Stranger Things – Biggest Plot Holes Might Be Stranger Than The Upside Down

Many fans are starting to question some unfinished plot points during the finale of Volume 1 of the Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

The popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has been loved and watched by millions of people. The show is set in 1983 and revolves around a group of children who go missing in Hawkins, Indiana – a fictional town in America that’s haunted by supernatural forces. However, the most intriguing aspect of the show is arguably its intriguing plot twists, which are so creepy…and some of them might just be stranger than what we’ve seen happen upside-down!

The Manager of Scoops Ahoy should be fired

The manager at Scoops Ahoy should be fired as the store is inefficient, the staff is rude, and irresponsible for their work.

They have no clue their only two employees are taking time off work to research a conspiracy about Russia. You thought the Upside Down was weird? Wait until you read about these Stranger Things plot holes

What are the plot holes in Stranger Things?

One unresolved issue of Season 3 is the green stuff Steve, Dustin, Robin and Erica found at their secret bunker.

I don’t understand why they would have a huge jar of green slime.

How many plot holes can you find?

It seems silly that the evil scientist would use an above-the-ground mall as a base of operations. They would be riskier and easier to catch by using something like an old abandoned factory as their HQ.

Instead of shaming users, the Russian government opts to create public spaces for children, who like to get into everything.

Karl Urban on How Hopper Should Have Been Punished For Stealing a Car

The character Hopper did many illegal things, including beating up the mayor in the Hawkins. He then stole a car from an innocent man.

A viewer might ask how the driver didn’t get in legal trouble. Stay tuned to learn about a little plot hole revolving around an explosion and a fire cover-up story.

Eleven’s mined block could be the perfect explanation for Stranger Things’ plot hole

It is still unclear whether Eleven lost her powers because of a strange mental block or because the Mind Flayer scrambled them.

Either way, her loss of powers could have been explained a bit further.

Got You Confused Already?

In the first two seasons of Stranger Things, it appears that Hopper is just like any other lazy cop. He’s also not very good at his job.

He’s starting to act like a cop and solve cases around the town. The change in his character was very rapid.

Hopper Scares Joyce Off Dating By Forcing His Protection On Her

Joyce’s boyfriend Bob Newby in season two is killed by one of the demon dogs. A year passes, and Hopper is now on her case about going out for dinner.

One would think that he would be more understanding about her situation, and give her some time alone to figure out what happened with Bob the night he died.

Explosions, mind control, & shadowy conspiracies: Stranger Things plot holes

The government was able to cover up an act of war by claiming the mall caught on fire. The fact that the mall blows up at the end of season three is mind-blowing.

There is even more mind-blowing information to know about the explosion. Everyone listened as the prosecutor explained that no one heard the explosion and then just agreed with him.

This brings me to my next question. Why is it that the cops always seem to be reaching a dead end?

The Hawkins police department is repeatedly shown to not be competent.

The citizens don’t seem to notice that the same group of kids is always at the center of high-priority investigations. They either disappear or die each season and nobody seems to notice. More questions about Hawkins police department coming soon

Stranger Things: The Upside Down isn’t stranger than these plot holes

As the Mind Flayer is in Will, Eleven is around it a lot. It’s likely that the monster knows her too.

But the Mind Flayer in Season 3 says the opposite, so it seems as though he didn’t know who Eleven was, or that she had powers.

Stranger Things Plot Holes That Are Stranger Than The Upside Down

In season 4 of the series, Lucas is a part of high school basketball and wants to be popular.

The player is never mentioned as playing the game outside of the championship, nor is he said to have been skilled enough to win any points.

The questionable translation by Russian fans

A speech recognition software would be of great use to Dustin. He could use it to decode the voice recording and translate it using semantic machine translation.

What helped Steve and the company figure out the translation? How did Steve, Dustin, and Robin figure out the translation since it is most likely they don’t know the Russian alphabet.

The Curious Case Of Why Nobody Has PTSD

Until season four, the kids don’t have any form of PTSD or nightmares. One would think that fighting monsters at the age of 11 would leave a lasting emotional impact on a child.

The only main character who has depression is Max, and that’s only after Billy dies (she was still fine after season two!), which also makes her the only one who could be seen as having a mental illness.

Eleven Never Telling The Cops Eddie’s Name

The fact that the Hawkins police cannot find Eddie is mind-blowing. Max gets a name from looking through videos and Robin matches the suspect to what they watch.

With only hours spent searching, the police have found Eddie. Struggling with the Old Mill plot hole in Stranger Things?

Why Hawkins, Indiana is the perfect location for Stranger Things

The monsters from the Upside Down are bringing trouble to Hawkins, Indiana, most notably with an illegal Russian operation happening underneath the town mall.

It is very strange that people keep dying when they don’t need to.

Curious about why Billy is so involved? Find out in this blog post.

In season three, Billy was only involved with the Mind Flayer because he was on his way to a meeting with Mike’s mom.

The question that then arises is, would Billy still be alive if he never got in the car to see her?

Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 7: Will’s Hair

His bowl cut has been terrible since he was a kid. The other kids have normal hair, but Will goes season after season with the embarrassing cut.

Lots of people are wondering who is cutting the poor kid’s hair and why he keeps going back to them.

What is the significance of a radio tower in Stranger Things?

Dustin has constructed a radio tower that can transmit calls from Hawkins to Salt Lake City. His goal is to call his girlfriend, Suzie.

In real life, could the tower in this article actually cross state lines?

Why Eleven Learned Different Languages During The Show

Stranger Things protagonist Eleven barely speaks in Season One but starts speaking to other characters more as the series progresses.

The Duffer Brothers are making an inconsistency and this needs to be fixed.

The Russians Getting A Demogorgon To The Prison

The whole premise of the Upside Down is that the gate is located in Hawkins. From what viewers have seen, it’s shown to be the only gate that has opened, letting the creatures out.

So the question is, how did the Russian government manage to get a Demogorgon to one of their top-secret prisons? It is not like they transported it on an airplane!

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