Creative House Design Tricks for Working From Home

Working from home (WFH) is bigger than ever, and more people are making their living spaces double duty as workspaces or home libraries.

One idea that’s really taking off is the cloffice (closet + office = cloffice), a small space for an office created from a closet. For years, this concept has been around, particularly in big cities where space is at a premium. But the pandemic has convinced more people to create a small home office from storage space they aren’t using. 

Many people hire a designer to create a space that reflects their personality. As many homeware companies sell affordable components, such as easy-to-install shelves, many people are also designing and installing their own offices. Another trending idea is to add bookshelves and a reading nook to that unused closet space. 

No matter whether you are creating a small home office or a home library, here are our top design tips for creating a functional and imaginative space.

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Find the Ideal Space

An unused closet in a spare bedroom may be an ideal spot for a cloffice. This way, you have your own private workspace, away from your bedroom and living or dining area, so work and the rest of your life don’t overlap. 


An unused pantry or closet off the entry or the main hallway will also work. Once you’ve set up your cloffice, you can go into it, close the door and keep your home life and work-life separate. 

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