The Real Purpose Of Everyday Things

Have you ever wondered what the strange drawer under your oven was for, or what those small black diamonds on your measuring tape meant? The world is full of little design details that could make our lives a little easier if we were only aware of them. These design elements are so well-thought-out that they blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

With our help, you’ll discover the most useful built-in features that have always been right under your nose.

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Why Does Your Measuring Tape Have a Black Diamond?

There’s a reason for those black diamonds (or triangles) on a tape measure that you may not have considered before. The markings are called “black truss.”. Their length ranges from 19.2 inches to 96 inches (eight feet).

What is the point of their existence? There should be five-floor trusses 19 inches apart for every eight-foot piece of wall. The black markings indicate the location of the studs. The center of the first stud in a wall is indicated by the first mark. When it comes to hanging things on the wall, knowing where the studs are can be really helpful!

Use the holes in the handles of your pot when you need to hold the spoon

If you need to save room in your kitchen, the holes in the handles of pots and pans are ideal for hanging them on hooks. In a pinch, the holes can also be used to hold a spoon (or any other mixing instrument).

To keep your counters clean as you cook, simply push the end of your spoon through the hole. The next time you prepare spaghetti bolognese, the tomato sauce won’t be all over the place.

The spiky bit on medicine caps aids in the tearing of foil seals

A spiky cap is sometimes included with tubes of medicinal lotions and ointments. It’s possible that the cap has a spike in the center. The spikes are there to aid customers in poking through the foil seal under the cap.

Customers need the foil to know their goods haven’t been tampered with. Your nails will be protected by the spike. Simply flip the cap over and poke it right through the seal. After that, you can begin applying your new ointment.

The Triangle Next to Your Petrol Gauge Indicates Which Side Your Tank Is On 

Have you ever gone to fill up your car with gas only to discover that you’ve entered the station the incorrect way? Now you must spin around so that the gas pump is on the right side of your vehicle, spending time and energy in the process. If only you’d noticed the small arrow on your petrol gauge earlier.

You can tell which side your gas tank is on by the direction it’s pointed.

Your Whole Life Has Been Spent Eating Ketchup in The Wrong Way

Those tiny paper ketchup cups you see at fast-food places are more useful than you might think. The folds on those cups are really particular, and you can actually unfold them to make a mini ketchup dish for easy dipping.

Try showing your pals this trick the next time you’re at a fast-food establishment. They might share their crispiest, crunchiest french fries with you if you wow them with your condiment knowledge.

That small plastic piece under your bottle cap serves an unexpected purpose!

Your padlocks have extra holes for drainage.

Aside from the lock itself, the extra little hole is crucial. Surprisingly, it also serves as a drain for any padlock you may be utilized outside. That is to say, your lock will not corrode, freeze, and eventually, shatter. It will be in excellent condition for all of the elements it will encounter while performing its duties outside.

It can also be used to lubricate your lock. There’s no need to irritate your ears with obnoxious squeaky noises! To cut a long story short, that extra small hole is intended to ensure that your padlock is always functional.

Tic Tac Dispenser with a Secret

Our entire lives have been spent eating Tic Tacs improperly. There’s a tiny depression within the Tic Tac box’s flip-up cover that’s the precise size and shape of a single Tic Tac. Simply turn the box on its side and open the lid. A single Tic Tac will be delivered on a white plastic tray.

Simply drop the contents of the box into your hand (or mouth) the old-fashioned way if you want to consume two Tic Tacs at once.

If you’ve ever had a pair of Converse sneakers, you’ll quickly discover that you’ve been lacing them incorrectly the entire time.

Disconnect Your Take-Out Containers

When you order Chinese takeout, do you ever get a weird look when you ask for paper plates? There’s a reason for this, and it’s not because the cashier believes you could use your regular plates. Chinese takeout containers, including fast-food condiment cups, are folded in such a way that they may be unfolded and used as dinner plates!

There’s no need to waste vital resources when we all know you’ll eat the entire container of chicken lo mein. Take it in stride, people, and make the most of what you’ve been given!

You may be wondering why there is a hole in your pasta spoon

Have you ever noticed a hole in the middle of a spaghetti spoon and wondered why?

A handy characteristic of slotted forks is that they allow you to strain the pasta while leaving the water behind. So, if you’ve ever wanted to put spaghetti in a pot without splattering boiling water all over the place, now you know-how! You may now scoop your noodles into a tasty sauce, coupled with exactly the correct amount of pasta water.

See what the little black diamond on a measuring tape is for in the next section.

Your Windshield Has a Series of Dots on It

Have you ever noticed how a black band runs down the edge of windshields, followed by a succession of little dots? This is known as a windshield’s “frit,” which is baked-in ceramic paint with a number of functions. To begin with, it shields the sealant from UV rays, which helps to keep the glass in place.

It also helps to hide the dirt that collects on the glass’s edge. The dots, on the other hand, serve as a transition from the black frit to the transparent glass, aiding in temperature dispersion.

What’s the Purpose of That Drawer Under Your Oven?

Most people keep baking sheets or spare wooden spoons in the drawer under their ovens, although it was built for a different function.

That drawer was intended to be used as a food warmer. It’s a place where you may keep food that’s already been prepared warm until it’s time to eat it. Of course, if the drawer is stuffed with baking sheets and wooden spoons, there will be little room for food.

See why pasta spoons have a hole in the middle (it’s not for draining water) in the next section.

The Deep Holes On Wine Bottle Bottoms

So, what’s the deal with the indentations on the bottom of wine and champagne bottles? While some of us may have assumed they were there for show or as a decorative item, there’s a better explanation.

The indentations are designed to compensate for the pressure created by the contents of the bottle during the corking procedure. Bottle bottoms and sides are considered weak points and indentations help to equally disperse the pressure inside. Because champagne bottles are under so much more pressure due to the carbonation, they feature much deeper indentations.

The Disk Under Bottle Caps Is There Is For Doing This

By now, you’re probably giddy with delight at all the things you’ve discovered that serves such a useful purpose but to which you’ve never given any thought, right? So, here’s another one for you!

Are you familiar with the small disc found under the lids of plastic water and drink bottles? They also have a specific function. It’s possible that removing them won’t cause any issues. Isn’t it true that the bottle still closes properly? It turns out that they form a seal that retains everything – both liquid and carbonation – in the bottle. Your drink would quickly get flat if it didn’t have that small disc!

Rats were protected by the margins

Most people believe that notebook margins are for teachers to write notes in, however, this is a widespread fallacy. In actuality, margins began to be added to papers in order to safeguard people’s labor.

Earlier in history, it was typical for rats or insects to nibble off the margins of your paper, thus anyone who wrote all the way to the edge would lose work. Large margins provided the rats more area to eat while reducing the risk of them damaging a piece of paper with writing on it.

The Holes In The Sides Of Your Sneakers Are Actually Functional.

Do you have any of those metal-rimmed holes on the side of your running shoes or sneakers? Those things aren’t just for show, though. Converse All-Stars put those holes in there for a reason, and it’s not simply for ventilation.

There is a technique to use those holes to lace up your sneakers without leaving loose lace ends flapping around. Basketball players employed this lacing technique to reduce their chances of stumbling on the floor.

How To Use Bobby Pins Correctly

We’ve all used bobby pins for various reasons, whether it’s to style our hair, get ourselves out of a tight spot, or for other unexpected demands. Bobby pins are one of those household items that are either extremely useful to some or completely ignored by others.

Have you ever wondered why bobby pins have a zigzag design on one side? The grooved side of the pin is the bottom of the pin, and it should face toward the scalp because they’re famous for styling hair! The grooves aid the hairpin’s grip on the hair. Very useful information!

What Is the Purpose of Your Eraser’s Blue Side?

Erasers were necessary for everyone in school when I was a youngster, and they are still necessary today. While the blue side has been known to remove pencil marks, it also serves a purpose!

That blue side of the eraser, it turns out, is designed to remove pen ink, but it only works on very strong and thick paper. The blue side of the eraser is more abrasive and tougher than the soft pink side. It also removes a lot more paper when you use it, which explains why you’ve ripped through your paper so many times.

What Is The Proper Way To Open And Close Pill Bottles?

If you’ve ever tried to open a prescription pill bottle, you know how difficult it may be to get past the child lock. Fortunately, not all pharmacists aim for you to suffer every time you need your medication, especially if you don’t have any children with you. The cap will fit snuggly onto the pill bottle if you simply turn it upside down.

The tablets won’t spill if it’s knocked over, but it does provide simple access to your medication (as long as youngsters aren’t present). This is a great tip to use if you’re sick and don’t want to deal with aligning up the little arrows on the bottle.

Those Tiny Jean Pockets Were Originally Designed For Pocket Watches

Do you know how your pants have those little pockets that don’t appear to be helpful for much? It turns out that these little pockets serve a useful role after all. Nearly everyone owned a pocket watch in the 1800s, and they kept them in that small pocket!

Nowadays, we tend to keep our wallets, keys, and other valuables in the larger pockets, so the small pocket is mostly for show. However, if pocket watches ever become fashionable, we’ll know where to store them!

Find out what the plastic on the inside of a bottle cap is used for next.

Pen Lids with Holes: Why Are They There For?

It has been drummed into our brains since childhood, when our parents first permitted us to use ink, that it is critical to keep the lids on pens to prevent them from drying out and to maintain a pressure balance that prevents the pen from leaking. However, it turns out that the hole in the pen lid serves a role as well.

The holes in pen lids are actually there to prevent little infants from suffocating. If a youngster chokes on the cap while chewing on it, the hole prevents their airway from completely closing up, preventing suffocation. Raise your hand if you spend all day at school chewing on pen lids!

Fruit Sticker Numbers: What They Mean

We’ve all bought fruit previously that came with that annoying sticker to remove. But, beyond displaying the occasional brand name and assisting cashiers in ringing up your purchase, what are they truly for?

Fruit stickers, it turns out, identify the country and the producer. The numbers are normally four digits long, with the first digit indicating that the fruit has been pesticide-sprayed. If the first digit is 9 and there are 5 digits, the fruit was cultivated organically. If there are five numbers and the first one is 8, however, the fruit has been genetically engineered.

Why Does Your Tape Measure Have A Metal Thing On Its End?

This will probably blow your head if you’re not extremely handy. The small metal piece at the end of a tape measure can be extremely helpful.

It’s especially useful when putting up drywall if it’s serrated. The edge allows you to score softer surfaces with ease. While the bit moves back and forth slightly, it is actually compensation for the width of the metal hook, and it pushes in when measuring an inner surface and pulls out when measuring an outer surface. While moving the exact width of the metal hook, usually 1/16th of an inch, the bit stops the slight width from throwing off the measurement.

The Real Essence of Your Computer Charger’s Wing-Like Tabs

How many times have you sat at your computer, swiping up and down the small tabs on your charger? Those things aren’t just for fidgeting with. Wrap the thicker cable around the large power block first, then wrap the thinner cable around the wings.

After that, use the clamp at the very end to secure everything. Your cables will no longer become tangled and jumbled at the bottom of your bag.

Why Are Rulers Punctuated with Holes?

We rolled our eyes at this one because the explanation is so obvious. The hole on the ruler’s beginning end is for hanging it up. Math teachers don’t need to search for strange baskets to organize these measuring instruments; all they need is a handy dandy nail in the wall to hang them all up! They can be put into 3-ring binders as well.

If only math was as easy as putting away the tools. But, since beggars can’t be choosers, we’re left shaking our heads, wondering why we didn’t realize what those holes were used for when we were kids.

Creative Bottle Cap Design

If you’re anything like us, you remember prying those small plastic discs out of water bottles, soda bottles, beer bottles, and any other bottle that had one. What else could those little plastic discs possibly be used for besides making weird ’90s bracelets?

To be honest, those tiny discs are what keep everything in the bottles! The whole enchilada, including the water and carbonation. If you didn’t have that ring, you’d have a flat soda in no time, and it’d be leaking out the top of the bottle if it was ever knocked over. Keep that in mind the next time you’re craving a bracelet.

The Purpose of Studs on Jeans

Okay, so we looked into why our jeans have such small pockets, but what about those studs?

It turns out that when Levi Strauss created his first pair of jeans, the seams of the pants were prone to tearing due to the stress placed on them by the wearer – mostly laborers and coal miners. Those tiny studs, known as rivets, are there to strengthen the jeans in the most visible places! So, rivets exist solely to ensure that our pants are durable and long-lasting.

Check out our next discovery for the next time you go grocery shopping!

Coins have ridged edges for a clear reason

We all adore money, yet we never stop to consider why it seems the way it does. It pays for everything, so why don’t you just shut up and use it?

You might want to go back to the 16th century if you’ve ever wondered why coins have stiff edges. People would clip little bits of valuable metal from coins to sell at the time, while passing on damaged coins for full value. To counteract this, a procedure known as reeding was developed, which entails carving a number of grooves on the edges of coins so that you can tell if they’ve been tampered with. Reeding has been practiced for centuries.

What Do The Thick Bits On USB Cables Are For?

We all have a collection of USB and cable cords strewn over the house. Most likely, you have no idea what gadget each cord belongs to, but you’ll be surprised to learn.

Ferrite cores or chokes are the small cylinder-shaped lumps on the cords. They’re just pieces of magnetic iron oxide designed to block high-frequency electromagnetic interference. If you’ve ever had a problem with your cell phone getting too close to a speaker, ferrite cores are there to keep your other devices from being harmed.

The Purpose of Existing Bumps On Your Keyboard

Most trained typists understand what those little bumps on the F and J keys on a keyboard are for, but the rest of us are baffled, and others have never noticed them at all.

The F and J keys, it turns out, are the home keys in 10-finger typing – the ones where your index fingers rest. Without having to look down at the keyboard, the small bumps on both keys allow you to return to the home position. Even if most of us don’t follow the principles of 10-finger typing, it’s still interesting to know, right?

The extra fabric will be used to test detergents

Do you know how when you buy new clothes, they always come with an extra piece of fabric? We all assumed it was for repairing rips and tears, right? Wrong!

Those extra pieces of cloth are given so you can evaluate the fabric’s colorfastness when it comes time to wash it. What a brilliant idea! When switching washing detergents or trying out a new stain remover, it’s recommended to save those fabric pieces. So, rather than spoiling your new clothes, you can just test the fabric to see how it will turn out before washing it.

You’d never think a pen lid could save a life, would you?

There’s More Than One Use for Those Soda Tabs

So we’ve all used that handy little tab to open a can of soda, but once it’s open, we kind of forget about it, right?

You’ve been drinking from the wrong soda cans! It turns out that you can use the can tab as a straw holder! Simply spin the tab around to create an organized, enjoyable, and novel method to drink soda without having your straw move all over the place. No more giggling like a fool as you wobble your head around trying to get the darn straw into your mouth. Isn’t it incredible?

Airplane windows have real holes in them

If you travel by plane frequently, you may have noticed that airplane windows have little holes in them. Don’t worry, those holes are just where they should be.

Those holes are meant to keep the plane’s air pressure in check. Because air pressure varies as you move further away from the earth’s surface, your ears explode at high altitudes. The window holes help to regulate some of the air pressure difference, so the outside window doesn’t have to perform all of the work. Additionally, they keep the windows from fogging up.

Cuticles are there for a reason

If you enjoy getting your nails done, you’re certainly aware of the practice of chopping off your cuticles to achieve a beautiful look, but you might want to reconsider after reading this!

The cuticle, a little patch of skin that surrounds your nails, serves to protect them from infection. Your nail is exposed with a little wound once the epidermis is removed, allowing bacteria and fungi to enter. So, while trimming your cuticles is a component of having a great manicure, it actually does nothing for your nails. Furthermore, it has the potential to be highly damaging.

Everything You Should Know About Utility Blades

Have you ever looked at a utility blade closely and wondered what the little score lines on the blade are for? They imply that you can break off the blade’s end at any time, resulting in a nice, new, sharp cutting edge.

To break the blade, just remove the black cap, slide the knife out the backside, and break off the end of the blade with the cap. Reassemble everything, and you’ve got yourself a “new” utility knife! If you’re not comfortable working with sharp objects, ask for assistance.

Holes in Doughnuts Are For a Purpose

Donuts are old-fashioned pastries that have stood the test of time. They’ve been around for centuries, despite the fact that they’re still a very popular tasty treat today. Bakers may now produce them in almost any shape or size, although this was not always the case.

People had a hard time getting the edges and the middle of the pastry to cook uniformly before the doughnut was created, thus the hole in the middle was invented. As a result, doughnut holes were created! After all, everyone enjoys a good munchkin.

Why Are Elevators Designed With Holes

If you’ve ever stood in line for an elevator for a long time, you’ve probably noticed a small hole in or around the door. No, this isn’t a peephole; it’s called an escutcheon tube in technical terms. It is possible to unlock the elevator doors with the correct key, whether or not the actual elevator cabin is present.

Maintenance staff will have easy access to cleaning and inspection activities as a result of this arrangement. In the unusual event that you become stranded in the elevator, personnel will be able to unlock the doors and safely remove you.

Easily Transport Your Grocery Bags

While the back half of the cart is used to support a child who is sitting in it, there is a loop or hump at the top if you look closely. No, this isn’t just for show; it also serves a very practical purpose. It’s designed to raise bags containing light or delicate things like bread and eggs, which could be crushed by larger groceries.

Even today, you’ll see that baggers are unaware of this use! It’s very bad because there are a lot of sad eggs and bread loaves that get crushed.

That Tiny Dot Right Next to Your Smartphone What Looks Like A Camera Is Actually A Microphone

Since the introduction of the “selfie camera,” we’ve been unsure why this is a thing. But it’s there, and we’ve got to figure out what it means! After all, it’s quite mocking to just sit there. When you use the back camera, the small dot next to the camera is actually a microphone.

You don’t have to worry about your friend not being able to hear you if you’re on the phone and attempting to show them where you are while still chatting to them. Apple employees consider everything. It’s not a fair personality feature at all.

Blankets became jackets thanks to half-belts

Have you ever wondered what those weird half-belts on the back of coats were for? Surprisingly, this addition is more than a fashion statement. Does anyone for a pair of ripped jeans? These belts are most usually found on trench coats and pea coats, which were once popular among men in the military.

The soldiers would be able to use these garments as blankets. So the half-belt was supposed to do what any belt is supposed to do: gather the cloth so the men could move without tripping over it. A blanket that can also be worn as a jacket? Please sign us up!

You Can Use Pom Poms For More Than Just Fashion

Have you ever worn a beanie hat in the winter and wondered what the odd pom-pom thing on top is for? Of course not — it’s just a matter of taste! However, you might be shocked to learn that these pom-poms formerly had a very other function.

The Vikings invented beanie caps to keep their heads and ears warm during harsh winters. The pom-pom on top was stitched on to keep the hat’s seams from falling apart. Later on, buttons were used instead of pom-poms, which is where the name comes from.

The necks on beer and soda bottles are there for a reason

The neck of a beer bottle or a glass soda bottle was created with a specific purpose in mind. Manufacturers sought to ensure that their drinks stayed as cold as possible for as long as feasible.

Patrons will hold the top of the bottom, where the least quantity of beverage is stored, because of the long design form with a narrow top. This prevents the beverage from heating up too soon and spoiling the flavor.

You’re Probably Unaware That Your Stapler Has “Settings”

You’ve undoubtedly assumed that a piece of metal at the very end of your stapler is there to bend the stable as you push down. Did you realize, though, that the small metal placeholder has another useful function?

The metal component can actually be turned around. This forces your staples to flex outward, resulting in a temporary staple that can be removed at any moment. And now you’re aware.

A Lollipop Stick With A Hole At The Top Makes A Lot Of Sense

When you are done with the candy, remember trying to make your lollipop stick whistle? We were convinced for years that the hole was there for that reason, or to avoid a choking hazard. The hole in round lollipops with plastic grips, it turns out, serves a production purpose.

When making a lollipop, the hot melted candy used to make the sucker is poured into a mold. Some of the candy oozes into the hole and solidifies, giving the lollipop stick a better hold. This isn’t necessary with circular paper sticks because the candy adheres better to that material.

Tire Pattern Indicators’ Surprising Use

Have you ever noticed that the majority of tires have a small emblem on the tread? Typically, the emblem is the company’s logo or, in Michelin’s case, the Michelin Man mascot. Those symbols aren’t only ornamental.

“Tire wear indicators, incorporated into the main tread grooves, reveal the tread depth,” Michelin adds. The Michelin Man figure on MICHELIN tires depicts where these indicators are positioned. When a tire wears down to these criteria, it must be replaced.”

The McFlurry Spoon Square Hole Is Creative

One of the more clever inventions in the fast-food industry is the square hole in the McFlurry spoon.

McDonald’s designed the spoon to automatically attach to the McFlurry machine’s ice cream whisker. When a McDonald’s employee prepares your tasty snack, keep a tight eye on them. They connect the spoon’s open hole to the machine, then add your chosen ingredient and start the mixing procedure with your spoon. This implies that cleaning the machine after each usage will take less time. It’s ideal for businesses where every second counts.

Coat hangers made of wood have a very specific function

Wooden coat hangers are not only more environmentally friendly than plastic hangers, but they may also help protect your favorite garments from bug invasions.

Bugs are known to avoid cedarwood, which also has a pleasant natural aroma. The natural oils in red cedar help kill moth larvae but not adult moths or carpet beetles, according to Martha Stewart. She observes that when the aroma disappears, the impact decreases as well. It’s possible that if you only have a few months, they’ll die off before they can spawn a swarm of offspring that eat your clothes, but this isn’t certain.

For historical reasons, women’s shirt buttons were traditionally located on the left side of the shirt

Have you ever wondered why, despite the fact that the majority of people are right-handed, women’s blouses have buttons on the left side? While not completely true, the most widely held belief is that wealthy women are clothed by their chambermaids.

“When clothing standards were becoming standardized, many women did not dress,” reports The Atlantic of this peculiar quirk. Women with a lot of money, in particular… Servants were frequently obliged to assist wealthy ladies in putting on and taking off their intricately buttoned gowns—yet servants, like the rest of the population, were mostly right-handed.”

Juice Boxes Have Toddler-Friendly Flaps!

Have you ever wondered why juice boxes have two flaps on the side? No, it isn’t merely a byproduct of the production process. In fact, they were created with a considerably younger target audience in mind.

Little hands, especially those of toddlers, are frequently incapable of holding a juice box on their own. Little kids also have a habit of squeezing too hard and spilling juice. Little toddler hands may easily handle their juice box by opening the two flaps and drinking from it.

Ketchup Bottles With The Heinz 57 Logo Have An Unknown Secret Trick

Have you ever noticed that the glass bottles of Heinz ketchup have an embossed number 57 on them? It turns out that the company uses the embossed piece of glass in a specific location, and it’s quite useful.

A company spokeswoman told The Today Show that the number 57 is placed on the bottle to pinpoint the “sweet spot.” Ketchup will flow more easily from the bottle if you gently tap the number 57 while holding the bottle upside down. We can’t believe we’ve always been using the wrong Heinz ketchup bottles.

To Protect You, Escalator Brushes Are a Necessity.

For safety reasons, the bristles on the sides of many modern escalators were installed. While it may appear that they are cleaning the steps, they are actually there to serve as a warning to escalator riders.

The brushes were installed to deter users from standing too close to the escalator’s side and to warn them that clothing should not be pulled along the escalator’s side. The bristles serve as a warning mechanism to avoid snags that can cause significant damage.

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