The Reality Behind Hollywood’s Green Screen Effects

Movies take us to a world that is far from reality. With amazing graphics and animation, the world of Hollywood is simply bringing our imagination to the big screens. The truth is that the entire magical world of movies is based on a simple green screen. With the use of CGI and technology, our favorite characters are able to go places that are far beyond the real world.

We know how much this CGI can seem real – but we’re here to show you some behind-the-scenes photos that will show you the reality behind shooting all of these fictional Hollywood movies.

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The Matrix

We’ve all seen the matrix and all its amazing effects – right? But what if we told you that everything you see is merely a green screen?

While we saw Keanu Reeves as a cyber-criminal who fought non-worldly forces to save humanity, all he actually did was an act in front of a big green screen. Since all of the sci-fi fans wanted to see gunshots and people flying through the air, there was not much that the production crew could do apart from installing a bunch of green screens on set. As Reeves kicked and broke imaginary things, the directors were able to create amazing effects through CGI to give us the final result.

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