NASA Has Found a Shiny Foil Piece On Mars And It’s NOT What They Were Looking For

NASA isn’t sure how the bit of a thermal blanket traveled so far across Mars.

NASA spotted a strange-looking object on Mars. Based on a photo, they believe it’s an unusual rock that may have stuck to another rock.

The rover team has spotted an unexpected object. It is a thermal blanket piece that they think may have come from the descent stage when I landed on the surface of Mars in 2021.

NASA JPL spokesperson Andrew Good said the piece is probably a plastic thermal blanket from one of the missions. “We’re not sure exactly which mission it’s from – it could be from the descent stage,” Good said in an email. NASA isn’t sure how the piece made its way to Mars or who put it there.

The blankets helped regulate the temperature during the difficult entry, descent and landing process.

Percy’s social media handlers highlighted that the people who make the thermal blankets are like spacecraft dressmakers. They work with sewing machines and other tools to piece together these unique materials.

Percy is exploring the ancient river delta region within Jezero Crater. The team is hoping to find evidence of microbial life using rocks collected on Mars. Potentially, if there was microbial life from millennia ago on Mars, then Percy may help to find it by exploring a place with evidence of water.

The rover has discovered an amazing landscape. It’s strange because we don’t know how it got there. Future space explorers might solve that mystery.

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