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Hyundai Responds To Elon Musk’s Claim That They’re “doing Well”

Tesla, a company owned by Elon Musk, had a market share of 75.8% in the first quarter of 2022 with its electric vehicles largely contributing to that. In June, someone shared a screenshot on social media suggesting that Tesla controlled most of the market shares.

He commented that Hyundai was doing well too and offered congratulations but this comment was left unanswered by Hyundai, who then decided to not reply back to what he said and hoped to keep matters at work between them.

Tesla is doing well and CEO Elon Musk thanked Hyundai through a tweet. Moreover, Hyundai said it was proud to introduce its latest car the IONIQ6. The company also shared an image, which read “Doing well indeed”.

Hyundai just revealed an addition to the IONIQ family of cars, the IONIQ 6. It looks a lot like a Volkswagen Beetle, but the release date and technical information have not been revealed yet. Demos are scheduled for July 14.

The IONIQ6 will have a battery with a power capacity of 77.4 kWh, and it will boast dual electric motors that can generate 300 hp.

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