an unexpected surprise when they were chosen as adoptive parents.

Four Steps Back, Three Steps Forward

Sarah and Andy Justice decided to keep trying when their birth mother dropped out at the last minute. They called the adoption agency again, informing them that they were still very interested in becoming parents.

Sarah and Andy were chosen by a new birth mother after another round of interviews. Regrettably, the same thing would occur again. The second would-be birth mother also opted to keep her kid at the last minute. Sarah and Andy were taken four steps back just when things looked to be moving in the right direction.

Sarah and Andy were determined not to give up

Despite the fact that Sarah and Andy were with their birth mother throughout the process, something happened that would be devastating to the soon-to-be parents. The birth mother changed her mind at the last minute of her pregnancy and opted to keep her child.

This decision, of course, had to be respected by the Justices. But that didn’t change the fact that they were devastated, especially given how long they had waited and how much they had already been through. Giving up was not an option because the Justices had shown such tenacity up to this point. They made the decision to move on.

Everything changed after that

They eventually got a call that would forever change their lives

Sarah and Andy Justice were understandably dissatisfied at this moment. Some may even say they were a little disheartened. The Justices, however, despite their determination to become parents, continued to pray for good news.

Their prayers will eventually be answered since wonderful news was just around the corner. Everything they had accomplished over the previous many years would have been for naught if they had opted to abandon their adventure right then and there. The Justices received a call that would change their life forever after the second birth mother backed out.

A Third Birth Mom chose them, and she was pleasantly surprised

After the second birth mother dropped out, the Justices were at their lowest point. Sarah Justice, however, received a call from an adoption agency that gave her hope.

When the adoption agency informed them that a third birth mother had chosen the Justices to adopt her child, it seemed as if their prayers had been answered. It was incredible news, but it wasn’t the end of the journey for the Justices. In fact, things were about to get a little more intriguing since this third birth mother had something up her sleeve, that no one knew about.

They were about to get a shock.

The Ultrasound Appointment Was A Big Surprise

When Sarah and Andy Justice learned that they had been chosen by a third birth mother, they were overjoyed. They were so happy for her that they were with her every step of the way. They were even asked to an ultrasound appointment by the birth mother.

Sarah and Andy would be able to see their new kid for the first time at the ultrasound visit. On the scan that was displayed on the ultrasound monitor, however, something unexpected appeared. Everything appeared to be normal for the birth mother, but she was actually carrying three infants instead of one, much to her and everyone else’s amazement!

Nobody anticipated having three children

The sight of three heartbeats on the ultrasound monitor astounded Sarah, Andy, and their birth mother. They had waited so long to be blessed with just one bundle of joy, but suddenly the cosmos had blessed them with three.

The Justices had known all along that this was what was in store for them. They hadn’t planned on having to adopt three children, but when they found out, they knew these triplets were intended for them. The Justices accelerated the adoption procedure and began preparing for their new arrivals, excited for what the future held.

Sarah and Andy were unprepared but eager to take on the responsibility

The Justices had not anticipated having so many children at once. They’d spent so much time attempting to get one that they were very much prepared for nothing. Sarah and Andy, on the other hand, were not willing to give up and were eager to take on the challenge.

After all, they knew they’d want to have more children in the future. They simply did not anticipate having to raise more than one at the same time. Instead of having to go through the adoption process numerous times, they would be able to have the family they want with only one adoption.

They Had To Begin Baby Proofing Right Away

The Justices started to work right away to prepare for their three bundles of joy. They needed to baby-proof their home, which meant purchasing three of everything, including cribs and strollers. Getting everything ready for the triplets was costly, but not nearly as much as IVF would have been.

Sarah and Andy were willing to go to any length to prepare for the triplets’ arrival. After all, it had been a long time in the making for them to become parents and raise a family. They were giddy with anticipation!

The Triplets Were Prematurely Born

Their birth mother’s water broke in May 2013, causing her to go into delivery eight weeks early. Sarah and Andy went to the hospital and awaited the arrival of their new babies with bated breath. The birth mother gave birth to three little infants after hours of likely arduous labor.

Each child weighed only three pounds. Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were their names. Even though the Justices were overjoyed to finally meet their newborn triplets, they still had one more hurdle to clear before they could take Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth home. It wasn’t because of the biological mother this time, either.

Before they could take them home, the Justices had to wait

Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were considered premature since they were born eight weeks early. Sarah and Andy, as new parents, were concerned, but they had to remain optimistic. After all, they were relieved that their prayers had been answered.

The premature triplets had to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit before they were well enough to accompany the Justices home. The triplets developed quickly in the hospital, becoming bigger and stronger with each passing day. Before they could finally start raising their family, the Justices waited patiently from afar.

Sarah and Andy were thrilled to be adding to their family, but a few years later, something happened that would forever change their dynamic.

Something Happened To Sarah While They Were Waiting

Sarah began to feel ill a week after the triplets were born. The protracted adoption procedure and preparation for the arrival of triplets had taken their toll on the Justices, so Sarah’s decision to see a doctor wasn’t unexpected.

After all, she wanted to make sure she was in good health by the time the babies arrived, so she would be able to care for three newborns. Sarah underwent a thorough examination with her doctor to determine whether she was healthy. Sarah couldn’t believe it when her doctor returned with the results!

After adopting triplets, Sarah was finally able to conceive

To figure out why Sarah was sick, the doctor ran a battery of tests. He eventually figured out what was going on. He explained to Sarah that she wasn’t unwell, but rather that she was experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Sarah was, in fact, expecting a child!

The Justices were taken aback, especially considering they had recently adopted triplets. It was, without a doubt, wonderful news. Sarah was ready for the challenge of raising three newborn triplets during pregnancy, as demanding as it would be! They had no idea at the time that their good fortune was not going to finish there.

The Justices were about to have five children

Sarah Justice was certain she was sterile after years of attempting to conceive and fruitless reproductive procedures. When she and Andy decided to adopt, they had completely forgotten about attempting to conceive naturally. The news of Sarah’s pregnancy, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise, and it didn’t end there.

Sarah was pregnant with twins when the Justices found out a few months into her pregnancy! The news that they were having additional multiples was incredible, especially since they now had to deal with the notion that they would be raising five babies at the same time.

They had the opportunity to experience both newborn care and pregnancy at the same time

Sarah and Andy Justice, rather than being freaked out, found the humor in the situation and opted to roll with the punches. After all, after years and years of trying, this was a huge blessing.

They did the only thing they could when they finally got their triplets home and kept moving forward. Sarah and Andy had the rare experience of simultaneously raising three newborns and going through their first pregnancy. It was as if the cosmos was punishing them for refusing to fulfill the Justices’ wish.

In less than a year, they grew into a lovely family of seven

Sarah went into labor a few months before the triplets turned one year old. Sarah and Andy had their twins, Andrew and Abigail, after long childbirth. They were now a happy family of seven, with five lovely children to raise.

For the Justices, things were finally looking up, and they were looking forward to what the future held for them and their growing family. Because they had months of practice with their triplets, adjusting their family to accommodate two newborns was undoubtedly a breeze. Of course, for Sarah and Andy, who had been living together for so long, it was a significant lifestyle change.

Their community appeared out of nowhere

With only one infant, many new parents struggle to get enough sleep, so picture how sleep-deprived the Justices were with five! They were fortunate to have the loving support of their family and friends behind them.

Even the community pitched in to assist the Justices in their transition to parenthood. Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa assisted the growing family by cooking meals for them and giving infant formula. Sarah and Andy were fortunate to have their community come to their aid, and it wasn’t just food that they provided.

Strangers from all across the world pitched in to help

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Justice’s condition miraculous. People who were complete strangers felt driven to aid these new parents when word of their growing family spread.

Friends and family offered to babysit while Sarah and Andy returned to work, and there was an outpouring of support from all around Oklahoma. Strangers gave diapers, bottles, clothes, and blankets to the Justices. The Justices plan to go through more than 200 diapers and at least 84 bottles per week with five newborns!

They Used A Trick To Tell The Babies Apart

In order for the Justices to acclimatize to life with five newborns, they had to make some significant changes. Sarah and Andy had to rearrange their personal schedules to accommodate their newborns, as well as invest in a larger van.

The Justices’ biggest issue, though, was being able to tell their children apart. The strategy used by Sarah and Andy was to paint each baby’s toenails a distinctive color. They used this approach for a long time until the newborns started to acquire individual personalities and personal characteristics.

Something Unbelievable Happened After Their Story Went Viral

Sarah and Andy Justice’s love tale is one to remember. The story of the Justices went viral, as it does with most astonishing things that happen in the internet era. It first gained traction on Facebook, but as their tale gained traction, more and more people became enthralled with this remarkable narrative.

People from all around the world wanted to see images of the Justices as they grew up, and the Justices earned a large following. Their fans were also eagerly anticipating updates on the babies’ life. However, just as things were about to calm down for the Justices, something unexpected happened.

Sarah Found Out She Was Pregnant Once More!

The triplets and twins were already toddlers when the Justices’ story went viral. But it was at this point that the family received yet another major piece of information that would drastically alter their lives.

Sarah found out she was pregnant for the second time! The Justices were ecstatic and up for the new job, no matter how daunting it appeared. After all, having already reared five children, a new one would be simple. In 2016, Sarah gave birth to their sixth child, a boy. “We really genuinely adore having these children,” she told Today.

They were now faced with the task of preparing for their sixth child

When the Justices learned that their sixth child was on the way, the triplets and twins were already nearly two years old. Given that they had only spent a few years parenting five children, adding another was a piece of cake.

Some could even argue that it was easier because there was just one baby instead of multiples! Of course, no matter how many children you have, parenting is a journey. The Justices had some particular obstacles as a result of having six children in their household.

Things could have gotten a little tense

Having eight people living in the same house might become a little hectic at times. Unfortunately for Sarah and Andy, several of their children are not yet old enough to take on some of the responsibilities.

But this appeared to be of no concern to the new parents, who had sought and prayed for only one miracle for so long. They were overjoyed to receive their sixth child after having triplets Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth, as well as twins Abigail and Andrew. Despite how tough it may be to keep track of everyone, the parents frequently take their children on outings.

As the first five children grew into toddlers, life became somewhat hectic

Caleb, Sarah and Andy’s youngest son, joined the family in 2016. The triplets and twins were almost four years old at the time. At this point, you can assume that the Justice household was very busy.

While Caleb was still a newborn, Sarah and Andy didn’t have to worry about their other five children, who were all about to complete the potty training process. It was a pleasant relief as the first five children began to mature and gain some independence, especially because Sarah and Andy were ready to welcome their sixth child.

Sarah and Andy’s dream had come true

At this point, being overwhelmed was probably the last thing on Sarah Justice’s mind. After all, she had received far more love than she had asked for in her heart and home.

“Having a number of children is a dream come true,” Sarah remarked in a 2016 interview with Babyology. Waiting for something makes you appreciate it much more when you finally receive it.” Sarah and Andy had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Consider how ecstatic they were when it finally happened! They were overjoyed that their hopes had finally come true.

The Transition To Five Toddler Beds Is Difficult

Sarah and Andy may have had to change their sleep routines, but their children would soon have to do the same. In 2016, their children were transitioning from cribs to toddler beds for the first time.

“Having five toddler beds is an experience,” Sarah told Babyology. But we’re making progress.” Consider the challenges of adjusting five young children to a bed without walls. Not only do you have to be concerned about them falling, but they can now get out of bed on their own. This can be aggravating, particularly if you tell them to go to bed.

They Created A Schedule For Their New Family

It’s no simple task to raise six newborns at once, especially when you’re doing it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What are the methods used by the Justices? For them, the most important thing was to become incredibly structured. Everything about their day is well organized.

Schedules are essential, particularly when raising a large family. It’s also a simple way to keep track of who’s where. A morning stroll kicks off the day, followed by playdates with friends or family. The family works together on housework in the evenings.

Potty Training Five Toddlers At Once Is Possibly The Most Difficult Task

However, you can only be so organized before something unexpected happens. Potty training was a real pain for Sarah. “When you have five children at the same age, potty breaks are a huge part of our day,” Sarah explained.

Depending on how you approach it, this might be quite stressful. Potty training one child is difficult enough, but when you’re doing it for five, you’re certain to have an accident or two. Although not all of the children’s toileting needs are in sync, they do have the experience of going through it together!

The Justice Brothers and Sisters Are Getting Closer

One of the best things about having so many kids – especially if they’re all around the same age – is that you don’t have to worry about any of them feeling left out or lonely. All of the Justice kids will have each other, in addition to all of the friends they’ll make once they start school.

The Justice siblings will form an unbreakable relationship. “We never run out of playmates, and we try hard to instill love and care in our siblings. Sarah told Babyology that her children will always have a friend and will never be lonely.

The Older Siblings Love Their Little Brother

The Justices were better prepared when baby Caleb arrived than they were when their first five children arrived. It was unquestionably less demanding. Because they only had one newborn to feed, they went from over 300 bottles per week to just a few.

Sarah notes that so far, the siblings have reacted well to their newborn baby brother. “Every single one of the kids adores their ‘baby Caleb.'” “He has the biggest fan club in the world, and we can’t fathom living without the sweetest, most adored young boy on the planet,” Sarah explained.

Sarah and Andy’s patience paid off handsomely

After everything has been said and done, Sarah and Andy Justice may rest assured that their prayers have been heard. Knowing how long they suffered, it’s remarkable to see how their story came to a conclusion.

For their part, they are blissful and grateful to have the large family they have always desired. Sarah told Babyology, “They provide a lot of joy to our lives, and we enjoy watching them enjoy life.” The story of how the Justice family came to only prove that patience pays off in the most amazing ways.

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