Netflix Cancels Meghan Markle’s Animated Series ‘Pearl’

Netflix has tightened its budget after a decrease in subscribers. Deadline reported that Netflix canceled production on Pearl, an animated series created by Meghan Markle before it was even finished

This project was a part of a production deal that Markle and Prince Harry signed with Netflix in 2020. The animated family series followed a 12-year girl as she learned about influential women throughout history. The show is only the latest casualty in a recent series of cost-saving measures by the streamer, including firing most of the writing staff for its fan site project and canceling the show Space Force. It also axed two other animated children’s series, Dino Daycare, and Boons, and Curses reported People.

Netflix has confirmed that the cancellation of Pearl is a strategic decision. The company was projected to spend $5 billion on original animated content but appears to be changing its strategy for now.

Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers in the first few months of 2023. In addition to competition from other platforms like Disney+ and Hulu, the company stopped offering its services in Russia after a failure to acquire regulator approval meant that Russian internet service providers couldn’t offer Netflix. This is one of a number of factors that led to the drop

A television series is still in the process of being filmed, and it still has not been made public when it will air.

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