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Most Popular Podcasts for Fitness Addicted

Podcasts are an interesting and easy to way to learn new thing in an enjoyable way, listening to opinions and thoughts of others, focusing on topics, getting motivation for your life, and more. Anyone from experts with educational degrees to everyday folk can create a podcast if they put their mind to it, and they’re great to have on in the background for listening when you’re doing tasks or even while exercising. In fact, podcasts based around fitness are aplenty out there. Even the most educated fitness guru could find something new or intriguing on the topic of fitness and well being through podcast listening. Here are some of the most popular podcasts for fitness gurus.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

For anyone starting out or struggling in any aspect of their health and fitness journey, Diet Starts Tomorrow is an easy to digest motivator to help you learn about nutrition and exercise as well as how to truly take this change with the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed. It helps you put everything as far as exercise, body limits, and weight as well as other topics into a healthy perspective.

Twenty Minute Fitness Podcast

If you have less time for a podcast or to listen to this information but still need to know more about fitness or need a nice refresher on the most important things to keep in mind this is an excellent option for you. Twenty Minute Fitness Podcast is in shorter episodes and explains important reminders like injury prevention, hydration, and preventing burnout.

Run, Selfie, Repeat

A runner-hosted and focused podcast with no b.s. is Run, Selfie, Repeat. The host talks in length about approaching running for health or happiness in an easy to handle, all health and bodies way. She also tends to call out any equipment, celebrities, and other people in the running world that may not approach the topic in the right way or with lack of bias.

The Yoga Hour Podcast

Anyone particularly interested in specifics about topics like history, usefulness, impact on the body, and so on would love to learn something new from The Yoga Hour Podcast. This listening helps you learn about the history and impact of yoga on your body and on society or wellness as a whole. It can help renew or spark an interest in the practice too.

Empowered by Iron

Female weightlifters and fitness folk should try listening to Empowered by Iron, a podcast specifically built to help women feel less intimidated by the concept of muscle gain and weightlifting as well as how truly empowering that activity can be if you let it into your lifestyle. It comes from the perspective of female weightlifters that have been through the same thoughts and struggles.

Crunches and Cosmos

For those working on an at-home approach to wellness and wanting the best tips on equipment, exercises, and whether the gym is truly needed or not for the best exercise opportunities; Crunches and Cosmos is here. The host discusses this age-old question of at-home versus in the gym as well as provides exercise guides, the best equipment for home gyms, and much more for everyone tuning in.

It would take us a lot longer to fully develop an entire list of the best or most useful podcasts out there for fitness interested folk of any level, but hopefully these popular ones can help you ease into the topic of podcast listening or new fitness knowledge and thinking. No matter how much or little you may know as a fitness, health, or well being guru there truly can be more info out there you can find challenging or fun to hear and absorb. You can also share this information and list with any friends or family members that may have an interest in anything related to exercise or wellness so that they can indulge in some useful listening too.

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