Today’s crypto: the big ones go up, DogeCoin goes down again

The big currencies went up again today after yesterday’s slight declines, but it was the smaller currencies that went up yesterday that went down today – and did Dogecoin erase yesterday’s leap?

The crypto market today showed mixed trends, after the zigzags of recent days when the three major currencies went up and the rest went down.

Bitcoin, the oldest and central currency, which over the weekend was mined 19 million in number on its blockchain, bringing it closer to a point where there will be no more coins to mine (21 million bitcoin), recorded an increase of about one percent to $ 46,695 per currency and market value Of $ 887 billion. However, in the weekly range, it recorded a decline of 2.4%.

Ethereum, the second most important currency used as a basis for a significant share of the crypto market as a whole, rose by 1.12% to a price of $ 3.524 per currency and a market value of $ 423 billion, 2.2% higher than a week ago.

Binance Coin, the currency of the Central Crypto Exchange, rose 2.37% daily and 4.12% a week to $ 458 a currency and a market value of $ 75.5 billion.

Cardano, which has experienced a significant jump in recent weeks, fell today by 0.75% to a price of $ 1.21 per currency and a market value of just under $ 41 billion – one percent and a third below its value a week ago.

Ripple fell 0.9 percent a day and nearly 6 percent a week, to 82 cents and a market capitalization of less than $ 40 billion.

And DogeCoin, which jumped yesterday, is experiencing a 1.75% “correction” today, with its price still in the 15-cent range for the currency and its market value at $ 20.2 billion – still 3.5% above its value a week ago.

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