The Most Expensive Watches In The World For 2022

When you want to describe an extravagant world timer, you would probably use the word “luxurious”. However, this word is closely related to the word “expensive”, so you should not be surprised by the significantly high prices of the most luxurious watches across the world.   

There are many different types of watches, and they are suitable for different occasions. Nonetheless, the most expensive watches in the world have a separate place in these classifications. Their intricate and astonishing details catch the eye of collectors and millionaires, provoking them to upgrade their collections with something exciting and fierce.   

Therefore, if you want to discover and acknowledge these masterpieces that serve to tell the time, keep reading the article, and let yourself be amazed. You will get to learn their prices along the way, so be prepared to have your jaw dropped. 

In order to make the reading experience of this article more convenient, the article has been split up into multiple pages. At the end of each page, you will see a “next” button which will take you to the next page. Enjoy your reading!

Patek Philippe Worldtimer Guilloché Ref. 2523/1 $5.5 Million 

Patek Philippe is one of the most luxurious brands in the world, and this model is actually one of the rarest. The Guilloché is present in the world in only four versions, and its production involves a special and delicate technique. Another amazing fact is that this timepiece is so rare that only two versions are seen at an auction.

  • Manufacturing date: 1954
  • Case size: 36 mm
  • Material: 18k pink gold
  • Movement: manual
  • Auction date: 6th November 2020
  • Auction house: Philips
  • Auction place: Geneva

This watch is characterized by specific grooves that are carefully engraved, which catch and reflect light. In addition, it involves a dual-crown system – one for winding the watch, and another for controlling the city disk timer. That is why this timepiece is extravagant and attracts everyone’s attention. 

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