The Real Purpose Of Everyday Things

Have you ever wondered what the strange drawer under your oven was for, or what those small black diamonds on your measuring tape meant? The world is full of little design details that could make our lives a little easier if we were only aware of them. These design elements are so well-thought-out that they blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

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With our help, you’ll discover the most useful built-in features that have always been right under your nose.

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Why Does Your Measuring Tape Have a Black Diamond?

There’s a reason for those black diamonds (or triangles) on a tape measure that you may not have considered before. The markings are called “black truss.”. Their length ranges from 19.2 inches to 96 inches (eight feet).

What is the point of their existence? There should be five-floor trusses 19 inches apart for every eight-foot piece of wall. The black markings indicate the location of the studs. The center of the first stud in a wall is indicated by the first mark. When it comes to hanging things on the wall, knowing where the studs are can be really helpful!

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