When Actresses Hid Their Pregnant Bellies During The Filming

It is not a new thing that actresses are bound with their work and projects legally, but there’s a problem that comes with it. Being pregnant is itself a really hard phase for the mother and what makes it even more difficult is when you are an actress and legally bound to some project.

This pregnancy then not only becomes hard on the actresses but on the post-production teams, that have to work super hard to make the belly bump disappear in the final product, and the studios are always hunting for new solutions of coping with this concern. Still, there are times when it’s quite evident that the actresses are expecting a baby and the wonders of the post-production team don’t seem to work. Here is a list of actresses that not only worked while being full-blown pregnant but also manage to hide the baby bump successfully, with the help of inventive costumes or the editing after the shoots or even hiding behind weird stuff during the shoots.

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Gal Gadot

What an amazing character was the wonder woman, but we all failed to guess that Gal Gadot was five months pregnant when she was shooting for the film. It was a project in 2017 and was a very physically demanding role when she was more than halfway in her journey of being a mother. 

According to Gal Godat; “ In close up I looked very much like a wonder woman”, but this was not the scene in the wide shots as she stated that; “I looked like Wonder Woman was pregnant with Kermit the frog in wide shots”. On the shoot of the film, she wore a green cloth around her five months huge belly bulge, for the post-production to CGI it to perfection, which was an obviously hard job to do.

Debra Messing

What an effort by the team as it was to conceal the pregnant belly of Debra Messing, on the shoot of season 6 of Will and Grace. Even the knit pickers couldn’t guess that Debra Messing was pregnant. It was the filmmakers who put great effort into hiding it. Bravo!

But it was mainly the wardrobe department who did an amazing job with her dresses for the season and made her wear flowing robes. But according to the fans, this attire didn’t compliment Debra’s mien in the story, at all. The makers made her grab random stuff around her belly, but despite all their efforts, her belly was sizeable enough that they chose to shoot the final episodes without her.

Helena Bonham Carter

If you’re lucky enough to be dating the film’s director while pregnant, you could find the production schedule to be accommodating. At least, we may presume such was the case for actress Helena Bonham Carter. She became pregnant shortly after joining the cast, so when word of her pregnancy spread, they had to make some hasty alterations. 

Tim Burton made sure that the schedule for 2007’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was expedited so that Helena could still perform in the film. Fortunately, the entire video was shot in low light, and Helena was wearing thick layers beneath her corset, so her developing bulge was easily covered.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Famous Actress and Model (Actress)

When Sarah Jessica Parker found out she was pregnant during the fifth season of Sex and the City, it created a significant quandary. The couple attempted to conceal her growing baby bump with fashionable, loose-fitting clothing, but it proved impossible. In order to keep it a secret, the authors decided that Carrie Bradshaw would be out of character if she were to have children.

With a frame that is widely regarded as the world’s smallest, Is it possible to take on too much? Season 5 was both delayed and shortened due to the fact that they couldn’t keep up the pretense for much longer. This is the reason why and it will probably end the fans’ curiosity too!

Kate Winslet

 When filming for the 2014 film Divergent began, actress Kate Winslet was five months pregnant with her first child.  She couldn’t perform the tricks herself and also the producers had talked her into it. Following her delivery, she expressed an interest in filming some additional footage of herself performing the stunts!

The directors and writers of Divergent relied on small tricks to keep her pregnancy a secret when it came down to it. In some of the shots, she wore a buttoned jacket, and she even used iPads and office folders that were placed correctly on the table. Anything is possible if one has the desire to achieve it!

Jane Leeves

Unlike in the case of Jane Leeves, directors today may not approach an actress’s pregnancy in the same way they did with her. In Season 8, at the start of the season, her character Daphne Moon became pregnant, and the show decided to (aggressively) turn her growing tummy into a condition of compulsive eating. 

Because of Daphne’s relationship problems, she was able to dress in oversized clothing while claiming to be her. For a few episodes, after Niles sent her to a weight loss spa or “fat camp” in order to lose weight, we didn’t see her again. What are you doing with your life?

Claire Danes,

As a result of her pregnancy, actress Claire Danes had some difficulties while filming the Showtime television series Homeland. Covering her stomach on such a physically demanding program was not going to be an option for her with her growing baby bump. A strategically placed cushion is clearly visible, but we wish Homeland had done a better job of concealing it. They also attempted to dress Claire’s character Carrie Mathison in a more “forgiving” manner, but this did not always work. 

The option of Photoshopping her pregnancy bump away is available in some situations. According to her later admission, Rowan was shot between the first and second trimesters of her pregnancy. “Because it was sent from both sides, I received it. As soon as they had to digitally remove my large tummy, I started feeling nauseated and exhausted.”

January Jones

In the fifth season of Mad Men, January Jones became pregnant, and the writers came up with a novel way to deal with the situation. According to the method, Betty Draper appeared to have gained a significant amount of weight through the use of prosthetics. Betty was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor during the course of the show. 

When January was pregnant, it must have been difficult for her to wear prosthetics and a fat suit, as she explained. Throughout the years, you may have witnessed Betty indulge in her favorite foods in a variety of settings. When filming began, Pregnant January was required to arrive at the studio at 3 a.m. every day for six or seven hours of prosthetic makeup.

 Emily Blunt 

We had no idea what we were talking about. When Emily Blunt was filming her role in 2016’s The Girl on the Train, she had her stomach covered to protect it from the elements. Her character was an alcoholic who had lost her way, which was ironic given her situation. 

To make matters worse, she didn’t tell any of her co-stars that she was pregnant until after the fact. In the end, Emily admitted that she struggled with the task: “I believe that I was exhausted, so I became the queen of power naps.” Emily, you have 10 minutes,” and I was “out cold in the corner” as soon as they said, “Emily, you have 10 minutes.” Justin Theroux correctly predicted that she was pregnant because she was “being very wussy with the stunts.” He was dead-on in his prediction.

 Courteney Cox

The fact that Courteney Cox became pregnant during the final season of Friends must have been difficult for her. As a result, in order to introduce Monica’s pregnancy into the show, she had to be presented as someone who could not become pregnant at the outset of the season. A difficult task indeed!

Although there were a few more headshots than usual, the presentation mostly comprised loose-fitting shirts and coats, which added to the informal atmosphere. They were expecting their first child, a daughter named Coco, with her ex-husband David Arquette. During the filming of the last episode, Courteney was approximately four months pregnant. That is what you call a perfect cover-up!

Ellen Pompeo

You’d imagine an expanding pregnancy belly would appear to be well-hidden under scrubs. On the basis of what we can see, they appear to be rather revealing. When Ellen Pompeo informed the show’s producers of her pregnancy, the producers incorporated it into the plot of the show. Gotta make lemonades with the lemons! 

Meredith Grey, played by Ellen DeGeneres, was placed on bed rest after she gave a piece of her liver to her father in season six of the show. On-air, Meredith was lying on her stomach, which had been carefully covered with folders and blankets that had been strategically placed. Quite a successful strategy!

Julia Roberts

Because Julia Roberts is such a well-known Hollywood actress, the producers of Ocean Twelve decided to include a fake pregnancy scene for her in the production. You’ll notice that there is no tummy visible until Tess pretends to be pregnant in order to pull off the heist if you watch the video again.

 Her neck and upper body are shown before the amusing scenario, either being filmed or videotaped at a table with a video camera. According to the film, when she plays a phony-but-real Julia Roberts, she is given a fake pregnant stomach to hide her natural stomach. Rather than that, her pregnancy was genuine, and she was clearly quite far along at the time!!

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler revealed to the producers of Parks and Recreation that she was expecting her second child during the filming of the show’s second season. She had a slight but noticeable, belly bulge on her stomach. There was no issue that sure loose blouses, cardigans, and jackets couldn’t conceal. Her incredible decision to begin filming season three immediately following the conclusion of season two was met with widespread acclaim. 

She made the decision to push through her pregnancy to be able to take more time off after the birth of her child. According to show executive producer Greg Daniels, Aziz Ansari will continue to stand in front of her as her due date approaches. Surely, that won’t be see-through!

 Kelly Rutherford

When Kelly Rutherford, Lily van der Woodsen’s actress, discovered she was pregnant in 2008, it was a bad omen for the actress. It was quickly pointed out to the actress by her fans that the costume team didn’t always do an excellent job of concealing her growing pregnancy. At the very least, they tried. They chose to film her sequences outside in order to allow her to wear a large number of different outfits. 

As shown on the left, her ensemble consists of an oversized coat, an oversize scarf, and a purse that hangs over the front of her body. When you’re dressed in a silky pink gown, on the other hand, there’s nowhere to hide and the baby hump is visible to everyone.

Reese Witherspoon

As part of her role in Vanity Fair’s Victorian-era drama, Reese Witherspoon was given the opportunity to dress in billowy empire-waist dresses for the duration of her performance. It had to be quite comfortable, too, considering her expanding pregnancy belly was completely unrestricted. Kudos to the wardrobe people behind the scenes!

This was not the only point of contrast between the two stories. Additionally, in addition to her clothes’ rich jewel-tone colors, her surroundings were almost always dimly lit. It was impossible to see her pregnant tummy if she was dancing in the shadows due to the dim lighting conditions on the set.

 Mindy Kaling

During the final episode of her hit sitcom The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling pleaded with her audience to “see if you can tell” that she was expecting a baby. Aware that she was seven months pregnant, she was thrilled with the results of her costume and cinematography work on the film. “Mr. Sal Perez did an outstanding job of keeping my pregnancy a secret throughout the entire season!”

Mindy sent out a tweet to her followers to let them know the news. Likewise, our cameraman Marco Fargnoli and our editor Michael Spiller deserve to be praised for their work. ‘I was around seven months pregnant at the time of the finals, and it was a scorching heat,’ she explains. According to our opinion, they did an excellent job.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was shocked when she discovered she was expecting a child in 2013. According to her, “I wasn’t in [the picture] as much as I was supposed to be,” and she was disappointed. I was one of the first to join and one of the first to leave because of my pregnancy, limiting my ability to participate significantly. 

Because of Halle’s good fortune, the majority of her filming was completed much more quickly. Because of her swollen stomach, she was finding it increasingly difficult to complete the tasks she set out to complete. “What I was able to do was become more confined, and as a result, the role I play is very different from what it might have been having she not discovered she was pregnant,” she explained.

Marcia Cross

Despite being pregnant with her third season, Marcia Cross continued to work on Desperate Housewives. Her crew members constructed a set for her in her home because her doctor had ordered her not to leave the premises!  She’d be able to keep firing whenever she wanted if she had that option… Please, Marcia, keep in mind that you have a contract that you must adhere to. 

In order to prevent Bree Van de Kamp’s character from becoming pregnant, the show’s creators instructed her to dress in baggy clothing or hide behind strategically placed objects. In order to disguise the fact that Marcia’s character became pregnant in the following season, she had to wear a fake baby stomach.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner found out she was expecting her first child while filming the fifth season of Alias. As for Sydney Bristow’s storyline, the show was incredibly accommodating, not only incorporating her pregnancy into the narrative but also taking a mid-production break to accommodate her. During Jennifer’s pregnancy, the show was put on hold from December 2005 to April 2006, and then resumed.

Jennifer was no longer pregnant by the time the rest of the season was filmed, and she was ready to take on her action-packed role. When she finished filming the fifth season, the actress took a second break to spend more time with her young daughter. A well-deserved break!

Jenna Fischer

Following Jenna Fischer’s pregnancy, the show’s writers decided to include scenes from her pregnancy in the show. Last year on Valentine’s Day, Jenna recalls that Pam and Jim went out and had some sex. As soon as we returned from our summer vacation, we were informed that they had welcomed a new child and had kept it a secret from us until that time. 

There was a plan in place long before anyone realized Jenna was actually pregnant in real life. According to her, if everything went according to plan during the filming of that episode, “this was going to be a very fortunate coincidence,” as she put it. “I think I found out I was pregnant while I was recording the show,” the pregnant woman confesses while appearing on the show.

Emily Deschanel

 When the producers of the television show Bones decided to incorporate actress Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy into the show, many people expressed their reservations about the decision. In order to explain Emily’s growing baby bump, it was implied that Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth were expecting a child together. Quite believable!

After seeing how the concept played out on screen, viewers of the show were finally on board with the concept. When they were blessed with a talented daughter named Christine, the characters’ interpersonal dynamics shifted dramatically. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the pregnant actress dressed in a way that allows her to show off her figure rather than hiding behind a kitchen counter.

Jane Krakowski

Jenna Maroney, played by Jane Krakowski, is adored by her fans, but she would never have given birth to a child. Jane was compelled to keep her pregnancy a secret as a result of the negative feedback she received from 30 Rock fans. And, on occasion, this necessitated the wearing of some truly bizarre costumes. She wore a jacket and a thick scarf to try to conceal the pregnancy bump. 

When she was forced to go around in a dog costume, it’s possible that it wasn’t the most pleasant experience for her at all. Moreover, we are all aware of the high frequency with which women in their third trimester use the restroom. Jane must have found it challenging to get into and out of that behemoth on a regular basis!

Julie Bowen

 While filming the premiere episode of Modern Family, actress Julie Bowen discovered she was expecting a child. Keeping her pregnancy a secret was made even more difficult by the fact that she was actually expecting twins at the time. She was, in fact, expecting a child at the time the show aired. 

Claire Dunphy, Julie’s character, was either only recorded from the shoulders up, or something was blocking our view of her from the front. It served as a cereal box at times and a laundry hamper at other times, depending on the situation. When an actress goes into labor, everyone becomes incredibly creative, which we find incredibly entertaining.

Lucy Ball

At the start of the second season of I Love Lucy, actress and comedian Lucille Ball announced that she was expecting her second child. For the sake of expediency, the shoemakers decided to write it into the play if they could only make one minor change. In the 1950s, when the episode was being taped, it was considered inappropriate to use the term “pregnant” on television, and the term was avoided.

 The word “enceinte” was used in place of the word “vulgar” in order to avoid the show being deemed “offensive.” ‘Pregnant’ is the simplest way to express the concept of pregnancy in French. We are fortunate in that we live in a variety of historical periods and being politically correct is not required in today’s world, not always at least!

Isla Fisher

The fact that Isla Fisher appeared beautiful in the film Burke and Hare was not due solely to her makeup work. She was pregnant in John Landis’ British comedy, but the show didn’t mention it because there was an excellent reason for it not to. Quite an obvious reason too!

Because the story takes place near the end of the Georgian era, Isla was only able to dress in dresses and coats that were long, flowing, and drapey. When she was pregnant, she even went so far as to dress in an enormous hand warmer or a coat to conceal her growing belly. It was even kept a secret from her coworkers that she was expecting!

 Emily Blunt

At the time of filming Into the Woods in 2014, actress Emily Blunt was required to keep her pregnancy a secret in order to play a pregnant woman in the upcoming film The Girl on the Train. We must, however, point out that their work appears to be of a shoddy nature. Even Emily’s co-star Meryl Streep was amused by the show’s ingenious problem-solving techniques.

 As James Corden was placed in front of Meryl’s stomach, “they kept elevating her apron further and higher,” according to Meryl. They also advise Emily to hide her lower half behind a massive tree, which is our favorite part of the episode. Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the most effective.

Bryce Dallas Howard

No one was aware that actress Bryce Dallas Howard was pregnant in 2007 while filming Spider-Man 3; the pregnancy was kept a secret. The fact that Bryce shot all of the action scenes herself is a major plus! She was, however, completely unaware that she was expecting a child at the time of the filming. On the other hand, the pregnancy and birth went off without a hitch.

 After giving birth to her child, the mother-of-three told a reporter, “Thank goodness everything went smoothly.” The actress responded to a question about the stunts with, “He was recently born and is completely healthy.” You’ll be okay in the end, but I wouldn’t recommend it during any stage of pregnancy,” she said. “

Ana Ortiz

An unexpected inclusion on our list is Ana Ortiz, who was pregnant during the filming of Ugly Betty during the time of its production. When she and her musician husband found out they were expecting a child, they were overjoyed. However, the pregnancy was not planned and was not included in the film’s script. 

They didn’t have to, as demonstrated in the video below. Because she wasn’t in the latter stages of her pregnancy, Ana didn’t have to appear pregnant on the show. We were all completely unaware that she was dressed in the bright outfits that the wardrobe staff had planned ahead of time.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz was expecting her first child at the time of the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 2011. In the absence of a stomach-tightening corset, she was forced to show off her expanding stomach on stage but she did it with a pinch of grace as her fans have come to expect of her.

She had a meticulously planned strategy when it came to pulling off stunts. Monica Cruz, her sister, is also an actress, and the two share a lot of characteristics in common. They simply recruited Monica to act as Penelope’s stunt double in high-risk or high-pressure situations as an alternative to hiring another duplicate. As a result of this, we have sisters.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Jerry Seinfeld on television, became pregnant in the 1990s, the show’s producers realized they couldn’t simply write her off the show for a few episodes. Julia continued to perform while she was pregnant, donning oversized jackets and coats from the 1990s to conceal her growing baby belly. When she was filming a scene with a large box in front of her, it was self-evident that she was carrying something. In early pregnancy, Jerry approached me and asked, ‘Have you ever considered putting it in for this season?’ 

I had never considered it before. “I was overcome with emotion and burst into tears,” she recalled afterward. At this very moment, my eyes have begun to water uncontrollably. My emotions were mixed – I was both afraid and embarrassed. But, to be fair to him, I think the concept is fantastic. “There was no way in my mind that I would ever grow to the point where it would be an option for me.” 

Scarlett Johansson

We were completely unaware of Scarlett Johansson’s pregnancy while she was filming Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. The Black Widow actress, who was well-known for her dynamic performances, was about to embark on a significant project. Even though she did not receive the physically demanding role she had hoped for, she found it challenging to perform. 

Even though her stunt double was in charge of the dangerous stuff, Scarlett was required to perform all of the other tasks, despite her morning sickness. She once stated in an interview that she “earned more money while pregnant than I had ever earned before.” She was paid $20 million for her performance, so she didn’t want to miss out on any of it by taking too much time off.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie found out she was expecting her first child while filming the suspense thriller The Changeling in 2008, while on the set of the film. While filming, she chose not to reveal that she was expecting a fifth child with actor Brad Pitt, despite the fact that they already had four children together. It was only a matter of time before she became a mother to her twin daughters, Vivienne and Knox, who were born in December. 

Despite the fact that she was cast as a grieving mother in the film, she quickly realized that she wished she had more children of her own to raise. Angie was fortunate in that her stick-thin figure didn’t reveal much of her inner workings. She was difficult to distinguish even then, given her looser up-and-down fashions, which were popular throughout the Roaring Twenties period.

Kerry Washington 

While filming the sixth season of the political thriller Scandal, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that actress Kerry Washington was expecting a child. Although it wasn’t explicitly stated in the show, Kerry admits that you could tell when they were concealing her growing baby bulge: “For the first… five episodes, you could play a really entertaining game of ‘find the bump.'”

 “Our team is fantastic,” Kerry exclaimed. The care that they provided for Olivia was excellent.” In spite of the fact that I was pregnant, Olivia did not appear to be.” The fact that Kerry was able to conceal her baby belly “behind flowers, behind Prada purses, behind enormous coats and capes” was due to the fact that they existed. Now that she’s said it, it’s pretty clear what she means.

Zooey Deschanel

It wasn’t lost on many New Girl fans that the actress Zooey Deschanel was pregnant during the filming of the show’s fifth season, which aired in 2012. In a different narrative, her character Jess was forced to sit behind a wooden half-wall, which she found extremely frustrating. Jess was required to serve on a jury, which was the end of it. 

Additionally, the showrunners have a surprise in store for the audience as well. Their plan was to use actress Megan Fox to fill in for Jess while she was away on jury duty, in an attempt to divert attention away from Zooey’s pregnancy. In any case, she returned to the program as soon as she could follow her pregnancy.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore was expecting her first child during the filming of This Is Us, which could have posed a significant problem. The fact that Mandy was required to play both the younger and much older versions of Rebecca Pearson meant she could not be photographed with a baby belly. She was posing as a grandmother, after all! 

“I’m sure you’ll see Rebecca hauling a lot of laundry baskets and large purses… over the next several months,” Mandy revealed ahead of the film’s premiere. She was, in essence, correct in her assessment. Additionally, the costume director ensured that she had enough layering fabrics and loose-fitting outfits to conceal her growing baby belly.

Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin was completely unconcerned when she discovered she was pregnant during the second season of Homeland. There was already a plot twist in place that should have kept her on-screen for a shorter period of time. On the other hand, her character found herself unexpectedly becoming the season’s central focus. 

Fortunately, she wasn’t displaying much of her body at the time. In the end, when it became clear that a child was on the way, the post-production crew came in and was extremely helpful. It was decided to remove her growing baby bulge from the sequences where you can see her entire body.

Keri Russell 

On the set of The Americans’ fourth season, the actress Keri Russell discovered she was expecting a child in 2016. But even though she was having an affair with her co-star Matthew Rhys, the writers refused to include the pregnancy in the show. At long last, they employed the traditional methods of their profession to conceal her growing belly bulge. 

In an interview, Keri’s partner Matthew claimed that he and Keri informed the writers of their momentous news in a private conversation. It was then that they responded, saying, ‘You know what, we’re sticking to what we said, and I’m sorry to inform you that you’ll be wearing large coats and sitting with laundry.’ That’s precisely what Keri did on the show, and it was brilliant.

Jessica Capshaw 

Despite the fact that she was expecting a child, Jessica Capshaw was required to continue acting during the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy despite her pregnancy. The fact that her character Arizona was adamantly opposed to having children makes this particularly amusing. As a result, Jessica’s pregnancy could not be mentioned during the presentation.

 Arizona was sent on a brief journey to Africa by the writers as a result of their decision. Before her departure, she had a few scenes to film, and her writer requested that the costume and prop department assist her with them. Jessica was dressed in a loose, flowing outfit and appeared to be suspiciously handling large, heavy objects.

Lisa Kudrow

When Lisa Kudrow, one of the core cast members, became pregnant during the course of the filming schedule, it made headlines. They were just getting ready to start filming the fourth season when the showrunners decided to just go ahead and include the pregnancy in the show anyway. Without a doubt, they provided Phoebe Buffet with a compelling narrative to go along with it. 

Despite the fact that it wasn’t her intention, Phoebe ended up carrying triplets for her half-brother on the show. That suggests that her enormous baby belly was made of the real thing. It turned out to be one of the season’s main plots, and it resulted in some of the show’s most memorable moments. After the show, everyone on-site would tell her, “Have a good show, Julian! I love you little Julian!”

Alyson Hannigan

After a lengthy pregnancy, actress Alyson Hannigan was a substantial amount pregnant when the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother began filming in 2011. In order to avoid this for her character, the authors employed some low-cost industrial tactics to conceal her growing tummy during pregnancy, which worked. 

While hiding her behind numerous inanimate objects such as a guitar, a basketball, an overstuffed suitcase, an empty globe, and even a cooler, they did allow Alyson’s stomach to be exposed in one scene, which was particularly effective. Following her victory in an eating competition, the show claimed that Alyson was simply stuffed. You couldn’t make it up if you tried…

Gillian Anderson

When actress Gillian Anderson became pregnant during The X-Files’ second season, she was given the craziest story possible to explain her situation. Scully, her FBI agent character, was kidnapped and taken by extraterrestrials, and she was allegedly subjected to experiments. That is what resulted in her on-screen character becoming pregnant. 

Because it is one-of-a-kind, we will award it to the show. But it’s also a little uneasy, if not downright frightening at times. Gillian was clearly concerned about notifying the producers she was expecting, and she had good reason to be concerned. They debated whether or not to recast her role before deciding to stick with the actress in the role.

Alanna Masterson

When Alanna Masterson discovered she was pregnant in 2015, she realized she had obligations to fulfill. She was a recurring cast member on AMC’s The Walking Dead, where she played Tara Chambler, though the writers decided not to include her pregnancy in the show. In the hindsight, it can be said that it was the right call.

 However, just because her pregnancy was not mentioned in her character’s narrative doesn’t mean they didn’t come up with a creative way to conceal her baby tummy in the film. Check out some of the props that were used in the show: Alanna would sit backward on a bar stool at times, and she would hide behind a dish rack at other times.

Ginnifer Goodwin

While filming a promotional clip for Once Upon a Time, Ginnifer Goodwin experienced a lucky break. Interestingly enough, she was expecting her co-star husband, Josh Dallas, at the same time as her character was. The two of them had met on the job site, and the story had come full circle.

 Most of her scenes didn’t require them to conceal her baby tummy, but they did have to do so for flashback scenes. And for that, they relied on oversized, billowy period clothing that did a poor job of concealing their bodies. Although we disagree with the premise, we understand it.

Rachel Bilson

At the conclusion of the television series Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson revealed that she was pregnant. Initially, it was speculated that the show’s cancellation was due to her impending pregnancy, but she assured viewers that this was not the case and as it turned out, she was quite right.

Dr. Zoe Barnes, the character she played on the show, was also expecting a child near the end of the season. On the other hand, Rachel had to cover a few pre-pregnancy events for the magazine. For those first few sequences, the algorithm selected colossal outfits and accessories to be worn in front of the camera by the actors in question.

Michelle Pfeiffer

When Michelle Pfeiffer made her film debut in Dangerous Minds in 1995, she was already a petite lady. Moreover, she was actually pregnant with her son John Henry throughout the entire meeting. It’s a good thing she wasn’t too far along in her development to be notified when she wore loose-fitting clothes.

 Her clothes, however, were not the only thing she wore to conceal her stomach flab. Certain camera angles and close-ups were employed in order to give the costume department a break. At the end of the day, they did a good job. In the end, she was the leading actress who received the most screen time!

Cobie Smulders

When Cobie Smulders was a guest star on How I Met Your Mother, the actress’s pregnancy was made fun of. In almost every scene she was in, it was either that she had a large purse on her lap or she was obscured by a large lampshade and the viewers were quick to point this out. 

As was only natural, they dressed Cobie in large or bulky clothing in order to conceal her growing baby bump. They once pushed her behind a fruit bowl as punishment. It’s also possible that the show simply postponed filming other significant stories involving Cobie’s character until later in the season.

Megan Boone

Meanwhile, Megan Boone, who is expecting her first child, continued to work on NBC’s The Blacklist. However, she didn’t have to hide behind anything because her character was also expecting a child. Megan’s character and her on-screen hubby were on the same page in terms of expectations. What a rare coincidence!

When the action sequences became too dramatic, Megan’s stunt double was on hand to save the day. Given the fact that she was only a few weeks away from giving birth, this was an excellent idea. Megan’s character was removed from the show as a result of the pregnancy she was experiencing.

Melissa Rauch

A significant absence from The Big Bang Theory would have been felt had Melissa Rauch not been on the show for an extended time. We are grateful that her pregnancy was woven into the performance, which we found to be very moving. Bernadette, who had married Howard, was looking forward to the birth of their first child with anticipation. 

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage prior to becoming pregnant while filming the show, which was unfortunate. Following her discovery of her pregnancy, she shared her thoughts, saying, “All I could think about was another woman grieving over her loss as I did, fearful that she would never become pregnant again, and knowing about my kid on the way.”

Betsy Brandt

When the second season of Breaking Bad premiered, actress Betsy Brandt was six months pregnant with her first child. Due to the fact that it wasn’t, her character had to be concealed. Skylar White, played by Anna Gunn, was her on-screen sister, who was also pregnant at the time. In addition, Anna had to put on a fake baby stomach. 

Several tricks were employed by the production team during Betsy’s appearance on television in order to divert the audience’s attention away from Betsy’s expanding belly. It didn’t matter how long it took to complete the task at hand. The director substituted Betsy’s stomach for Skylar’s to keep the film’s budget down.

Kaitlin Olson

The majority of Kaitlin Olson’s episodes in the sixth season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia featured her while she was pregnant. She was also given permission to become pregnant, and several episodes focused on her growing baby belly. The writers devised an ingenious solution to get her pregnant without having to keep the child on the show for the duration of the episode. 

Until the season finale, no one knew Dee was a surrogate. Perhaps Kaitlin was able to schedule the concert around her pregnancy a little more quickly than we had initially anticipated. Her marriage to Rob McElhenney, the show’s co-creator and executive producer, is proof of this. What an interesting turn of events!

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