Employees of Apple Stores in the US are trying to unionize secretly

Amazon and Google workers aren’t the only ones hoping to organize. According to The Washington Post, workers at six or more Apple Store locations are planning to unionize, with “at least” two locations already receiving union support and filing NLRB applications.

This is primarily about pay. Employees spoke to The Post about their pay being similar to what other stores offered, but not keeping pace with rising costs of living. Employees said Apple’s success has not translated into higher wages.

To avoid possible eavesdropping and retaliation from Apple, pro-union workers reportedly organized in secret using encrypted chats and Android phones. According to rumors, employees have been formally canvassing coworkers and securing majorities in the event of a union vote.

It previously claimed to take employee concerns “seriously” and “thoroughly” investigate them. However, it refused to discuss specific employee issues out of “respect for the privacy” of those involved. However, Apple appears to be aware of unionization efforts. Apple is apparently using managers to issue anti-union warnings, such as claiming workers will see reduced wages and benefits.

Apple has dealt with unhappy team members before. The #AppleToo campaign gathered hundreds of stories from retail and corporate employees about toxic workplaces. Apple has not addressed those concerns, however, and allegedly pushed out and fired #AppleToo organizers. There is no guarantee that unions will improve conditions, but it is becoming increasingly clear that workers want better treatment.

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