That’s how much an iPhone subscription may cost a month – iPhone subscription price revealed

Last week we reported that Apple may for the first time offer a service where it will offer iPhones in a monthly subscription model. As part of the subscription, the user will be able to upgrade and replace each time a new device is launched, as long as he pays the monthly payment – which has now been revealed.

Apple already offers monthly paid plans in the US, but this is not exactly a monthly subscription plan, but a purchase transaction in payments that includes a “starting point” where the customer is invited to return the device in a kind of trade-in transaction and purchase a new device instead. In the new package, customers will be able to upgrade the device when a new model is launched or after a certain period, depending on the monthly payment and terms of employment.

Thus according to Bloomberg, the program will include the three different iPhone models and will probably be launched at the end of the current or next year. For the iPhone 13 equivalent model the plan will be priced at $ 35 a month, the iPhone 13 Pro equivalent at $ 45 a month and the iPhone 13 Pro Max equivalent at $ 50 a month. In a simple calculation, this is $ 420 per year for the base model or $ 840 in two years.

The benefit to consumers is clear: the plan will allow you to enjoy a new device without heavy spending, but it also depends on how long Apple will allow you to upgrade to a new model since after about two years it is an amount equal to the value of a device at full price.

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