When Actresses Hid Their Pregnant Bellies During The Filming

It is not a new thing that actresses are bound with their work and projects legally, but there’s a problem that comes with it. Being pregnant is itself a really hard phase for the mother and what makes it even more difficult is when you are an actress and legally bound to some project.

This pregnancy then not only becomes hard on the actresses but on the post-production teams, that have to work super hard to make the belly bump disappear in the final product, and the studios are always hunting for new solutions of coping with this concern. Still, there are times when it’s quite evident that the actresses are expecting a baby and the wonders of the post-production team don’t seem to work. Here is a list of actresses that not only worked while being full-blown pregnant but also manage to hide the baby bump successfully, with the help of inventive costumes or the editing after the shoots or even hiding behind weird stuff during the shoots.

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Gal Gadot

What an amazing character was the wonder woman, but we all failed to guess that Gal Gadot was five months pregnant when she was shooting for the film. It was a project in 2017 and was a very physically demanding role when she was more than halfway in her journey of being a mother. 

According to Gal Godat; “ In close up I looked very much like a wonder woman”, but this was not the scene in the wide shots as she stated that; “I looked like Wonder Woman was pregnant with Kermit the frog in wide shots”. On the shoot of the film, she wore a green cloth around her five months huge belly bulge, for the post-production to CGI it to perfection, which was an obviously hard job to do.

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