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Microsoft in trouble? Hackers leaked information from the company’s servers

The group of hackers behind a wave of hacks to giant companies has leaked a huge database of source code to Microsoft applications. And what was the company’s response?

The $ Lapsus hacker group, one of the most active and well-known hacker groups of recent months, revealed this week that it has managed to break into Microsoft’s internal server and get its hands on the source code of some of the company’s products.

On Sunday evening, the group posted screenshots on its telegram channel, and on Monday it uploaded a 9-gigabyte compressed torrent file to the pirated download protocol, which according to the Bleeping Computer website was spread to 37 gigabytes, which included the source code of 250 software projects belonging to The hackers for Microsoft, including the Bing search engine, the Bing from scratch map service, the voice assistant Cortana and more.

Security researchers who examined the material told the website that it appears that it was indeed material stolen from Microsoft and that the material also includes internal emails of the company’s employees. All the stolen code was for the websites and mobile applications of the company’s services, and not for its computer software.

The company, for its part, refuses to the website on Sunday because it is “aware of the allegations and investigating” (them). Yesterday (Tuesday) she posted a post on her blog in which she revealed that she has been following the group’s activities for some time. “In recent weeks, Microsoft’s security teams have been actively monitoring an extensive operation of social engineering and extortion against a number of organizations, with some seeing evidence of destructive factors,” she wrote. “This week, the source posted claims that gained access to Microsoft and penetrated some of our source code. No code or customer information was involved in the visible activities.”

Regarding the code stolen from it, she clarified that “our investigation found a single account that was hacked, and gave limited access. Our cyber response teams acted quickly to deal with the hacked account and prevent further activity. Microsoft does not rely on code confidentiality as a safety measure.” “Our team has already investigated the hacked account on the basis of threatening intelligence when the source published the intrusion.”

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