The mystery of the 1,300-year-old ancient city lost in the lakebed: Magnificent not inferior to Atlantis

Tiandao is a large artificial lake of 1975.1 square meters According to the name Thien Dao, the lake has an area of 573 km and contains 1,078 large and small islands scattered throughout. However, the scenery here cannot be compared with the majestic ancient city right at the bottom of the lake, which is known as the “Atlantis of the East”.

The “missing” city of Shi Cheng – Treasures in the lakebed

The city of Shi Cheng was built about 1300 years ago, in the Eastern Han period. When it was first built, it was located at the foot of Mount Wushi.

The city of Hangzhou has a population density of 290,000 people.

“Atlantis of the East” is overwhelmed by its ancient and mysterious look.

However, when China carried out the project to build the Tan An dam at Tiandao Lake in 1959, the city was unfortunately submerged under water and has been lying in the riverbed ever since.

Eventually, after a long search, experts discovered structures under the lake. Decades later, a team of Shanghai divers found Shicheng lying underwater at a depth of 40 meters.

After more than 50 years, the ruins of this city have become the version of the kingdom of Atlantis and are part of the collection of world wonders in miniature in China.

Mysterious “time box”

Although forgotten for several decades, the city of Shi Cheng still retains many intact buildings and temples, ornately decorated with intricate carvings boldly oriental.

The details of the city are still preserved intact.

Moreover, being unaffected by factors such as rain, sun or wind, this place remains intact from the walls, the carved architecture to the wooden lagoons and stairs.

Accordingly, the city also has up to 5 entrance gates from all directions, wide roads or archways decorated with stone statues carved with lions, dragons and many other historical symbols with a mysterious beauty , splendid right under the lake.

Sketch of the city of Shicheng.

After 20 years of discovery, this project has become a popular tourist destination attracting tourists, especially divers and tourists who are passionate about learning about China’s ancient history and culture. .

The discovery of an ancient city under a lake in China

In recent years, the discovery of an ancient city under a lake in China has caused a great sensation among archaeologists and historians.

This lost city is believed to be around 4,000 years old. It was discovered by a team of Chinese and American researchers who were using sonar to map the bottom of the Fuxian Lake. The city is located in the Yunnan Province of China.

The city is thought to be one of the oldest known examples of a planned city. It is believed to have been built by the ancient Yi people. The Yi people are an ethnic group who live in southwestern China. They have their own language and culture.

The discovery of this ancient city has shed new light on the history of the Yi people. It has also given scientists a better understanding of how ancient cultures lived and flourished.

The history and mystery of the city

1. The history and mystery of the city:

The city is believed to be around 4,000 years old and was discovered in 2001 by a team of researchers from the University of Havana. The city is thought to have been built by the ancient Mayan civilization and was lost to the world for centuries after it was submerged by a lake.

2. The magnificent ruins of the city:

The ruins of the city are believed to be well preserved and are said to be as magnificent as the ruins of Atlantis. The city is thought to have been built on a large platform made of stone and surrounded by a moat. It is also believed to have had a complex system of canals and aqueducts.

3. Why the city was lost:

The exact reason why the city was lost is not known. It is possible that the city was abandoned due to climate change or natural disasters. Alternatively, it could have been purposely hidden by the ancient Maya in order to protect it from invaders.

4. The significance of the discovery:

The discovery of the lost city is significant because it provides new insight into the history and culture of the ancient Maya civilization. It also raises new

The importance of the city

The city is believed to be around ,-years-old and was lost in the lakebed. It is thought to be a very important city, due to its size and the fact that it is one of the oldest cities found. The city is also unique because it is made up of two parts; the upper part is where the people lived, and the lower part is where the animals were kept. This suggests that the city was well-organized and had a clear division of labor.

The city was lost for many years, but it was recently discovered by a group of scientists. They believe that the city holds many secrets and could help us learn more about our history. The city is currently being excavated and studied, and we may soon know more about this mysterious ancient city.

The beauty of the city

The ancient city that was lost in the lakebed is said to be very beautiful. It is described as being magnificent and not inferior to Alantis. The city was probably built by a wealthy civilization that had a lot of resources. The city was probably lost due to a natural disaster, such as a earthquake or tsunami.

How to find the lost city

There are many ways to find a lost city. One way is to use satellite imagery. This can help to identify patterns in the landscape that may indicate the presence of a hidden city. Another way is to look for clues in historical records. This can help to narrow down the search area. Finally, archaeologists can use ground-penetrating radar to scan the area for hidden structures.

Once the lost city has been found, there are several ways to explore it. One way is to use drones or robots to survey the area. This can help to map the layout of the city and identify any potential hazards. Another way is to send people in to explore the city firsthand. This can be dangerous, but it can also provide a wealth of information about the city and its history.

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